10 Ways To Make Your Old Blog Posts More Pinterest Worthy

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A reader asked me what exactly I am doing when I say I am setting my weekly goal at redoing 5 posts to make them more Pinterest worthy each week.

10 ways to make your old blog posts gain traffic from Pinterest!

First, let me explain what Pinterest worthy means to me. Pinterest worthy means doing all that you can to get your post the most repins and click throughs as possible on Pinterest so as to increase your blog traffic and grow your readership.

It involves not only what you do to your post, but what you do to grow your Pinterest reach as well. The two go hand in hand, you can’t get more repins without a good Pinterest following and you won’t get a good Pinterest following without great, Pinterest worthy posts. Which is why this will be a 2 part post. This week I will concentrate on redoing your post and next week I will talk about how to get more Pinterest traffic.

10 ways to make your old posts Pinterest worthy

1. Spend Time Scrolling

Grab a notebook and a pen and then open up your Pinterest account and start scrolling down your feed. Which pictures grab your attention? Why? Was it the wording? The lettering? The picture itself? What size was the picture?

Now take a moment to notice which pins are getting all the repins (they might be the same ones you are attracted to or not). What is similar about all the pins getting repins? Size? Attention grabbing wording? Amazing photos? How many followers does the pinner have? How many followers does the board the pin is pinned on have?

Now apply what you wrote about the photo itself to the photos on your old posts. You are probably going to have to take new pictures (more on that later).

2. Go Search Crazy

I have been hearing more and more lately from my friends who are not bloggers that they no longer just scroll down their Pinterest feed, instead they enter a specific search into the search box. That is when it dawned on me you need to make sure the words in the description box on your pins are the same ones people would use to look up something.

For instance, say it is a bread machine recipe for pizza dough. Instead of saying, “Best Pizza Ever,” you need to say, “Best Recipe for Bread Machine Pizza Dough I Have Ever Tried.” That way it will come up for those searching specifically for bread machine recipes.

My suggestion is to take a few minutes and enter words you use to describe your pins and see if your posts are showing up. If not, what words and posts are?

3. Read! Read! Read!

I have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to Pinterest tips and whenever I see a post on Pinterest about tips for the site, I make sure to read it and pin it for later reference. I have learned so much valuable information this way. Enter ‘Pinterest tips’ into the search box on Pinterest and all sorts of helpful posts will come up.

4. Make Vertical Images

I have had the best luck with vertical pictures that are significantly taller than they are wide, and pretty much every other blogger will tell you this is the way to go.

5. Put Text Directly on The Photo

Yes, I know there is a description box under the photo. But you have only seconds to catch the reader’s eye and draw them in and having text on your photo makes it pop and also makes it quicker to find out what the pin is about.

I use PicMonkey for overlaying text on my photos as well as editing them. Currently I use the free version and have for several years. Three other sites for adding text and editing photos that also have free areas are Canva, Fotojet and BeFunky.

One word of advice I learned from a blog review I had is to stick to using just a few types of fonts, preferably just 2. Use these same 2 fonts over and over in your photos. This will help brand you photos so that when people see them right away they will say, “Oh, that is a pin from Snail Pace Transformations! I have loved her other posts, I am going to check out this one.”

Confession: I am not the best at sticking to this rule, but I am getting better.

6. Lure People in With Your Description

Make people want to click through to read further. Don’t give your punch line away in the description box. You don’t want people to be able to know everything about your post from your picture and your description. If they do, they won’t click through and then you are not getting traffic and the chance to make them a regular reader.

If you are not a perky writer (and I struggle with this too), don’t over worry about this point. Using keywords in the description can often be more important, but do try to at least not sound like a robot. You want to sound conversational.

7. Take Better Photos

Truth be told, I am extremely embarrassed by most of the photos I have on my posts from my first year of blogging and even into my second year of blogging. They are blurry and suffer from bad lighting issues, which is one reason I am re-doing all of them.

