How to Earn a Shutterfly photo book a month using Bing Rewards

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If you are like me you have years worth of photos sitting on clouds, memory cards, and on your laptop (that you pray won’t crash because you know you should back those photos up but haven’t gotten to it yet; or is that just me 🙂 )

How to earn a shutterfly photo book a month using Bing Rewards Takes under 2 minutes a day

Over the last few years I have kept fairly up to date on turning the current years photos into photo books from Shutterfly. I have also managed to get a few of the past years photos in albums too, but I still have several more years worth of photos to convert from digital to something you can hold in your hand and flip through (also something that doesn’t ever crash, or become too outdated to view).

To keep the cost low I have used various free sources of Shutterfly codes, mostly found by following both Money Saving Mom and Shutterfly on Facebook and clicking the “get notification” tab on their Facebook page so I see their updates.

These codes make the cost of a photo book just shipping only which for me currently works out to right around $9.

However the free codes are only available often enough to keep me current. To get through my back log of years that are stuck in digital photo land I need another source of inexpensive Shutterfly photo books.

For my backlog I have also used My Coke Rewards points since it is a perk of my husband’s nasty 2 to 3 cans of coke a day habit.

I am going to guess though that some of you out there though may not have a loved one addicted to a cola product and therefore you might need another source to receive free Shutterfly book codes.

Well you are in luck. Bing Rewards offers a cash out for a 8×8 hardcover Shutterfly book for just 470 points and you can easily earn one to two of these free  per month through just 2 to 3 minutes of work within the program each day. Considering a book is worth $29.99 you are earning a pretty good return on your time spent ($20 per hour if I did my calculations right).

Remember you will still have to pay the shipping cost, but you do that with pretty much any Shutterfly free code.

How to earn a Shutterfly photo book a month using Bing Rewards

1. Join Bing Rewards: Click here to join

2. Each and every day go to your Bing Rewards dashboard and see if there are any bonus points available for the day. These might be questions or just clicking and looking at a site. There is usually at least one a day and they just take a second to do and earn you one point.

3. Complete your 30 web searches on your laptop for your daily 15 points. Here is a tip when you click on the “PC Search” section it currently takes you to a news tab, hit “web” at the top of that tab and then begin you searches using the “related searches” area found down the side of the web page. It will make your searches go a lot faster.

4. Cash in at 470 points  for a free hardcover 8 by 8 Shutterfly photo book. You should be able to do this approximately every 30 days.

To earn more than one photo book a month and to get to your very first Shutterfly photo book faster, after you have signed up for Bing Rewards download the Bing Rewards app and do 20 searches in it daily for an additional 10 points. This will cut your time down to earning a Shutterfly photo book to 19 days. Meaning every other month you can claim 2 books.

Seems like a pretty simple way to keep the cost of photo albums low, and get that back log of digital photos into a form you can flip through while having loved ones cuddled up beside you, regardless of whether your tablet has battery life.

Plus if you should catch up on your photos you can continue to earn points using Bing Rewards and cash them in for other rewards such as $5 gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks and more.

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  1. I didn’t know about this, I’ll have to try it… even though I like Google search better lol. But the Shutterfly books are so easy to make and turn out beautifully.. I made some books of our wedding photos a couple years ago. Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Bing rewards. This is a great idea because I love giving these books as gifts. 🙂

    • I love giving them as gifts too. I want to do one of all our families recipes (since I have photos of them due to blogging).

  3. It’s not exactly free. You pay shipping. But Bing rocks.

    • Yes, shipping, it was in my rough draft to mention that, I will go back in and edit the article so that it is mentioned, can’t believe I left it out. For me where I live it is $8.99 which still makes for a very inexpensive photo book.

  4. I’d never heard of Bing Rewards before, but I remember some similar program I used during college! Thanks for the tip.


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