8 Thrifty Christmas Gifts Created From Photo Deals

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I love free photo book and photo print deals, and many of them of them would make great gifts. The best part is at Christmas time photo print companies often offer more deals on more items.

8 thrifty Christmas gifts created from photo deals

First here are 2 articles I wrote about where to find great photo book and photo print deals

8 Thrifty Christmas Gifts Created From  Photo Deals

1. Family Recipe Book

Have a child leaving the nest soon? Make them up a recipe book. To do this with the photo book deals make sure to choose a layout that has a journal box on every page so you can write the recipe. For print deals take pictures of people eating the recipe, or you making it, or of just the food itself and then purchase the type of photo books that have 2 slots per page. In one slot put the picture in the other put an index card with the recipe. This way the pages are protected from food spills. For just a bit more work you could buy a scrapbooking style album and cover each page with a page protector.

2. Make a Reasons Why I Love You Book

My mom was greatly impacted one year by a simple list of 10 things I loved about her that I included in a Mother’s day card one year. You can build on that idea by creating a photo book that does the same thing. Snap pictures of things, places, events, etc. that remind you of why you love your loved one. For example if I was making one for my husband I would include  a picture of the clean kitchen counters I see in the morning that were not clean when I went to bed with the saying “I love willingness to help out around the home in big and little ways”.

3. Calendars

Through Money Saving Mom I see a few Calendar deals each year. I have not personally made one yet, but I am tempted. These would make great gifts for grandparents who may not live close by. Every day they would get to look at the smiling faces of their grand kids when looking at the calendar. If you can’t find a calendar deal I have seen many inexpensive pre-printed blank calendars with a spot just the perfect size for a 4 by 6 print making them an excellent combo with free print deals.

4. Combine a Sale of Frames with Free Prints

My friend made a great family collage style frame for her Mother In Law one year. She purchased it at Joann’s Fabric using a 50% off coupon. She filled it with pictures of all her MIL’s loved ones. This would be a great way to take advantage of free print deals.

5. Find a Memorable Moment and Create A Picture Canvas With Impact

I saw this idea on Life as Mom and have been waiting for just the right picture to use it. Lots of daily deals like Groupon offer marked down big canvas photo print deals. Has someone you loved gone somewhere memorable this year? Perhaps you could download a print off their Facebook page and then surprise them with a canvas print.

6.  Make Preschoolers a book all about them

Get out your camera and capture pictures that tell a story about your child and then make up a photo book for them. I am sure it will be come a favorite bed time story.

7.  A Coupon For A Photo Book Made By You

If you have older relatives today’s photo book sites are sometimes overwhelming for them. With a little creativity  you could print out a beautiful gift certificate stating that you will make them up a photo book using their photos. Use my tips to snag free photo book deals and this gift will only cost you time and will me the world to your elderly loved ones.

8. Make A Life Story Book

These are great for those that are graduating or getting married in the next few months. Take the time to go back and choose some key photo’s over the years of their life to date and make sure to journal under it a bit of the story behind the photo.

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  1. My sister always makes a calendar for my parents with pictures of the grandkids. It’s a yearly tradition that my mom (in particular) loves. 🙂

  2. We LOVE to make photo gifts! We make photo calendars and photo memory books every year for relatives.

  3. Great ideas! I love photos and am always looking for something to do with them. I stumbled across your site on Titus 2 Tuesday, and looks like our blogs have a lot in common! We are a homeschooling family as well. Stop by at http://www.countercultureliving.com. Have a blessed day!

  4. I did make a book all about my now-6-year-old when she was a baby, and it is STILL a favorite. Even her sisters love it, and it’s not even about them!

    One caveat I would mention: I wouldn’t recommend trying to make a wall print from a photo downloaded from Facebook. They typically aren’t the full, original file size and you’re likely to be very disappointed with the quality.

    Great suggestions here, though!

    • Great tip, I notice when I download Facebook photos and then upload them into shutterfly and put them on page of an album if I try to make them too big shutterfly gives me a message that says something about the resolution, so I am guessing that is the same thing.

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