How A Thrifty Person Saves Money On A Pair Of Jeans

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My middle child’s current jeans were starting to look a little worn and my eldest child really only had one “good” pair left–he had others but they were getting tattered at the bottom and worn in the back pocket where he keeps his wallet.

How to save money on your favorite brand of jeans those ones that never go on clearance

Here is how I bought 2 pairs of jeans, one for each child, that totaled $64.44 for just $35.69 without waiting for them to go on clearance. That works out to a total savings of $28.75 (not including the $7 I saved on shipping).

How A Thrifty Person Saves Money On A Pair Of Jeans

First, I should tell you that I had my son pick out the pair of jeans he wanted at Old Navy when we happened to be going by one on the way to visit a friend. That way we knew what style he liked best, then we waited for a good deal to appear.

I should also tell you that these steps can work for just about any store you like to buy your jeans at–for my family that just happens to be Old Navy as they are long wearing, reasonably priced, and come in a variety of styles to fit almost any body shape.

1. I bought a discounted gift card to Old Navy

As soon as we got home from our stop at Old Navy I bought a $50 gift card from Cardpool for just $44.50. That saved me $5.50 right there.

I knew I would spend at least $50 on two pairs of jeans, and their hoodies from last year are also getting a bit worn, so I figured if I got a steal of a deal on the jeans I would just throw in a hoodie for one of them. Why was I so stuck on spending over $50? Free shipping–more on that later.

Savings $5.50

2. I checked my email daily & opened all the Old Navy emails

I sign up for the emails of all our favorite stores. I keep a special email account just for them. It doesn’t take more than a minute each day to delete all the emails if I don’t need them. I usually do it during “bathroom” breaks (TMI–I am sorry, but a busy mom has to use every minute of the day to the max).

I signed up for Old Navy emails a long time ago and most days I simply delete them without even opening them but when my family has a clothing need I start opening them daily–waiting for a good sale to appear.

It took about 2 weeks of opening daily emails to find what I wanted– a discount code that saved me 25% off the pair of jeans my middle child wanted.

My oldest child is very slim and tall and he likes just one type of jeans which were already marked down by $9.99  to $24.50, so the discount code did not apply to his jeans–but under $25 for a pair of jeans is already a good deal for a person over 6 foot tall in my books.

Savings: $9.99 (plus jeans already on sale saved me another $9.99)

3. I shopped through Swagbucks

Instead of clicking to the site directly from email, I took a second to write down the discount code and then opened a new tab on my browser to the Swagbucks home page.

I then entered “Old Navy” into the Swagbucks search engine and sure enough they were offering a cashback SB point value that ended up saving me $3.27 (I will get this back when I cash in my SB points for a gift card)

Savings: $3.27

4. I ordered enough to qualify for free shipping

I tend to shop for a few needs at once rather than one need at a time just because it means I can qualify for free shipping at most websites without having to buy things we don’t need just to get free shipping (admit it, we have all done it–$5 away from the free shipping limit so you throw in an item you don’t need to save the $7 shipping fee coming out $2 ahead. But you now have an item that potentially could become clutter in your home…and who needs more of that?).

At Old Navy the free shipping limit is currently $50, meaning your order has to be $50 or more to qualify for free shipping.

By buying both my boys the jeans they needed at the same time I surpassed this limit by just a few dollars.

Savings: $7

(note: I didn’t include my $7 in my savings calculations because–well–what kind of thrifty person pays shipping?)

One way I might have been able to save more: If I had taken the time to compare cashback rates at various cashback sites I might have been able to save even more.

Why I didn’t just take my boys to Goodwill for Jeans

Being a thrifty ninja I know there are going to be frugal minded people who read this and go–secondhand jeans would have been cheaper.

Yes, you are right! At my local Goodwill jeans are currently right around $6 a pair. However, my boys are in no way a standard size.

One son  is tall and skinny and I can’t even find his size in retail stores, let alone thrift stores. My other son is built like a football player (but he plays soccer). His build is broad, his height is in his torso and he has has muscular short legs.

Finding new jeans in a retail store that fit these two body types is like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding them on the secondhand market is like finding a speck of sand in a hay stack.

It doesn’t mean I don’t look at goodwill when I am there for another reason (I buy a lot of my own skirts and shorts at Goodwill). It just means I am not making a special trip to the thrift store for jeans for my boys–it would be a waste of my time and time is also money.

Got any great thrifty jean shopping tips to add to my list? I would love for you to share them in the comments with me. 

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  1. thanks for the tips I also have teenagers that are built like nfl linebackers. I’ve started getting emails from the big and tall stores looking for deals and because we found that dickies are durable for my oldest sons job I’ve signed up for their site as well. I will start looking to get added deals through swag and my points hopefully that will add more savings thanks again. I’ve also told my son to have a clothing budget from his paychecks for his workclothes.

  2. Great ideas. I love that you took the time to explain why you didn’t just buy them at Goodwill. Excellent reasons, too. We all have unique circumstances and not every great money saving idea will work for everyone.

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