How To Get $25 Each Month To Spend On Cool Summer Treats


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This summer when things heat up, be ready with a plan that will keep you in gift cards for cool treats for little effort with Swagbucks.

How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer.


At Swagbucks it doesn’t take many SB point earning activities to earn a $25 gift card month after month, even less now that you only need 2200 SB points  for your first $25 gift card each month (any $25 gift cards after that during the same calendar month are 2500 SB points).

Plus, with the plan below you can simply get the app going and earn points while you get on with your day. No need to spend countless hours filling out surveys just to earn a gift card. Instead, spend the extra time you save relaxing and enjoy all the fun of summer.

How To Earn A $25 Gift Card Each Month From Swagbucks

1. Watch the Swagbucks TV App Daily.

  • Swagbucks TV App, 36 daily SB points = 1080 per month

2. Watch 3 other Apps Daily

  • EntertainNow App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month
  • Sportly.TV App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month
  • Lifestylz.TV App, 18 daily SB points = 540 per month

(please note: you do need to manually switch from one app to another app once you have reached your daily SB limit and you will also need to check on the app you have running from time to time to make sure it is functioning properly.)


Add these three activities together and you get 2700 SB points, which is more than enough for the 2200 point $25 gift card of your choice each and every month. You can either get another $5 gift card with the 500 extra SB points in the plan or you can simply do just enough app work to earn you $25 card and forget about the apps after that until next month.

How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer.

Over the summer months, cash these in for Cold Stone Creamery or Steak & Shake gift cards and enjoy a cool summer treat with the kids! Or make it a date night!

Of course, this is only one way to earn 2200 points. One thing I love about Swagbucks is all the different ways to earn including web searches, coupon printing, shopping online and many other activities that you probably already do online anyway…so why not get paid to do them? In fact, there are over 20 ways to earn SB points through Swagbucks.

One More Reason To Join Swagbucks Today

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How to get $25 each month to spend on cool treats this summer. (Giveaway ends May 27th)


And in case you needed just a bit more incentive to join– those that sign up for Swagbucks through this post from May 20th to May 27th will be entered in a drawing to win one $50 gift card of your choice!

To enter simply head over to Swagbucks through this link and create your Swagbucks account.

Swagbucks will pick and credit the amount needed for a $50 gift card to the account of the winner.

 Now that you are all signed up, here are two more of my Swagbucks earning plans you might want to check out so you know about all the ways to earn SB Points. (you are signed up, right? )

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  1. I joined Swagbucks years ago, but your post has motivated me to be more active!

    • Victoria says:

      Yes, it is totally worth being active on Swagbucks, and it isn’t hard to do . They offer so many ways to earn for things that you probably already do online.

  2. Are you still getting 36 points for the one app and 18 for the others? Swagbucks changed and now I am only getting 10 points per day per app. Just curious…

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for the update, unfortunately programs like Swagbucks constantly change the point values on me. I will mark it down to spend time changing the plan.

      • You are so right! I’ve only been a part of swagbucks for less than a year and can’t keep up with the changes. I appreciate all of your advice and posts about swagbucks and other apps, etc. It has been very helpful. Thank you!

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