How To Attack Your Overwhelming Projects


 How To Attack Your Overwhelming projects

Are you facing a overwhelming project that you just cannot figure out how you will ever complete it?

 Here is what I learned about how to approach overwhelming projects from my husband’s truck load of rock.

 He approached the project with a great attitude

I looked at the pile and said “are you crazy where is all that going to go?” My husband looked at it and said “just you wait and see that pile will be gone in no time”.

Lesson learned: Approaching your projects with a positive attitude makes the work that much more enjoyable and seem that much more doable. Take the time you need to find a positive attitude before you begin attacking your piles. (read this article by Money Saving Mom on getting rid of a grumpy mood for help)

 He had a plan

My husband had plotted out all the places in the front, side and backyard where he wanted rock.

Lesson learned: If you are facing an overwhelming project take a few minutes to chart out all that has to be done.

He didn’t move it all in one day

My husband took over two weeks to move all the rock to its new home. He worked around his job hours and his family commitments.

Lesson learned: Don’t wait for a huge block of time where you can get your project done all in one go. Instead be realistic and work around life.

He had help

Each of our three children helped him move the rock.

 Lesson learned: Delegate what you can. Children love to help and so do spouses. Friends can even sometimes be asked to lend a hand. If finances allow you might even be able to hire someone to help.

rocks left

After the project was done this was what was left of the pile.

He realized when he had gotten too big of a load

At just over the two week mark of the project my husband realized he was going to have more rock than his plotted areas needed. Instead of creating more areas to use the rock, he called a family who he knew needed rock for their yard.

Lesson learned: Ask yourself, does the project really have to be this big? Could I some how give this project away? For instance lately I have been giving away more items we no longer need than I have been selling. My time is short right now and thankfully our need for money from resell items isn’t what it use to be.  It also feels good to know that by giving to a thrift store I am helping others in need and working on decreasing our clutter.


The pile was diminished one wheelbarrow at a time

When I first saw that big pile of rocks on our driveway I just about flipped out. It was huge and we had a small gathering planned at our house in just a few short weeks. How on earth was it going to get done. Yet slowly it was.

Lesson Learned: Projects are completed step by step. We need to stop focusing on the final result and instead focus just on the step we can complete today. Perhaps we might even need to break it down further into snail pacing steps and concentrate on what we can finish this morning, or this very hour. Whatever is small enough to stop the panic.

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  1. My favourite quote of all time is:

    ‘It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop’…Confucius

    A large task can seem overwhelming and it is tempting to stop, but perseverance will win out every time!

  2. I love this whole concept of transforming at a snail’s pace. So much meaning and depth is lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. If we’re ever to truly transform, we must be thorough and go from the ground up. Everyone knows that “quick fixes” hardly ever fix anything for long. Our lives are like one big “overwhelming project”, so I think this post applies to life in general…and also to the pile of gravel in my backyard. ; ) Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love this! I have several big projects I’ve been procrastinating on. I especially tend to keep waiting for the big block of time instead of just tackling things. Thanks for the encouragement! Visiting from Fellowship Friday. :)

    • Yes! that is me too, I keep thinking if I can’t carve out at least a 3 or 4 hour block of time it isn’t worth it. But truth is if you have a list of written goals even an hour is long enough to make some progress. Sometimes even 15 minutes is enough to work on a goal especially is it is housework related like declutting your home.

  4. “Can I give some of this project away?” What a great concept! My projects too often become almost like children to me, and I get way too into the “only I can do it right” mindset.
    I needed to read this; you explained it in just the right way for me.

  5. My Parents-in-law are currently working on many big projects around their home…I’ll definitely have to send this their way!

    Thanks for the tips!!!

  6. I love it!!! Perhaps I need to apply this idea to the remodel we are dealing with right now. :)

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