How To Use Checkout 51: A Simple Way To Save Money On Groceries

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How to use Checkout 51 A simple way to save money on groceries

Have you heard of the app Checkout 51? It is a grocery app that is very simple way to save money on groceries each week even if you don’t buy processed food.Each week you check the Checkout 51 app to see if you bought something off their list of current offerings and if you did upload your receipt and the team at Checkout 51 takes care of the rest.

Haven’t switched over to a smart phone yet? No problem,  all you need is a tablet with a rear facing camera to use Checkout 51, I used my 4th generation iPod with no problems and I have heard of others using iPad minis.

How To Start Using Checkout 51 To Save Money On Groceries

1. Go to checkout 51 and sign up for an account before downloading the app

checkout 51 current offers page the app for saving money of groceries

2. Download the app and open it up and check out the current offers listing

As you can see from this picture, Checkout 51 doesn’t just offer cash back on processed food but also on whole foods like milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables.  Each Thursday at 12 AM new offers for the week go live and and they end at Wednesday at midnight.  Offers can run out at anytime so make sure to check the app again before you start shopping and upload the receipt as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Make sure you pay attention to the full description of the product listed, so that you get your rebate. For instance if there is a rebate for Windex see if perhaps it is a certain type like original, and if so make sure to get that type in order to get your rebate.

Checkout 51 Upload your reciept the app that makes it simple to save money on groceries3. Upload your receipt (s)

Checkout 51 does a great job of explaining exactly what to do to upload your receipt correctly. You can upload receipts for all the different stores you shopped at during your grocery shopping outing but you only get to redeem one of each offer , so if you got eggs at 2 stores and Checkout is offering a rebate on eggs your account will only be credited one rebate for eggs.

4. Watch you rebates add up.

Press on the little person in the corner of the Checkout 51  main page of the app and you will see how much rebate money you have. Once your account hits $20 you can request a payment by check.

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Not a member of Checkout 51 yet?  Click Here and start saving money on your groceries


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