It Is Okay To Start Slow



It is okay to start slow

If you lack the courage to run and jump full body into your dream for your passion it is okay. Instead concentrate on obtaining the courage to get your feet wet. For perhaps in getting your feet wet you might get a taste for the adventure and before you know it you will be up to your neck in something BEAUTIFUL.

Snail pacing is okay and it does work.

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  1. Getting our feet wet is often the first step into something bigger and better and beautiful. Thank you for your encouraging words today :)

  2. So true! The first step is sometimes the hardest. Thank you for sharing. I found your post at the “Growing Home Blog.”

  3. What a sweet encouraging post this is! God did not create everyone with cheetah like speed and we should find joy in each step of our journey with Him whether we’re moving fast or going at a snail’s pace :-)

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