How To Use The Yaarlo App To Save Money On Groceries And More

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The Yaarlo app is a simple to use cashback app that can be used at most grocery stores–I have used it at both ALDI and Meijer in my area. The app can also be used at certain retail stores, restaurants (local, chain and fast food), gas stations, wholesale clubs and more.

How to use the Yaarlo App to save money on your groceries, restaurant purchases and more.

Although I signed up for the Yaarlo app quite some time ago it wasn’t until recently that I started using it and I am kicking myself for not starting to use it earlier.

How To Use The Yaarlo App To Save Money On Groceries And More

1. Sign up

Click here to sign up and enter my referral code VICTORIA424 to earn more than if you sign up without a referral code (I can’t find out exactly how much more–if you discover it, let me know in the comments).

2. Go shopping, keep your receipt and upload it to Yaarlo

Open up your Yaarlo app and click on the Scan a Receipt area. When you get there, give the app permission to access your camera and then shoot a picture of your receipt.

The receipt must clearly show the store name, date and total amount spent. If your receipt is long, you can fold it when you take the picture–you just have to make sure it shows these items.

Currently Yaarlo can be used at over 100 different locations. There appears to be no full list of stores, but it only takes a few seconds to load up a receipt and see if it happens to be one of the accepted stores.

In the FAQ area of the app it says that it can take Yaarlo up to 30 days to credit your cashback. When I have done it I have had it take anywhere from mere minutes to 2-3 days.

You can enter receipts that are up to 14 days old–so if you forget to do it the day of your shopping trip don’t panic: you still have time.

If you shop online you can still use Yaarlo.

You can use the Shop ‘n Earn area of the either the app or Yaarlo’s website to shop at your favorite online stores and earn a cashback.

How to earn gift cards using Yaarlo--it is so simple!

3. Cash out and enjoy your gift card

When you hit the $10 threshold you can cash out your earnings for gift cards.

Yaarlo has $10, $20 and $50 cash outs.

At the $10 level there are currently 31 different options including Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, and Old Navy.

At the $20 level there are again currently 31 different options, but there are some new ones–including Panera Bread.

At the $50 level there are over 35 different gift cards with new additions such as Paypal, Hyatt (Hello, getaway!) and Build-A-Bear.

Gift cards can take up to 48 hours to be delivered to your account. They are e-gift cards and are delivered to the My Gift Card section found when you press the 3 bar menu sign at the top of the app. I was able to print mine off by going to the Yaarlo website and entering my account there (we don’t have a wireless printer yet).

I believe you could also use the gift cards in store simply by showing the cashier the gift card within the Yaarlo app, but I have yet to try that out yet.

Now–you certainly are not going to get rich using the Yaarlo apps, but little streams of income like this really do add up.

Don’t forget to use my code VICTORIA424 when you sign up for Yaarlo so that you can earn a bonus.

Have you tried Yaarlo?

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