Keeping Your Sanity While Blogging

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blogging-university-freshman-yearI discovered very fast my freshman year of blogging that the blog could eat all my time if I let it.

What I Learned About Prioritizing My Time My Freshman Year

1. Have Firm Times Of Day When You Will Blog

What time is best for you to blog might be different than mine, it is all going to depend on what else you have going on in your life.

I personally find it easier to do the majority of my blogging first thing in the morning before anyone else in the house wakes up. I am an early bird by nature so this works great for me but if you are a night owl perhaps writing in the evening might work better.

 Is there a big block of time you could use to get ahead in writing? Right now at  the start of my sophomore year of blogging Saturdays have opened up as a day to get a large stretch of blogging done.

2. Decide When You Will Not Blog And Be Firm About It.

I stop blogging by 9:00 am weekday mornings and move on to other priorities in my life. This keeps things in balance and makes sure I pay attention to the ones I love and make sure they are all clothed, feed,and educated.

I am a wife and homeschooling mom first and a blogger second, I try to live my life with that in mind.

3. Break Down Your Blogging Tasks

Once you have decided when you will blog and when you won’t you should have an idea of just how much time you have to blog over the course of a week.

Break that time down into tasks such as time to write, time to work on side bar, time to work on menu, time to work on affiliate ads, time to network, time to update social media, and don’t forget time to learn.

4. Be Realistic

You know what time you have available and you know what your tasks are and how much time you want to give each of them, now comes the really hard part; just how much can you get done in those time slots.

Midway through my freshman year I had to face facts that if I wanted to get beyond writing posts I had to stop posting daily. Instead  besides the occasional short series, I started posting a few times a week, which opened up time for me to improve my menu by offering helpful pages like my recipe index and my point programs page.

It also gave me more time to learn how to make my site more helpful for my readers and how to attract readers to it.


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