Yes, this is a lot of work, but when a post goes from a handful of pins to over 1,000 pins in less than a week thanks to a new picture it makes me realize that the work is worth it. I see this happen time and time again when I take the effort to add a new photo to an old post.

To take better pictures, I suggest first researching what makes for better photos. I keep a photography tips board just for this. I also took the plunge and invested in a DSLR camera and would suggest to anyone who can afford it to do so.

Another thing I did was started taking 90% of my photos outside in the bright light of midday. I often  use a simple light box effect to make my food pictures pop. My photos are still not perfect, but they have come a long way using these tips, and that improvement is making a huge difference in my repin rate.

My favorite way to improve my photography skills is to observe great photos.

In the point about adding text to photos, I talked a bit about branding your photos. Branding photos goes further than the font you use, it also includes the type of photo you take. Could you make the background in the majority of the photos from your site the same? Could you add in one unique element to each and every photo, like a flower bud found near every plate of food. Perhaps you play with the lighting in a unique way. Whatever it is, try and make your photos similar in some way so that people who loved your first pin will recognize your other pins and want to hop over and read your post.

8. Use Stock Photos If Necessary

I think that making your own “stock type” photos gives your pins a unique look that helps them stand out among the crowds on Pinterest, but I know that there are times when you just can’t think of something to photograph for a post or you can, but you don’t have that item available to photograph.

In these incidences I think it is okay to turn to free stock photo sites (or paid ones if you can afford it).

Here are free stock photo sites I have found:

9. Label Your Photos Well

When you are saving your photo do not just let the editing site label it. Instead, make sure you take the time to relabel the photo before you save it.

In the label be sure to include the keywords that you are going to use in your Pinterest description.

If you should forget this step in editing your photos don’t panic, you can fix it in WordPress by pressing on the edit photo button (it pops up in the edit area for your posts when you hover on your photo) and then re-title the picture in there.

If people don’t use your handy pin buttons and use a pin it in their browser bar instead, the photo title will become the description for the pin, so you want it to make sense and have key words so that it shows up when your topic is searched for.

10. Make It Easy For People To Pin

Make sure it is super simple for people to pin you posts. You can do this by adding share plug-ins to your site.

I personally use Add to Any, as well as Pin It On Pinterest and Pinterest “Pin It ” Button lite.

I know there are many more great Pinterest buttons out there, it is really a matter of personal taste. Just make sure whatever you choose makes it really simple for people to pin your posts.

Bonus Tip: Want to take your blog to the next level with pinterest? Read the ebook that inspired me to start making my old posts more pin worthy and put more effort into Pinterest. How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul doubled my blog readership and my blog income in just 30 days. Grab your copy, read it, apply it and watch your blog grow.

Don’t forget to come back next week when I discuss how to grow your traffic on Pinterest.

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  1. Great tips! Can’t wait to see the rest. I’m pinning.

  2. I really need this. I am new to pinning and will put these into practice. Love the name of your blog.

  3. Love these tips. A couple I hadn’t thought about before. Pinning this to my blogging info board for later

  4. I love these tips. This is something that I really need to work on. I am amazed at what I thought was a good picture a year ago. Thanks!

    • Me too! Sometimes people will pin a post I totally forgot about and I will look at the photo they pinned and gasp! They are horrible, thankfully I am slowly getting better.

  5. Found you on Christianmommyblogger Fellowship Fridays. This was awesome! Thanks so much for great tips and encouragement. ~ andy lee

  6. Thank you so much for this very helpful post! It has been a goal of mine to go back and work on older posts and make them better, and this post has provided the tools I need to do that. Thank you!! ?

    • Your welcome, redoing old posts is so worth the time and effort. I redid my Christmas ones this past season and I had this one Christmas that had perhaps 100 repins in the 2 years it had been around and by the end of the Christmas season it had become one of my top performing pins with 1000s of repins.

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