Learning With Homer: The Reading Skills App I Wish I Had When My Kids Were Young

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As I have mentioned before I have 3 visual learners in my home who often make me wonder why in the world I even spend money on textbooks. For instance one time during a bike ride through corn field lined streets with my 12 year old son  (now 14 ) he explained in great detail how Ethonal was made. I was so excited thinking that $50 science book taught him something when he said “yeah mom I learned it all off this  documentary I found on Netflix”.

learn with homer

His answer made the $7.99 I spend on Netflix  each month  worth every penny and had me wondering why I spent $50 a year on a science textbook. Which is one of the reasons why when I saw a  Learning With Homer  ad recently it caught my eye and drew over to check out the site.  When I did I started wishing I had something like Learn With Homer  available for my children when they were pre-readers.

Learning with Homer  is a comprehensive learn to read app that costs $7.95 a month and gives you a tonne of features for your subscription fee.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Learn With Homer

  • A Reading curriculum that currently contains 150 step by step lessons and more lessons are being added regularly.
  • A Story Time Area that contains a large library of folk tales, fairy tales, first stories and original stories that you and your child can enjoy together.
  • Printable activities to work on fine motor skills needed for writing as well as Printable progress rewards.
  •  A secured Homer’s Pigeon Post area that allows your child to send drawings and notes to loved ones.
  • A parents area where you can check on your child’s progress.
  • An art area where you child can make unique creations.

When my children were the ages Learning with Homer caters to (prek to 7 years old) I spent money each month on workbooks and DVDs to help them with  reading skills and I am pretty sure those purchases added up to more than $7.95 a month.

Among other great features I  like that since Learning With Homer is  an app you can take learning on the go with you. Your child can be working on their pre-reading skills while you are waiting at the Dr. Office, or traveling to grandmas, or where ever life takes you.

30 days free at learn with homer

Best part Learn With Homer offers a 30 day free trial period (must cancel subscription before end of trial should you decide you don’t like the service in order to avoid subscription charges) . The free trial period allows you to fully explore the site and decide if it is a great fit for your child or not.

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