How I Am Cutting My Blog Work In Half During A 5 Month RV Trip With The Family

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Since my birthday in March of this year our family has been planing a once in a lifetime RV trip. For five months all five of us will be living in a 27 foot trailer as we make our way across the United States, up the west coast and into Canada.

After visiting family and friends in Canada we will head back through the states, hitting a few key state and national parks before returning to our home in Indiana.

We have figured out how to finance the trip, we have figured out what RV, we have purchased most of the supplies, we have even figured out the route and where we are staying for almost the entire trip.

Only a few questions need to be answered and one of the biggest ones is how will I blog?

How one blogger plans to cut her blog work in half.


How I Am Cutting My Blog Work In Half During A 5 Month RV Trip With The Family

Currently I work 20 to 30 hours a week on average on the blog. That equals as much as 5 hours a day if you factor in that I usually take one full day off the blog each week.

I thought at first I could blog 2 hours in the morning and perhaps 2 hours in the evening while we traveled–which would mean I would be able to keep similar hours. Then my husband and I started planning out what we wanted to see and we both realized that I am going to be lucky to have an hour in in the morning and an hour in the evening.

So how do I go from working 5 hours a day to 2 hours a day?

I don’t want to miss out on anything during this trip. I want to be fully present.  So here is a list my husband and I came up with to make it easier for me to do just that.

1. Cut Back On Posting

As of January 1st I will go from posting 3 days a week to 2 days a week. One post will be a trip update for all of my blog readers that want to tag along on our adventure and the other post will be a evergreen style post for readers who love my help with being thrifty and keeping their homes and lives in order.

I have read reports from other bloggers and most state that their traffic was only minimally effected. I will be fully testing their reports.

2. Fill Some Content Spots With Guest Posting

I have been blogging for over 4 years now and have yet to have a guest post on my blog. The reason why has been a toss up between “do I have the traffic to really help out another blogger?” and “do I really need guests posts when I have so many ideas of things to share?”

Now that I have built this blog up to 3,000 to 5,000 page views daily and I am going to be traveling the answers to both those questions are “yes” instead of “no.”

I would like to feature a guest post every other week, saving me from having to write 2 evergreen posts a month. Bloggers, don’t submit your guest ideas yet as I need to nail down some submission guidelines first–I hope to have those done by the beginning of December.

3. Automate Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, I still pin everything by hand. I get amazing Pinterest traffic and because of that I have hesitated about jumping on the pin schedule bandwagon for quite a while.

After playing around with several different scheduling platforms I have decided to use Board Booster it works very similar to how I pin already and it seems to be as close to “set it and forget it” as I am going to get.

4. No BIG project for first half of 2017

This year I have been filling every single crack of time I have left beyond week to week blogging with eBook writing.

(psst–it is very close to finally being done–my goal is to have it ready to buy on Kindle before we leave).

Next year the RV trip is my BIG project so I am not planning on working on anything besides week to week blog tasks until we return from our trip.

5. No Small Tweaks While On The Road

I love spending 30 minutes here and there making an old blog post that has good traffic more profitable or taking a post that doesn’t have traffic and redoing it to see if I can make it more popular.

I will put this love of mine aside until the trip is over.

6. Using Google Docs On My Laptop And Smartphone

The key to successfully cutting  my work hours in half work is using little moments of time wisely. For me that meant learning how to use Google Docs on my laptop and smartphone this summer.

While we were on our  test run, camping a week in the new RV this summer, I practiced using Google Docs on my laptop without accessing WiFi. I found I could do a lot more writing without WiFi access than I thought I could–and I got it done a lot faster too (no rabbit trailing if you can’t open another tab).

This will allow me to work in the early mornings and evenings at the campground even if I can’t access WiFi–reducing my need to spend time driving  to a local WiFi hot spot to get work done. The less time I spend driving the more time I have to actually work.

I also figured out how to use the “speak” application part of the the google doc app on my smartphone so that I can dictate blog posts while we drive.

I suffer from mild motion sickness. If I even try to type as much as a short text when I am in a moving vehicle my stomach is tossing and turning for at least an hour. However, I can talk!

Now on scenic stretches of highway I won’t be touching this, but on those long boring stretches of road when all the kids are sleeping or listening to their tunes through their headphones the Google Doc app will open up a time to work window that has never been open to my motion sick self before.

The One Blogging Task I Plan To Do More:

More Instagram Updates

The more and more I talk about the trip the more and more I hear “take me with you”–so I am going to virtually!

I will be using Instagram to post pictures of our trip (go here to follow me on Instagram). I am also hoping to do the odd Facebook live video when I can (go here to follow me on Facebook).

Got any other tips for me of how to work more efficiently while traveling?




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