10 Ways to Increase Your Swagbucks Earnings

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It’s not too late to earn a few extra SB points from Swagbucks to cash in for gift cards to help fund your family’s Christmas this year. Most Swagbucks members do tip one and two on this list, but few go beyond that. One great thing about a lot of point activities for Swagbucks though is that they are no brainers, meaning you can often do them while watching TV, or waiting in line (download the Swagbucks TV App).

10 ways to earn more SB points from Swagbucks

 10 ways to increase your Swagbucks earnings to help pay for Christmas gifts

(of course all these tips assume you already have Swagbucks account: if not go here to sign up)

1. Make Sure You Have Downloaded the Swagbucks Tool Bar and Use It

The Swagbucks tool bar is a  simple way to make sure you web searches earn you SB points that you can cash in for gift cards.

2. Make Swagbucks Homepage Your Homepage

This will help you stay up to date with new ways to earn.

3. Share Your Major Wins and Cash ins With Your Friends on Facebook

Swagbucks has an awesome referral program the easiest way to spread the word is to use the Facebook share buttons found at the bottom of your wins.

4. Always Shop Through The Homepage or Toolbar

If you hit the “shop” tab on the homepage you will see  a list of all the different online sites you can earn Swagbucks for purchases. You do not need to click through in this area to earn the points simply entering the store name into the homepage or tool bar will make a box appear that says how many points you will earn per dollar spent . Click through to the site you want to shop at through the box and links that pops up.

5. Print Out Coupons

You will find an “”coupon” section under the “discover” tab on the home page. Print them out and use them in the stores for 10 points per coupon used. (takes up to 12 weeks for this to register)

6. Buy Your Daily Deals Through Swagbucks

Simply enter the daily deal site you wish to purchase from into the toolbar and if you can earn Swagbucks for purchasing there it will pop up just like it does for stores.

7.  Take Just a Few Seconds a Day to Complete the Daily Polls

Daily Polls are found on the side of the Swagbucks homepage.

8.  When You Have a Minute Try Completing the NOSO Section

Stands for No Obligation Offer. You can do this once a day, it  takes approximately 1 minute  to do and earns you 2 Swagbucks. Found on the side of the Swagbucks homepage.

9. Watch a Few Video Clips

Click on the “watch” tab and enjoy catching up on shorts about decorating, cooking health and much more. Watch 10 short clips and earn 3 Swagbucks.

You can also download one of the 5 different apps Swagbucks has for earning videos and leave one of them running on your smartphone or tablet so as to earn points as you are doing other things. I found them by entering “Swagbucks” into my app store search section and they all popped up.

10.  Make Sure to Look Through the Special Offers

Make sure to click on “Special Offers” from time to time found under the “discover” tab, as they often have short tasks that earn points.

Bonus Tip

If you have kids that like to play simple computer games (or perhaps you do) check out the “play” tab found to earn . They have the classic puzzle and word games as well as some simple arcade games. You earn 2 points for every 2 games you play up to ten points dail

There are a few more ways to earn Swagbucks but these 10 (11) ways are the simplest ways I know to earn points. If you have more time  there are even more ways such as filling out their surveys or complete a few tasks found under the “Answer” tab

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