How To Organize A Tiny Coupon Collection

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I use to have a larger coupon collection, but over the last year or so I have been using both less coupons and more electronic based coupons like Target Cartwheel and Ibotta, and the Meijer Mperks program.

As a result my coupon collection has shrunk to the point that I don’t need the larger coupon organization system I once used.

how to organize a tiny coupon collection

Up until last week I was just throwing them in a small pouch in my purse, but it was frustrating, as I had to go through the whole pile just to find the one coupon I wanted.

When I was decluttering the other day I stumbled upon this Vera Bradley wristlet that I got at a yard sale and  a thought came to me. The wristlet is long enough to fit envelopes, and tall enough for most coupons. It was also wide enough to fit an organization system of some sort.

So a few days later I went to work in transforming my wristlet that I wasn’t using into a coupon organizer I would use.

small coupon organizer step oneI got out our supply of envelopes from the cupboard and then cut one down to size. I wanted it it fit comfortable within the wrislet so that I could still zip it up with ease.

fitting envelopes in small coupon organizerI used a pair of scissors to cut out the first one but once I had a template made I got out the …..

cutting envelopes for small coupon organizersmall paper cutter which made cutting the envelopes go quickly and accurately (I don’t cut straight without the aid of a  paper cutter 🙂 )

completed tiny coupon organizerWhen I was done I had a dividers for my tiny coupon organizer.

wristlet to coupon organizerFinally I sorted my coupons into categories and then labeled my envelopes. I kept my labeling simple using pen directly on the top  corner of the envelope but you could get more fancy with sticky labels that could act like tabs.

My categories are, Great Clips, Family Christian, Jo-ann, non-food items, food items, kid food, date night, Bath & Body Works, Meijer , and Store coupons, but you of course can make whatever categories suit your couponing needs.

What I love about this particular Vera Bradley wristlet style is that is also has a pocket where I can stash store cards and discounted gift cards I snag off Cardpool.

You don’t have to use a wristlet  in fact  I would encourage you to use whatever you already own and are not using, like a cosmetic kit that came with a free sample, or ……. I am sure if you did a bit of searching you will find something in your house that will work.

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No time to make your own? This purse size coupon organizer is under $15 on Amazon and comes with free shipping (prices and details could change at any time). Although I have not seen it in real life it comes with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and comes in many different prints . It wouldn’t take long to earn it using Swagbucks.

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