Healthy Eating Goals Update: And Why I Am Adding One More Habit

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One of my goals for this year is to form healthier eating habits. Since I started blogging I have put on 10+ pounds. Until late last year I was blaming the weight creep almost entirely on all the sitting I now do instead of all the painting and renovating work I use to do with my hours before I started blogging.

6 habits to form this year for healthier eating creating good eating habits one inch at a timeHowever certain health problems started popping up in my life last year that made me pay more attention to my diet and what I quickly realized is that my activity isn’t the only thing that has decreased since I started blogging, my good eating habits have also decreased.

I sat down and made 6 healthier eating goals for the year, so I could give 2 months to making each a new life long habit.

 How I did With Healthy Habit #1 In January & February

The first habit I worked on was portion control. I decided the best way to do this was to use my Lose It app and chart my calories. I was aiming for 6 days a week, I managed more like 3 or 4 days a week.

I don’t feel disappointed with myself though, as I think the frequency I did chart helped me be more aware of what is a healthy portion for me and what is too much.

It also made me more aware of just how many calories my workouts do burn and how easily it is to eat up the calories I burn in an average workout.

Going into month 3. I have decided to continue charting calories but with one difference. I did have my Lose It app set to lose 1/2 pound a week and was charting my workouts. I have now decided to set my calorie intake app  to maintenance mode and not chart my workouts.

The reason why is I found myself eating food just because the app said I could on my workout days, where as on my non-workout days I often found myself hungry and out of calories. I am hoping that by keeping my calories the same regardless of my workouts I won’t over eat just because an app says I can and I will have more calories available on my non workout days.

If I truly am hungry on my workout days and out of calories, then I will allow myself an extra snack of around 200 calories.

I think by doing this I should perhaps go beyond the weight maintenance that I did for the for the first 2 months of the year and perhaps see a small weight loss.  Although the main goal is to maintain my weight this year, honestly I would love to lose at least the 5 pounds I gained last year.

healthier eating goal steps

How I am doing with the remain 5 healthy habits

I might be concentrating with greater focus one healthy habit at the time but that does not mean I am not trying to at least be more mindful about the other 5 healthy habits I set for the year.

March-April:Drinking More Water

I am doing really well with my goal to drink more water while at home, but not so good while I am out of the house. I need to get better at bringing my reusable water bottle with me where ever I go. Hopefully with this as my main goal these next two months I will be able to make that happen.

May-June: Cut Back On Sugar

I have not started cutting back on sugar at all. I am thinking this will be the hardest healthy habit I set for myself. I crave sugar something awful, and am not sure how to even begin cutting back on it.

 July-August: More Fruit & Veggies

I am doing well on this goal and it is making a big difference with a few health issues I have been struggling with. In fact so much difference the problems all but disappeared until…..we went away one weekend and I got slack on this goal while eating out several meals in a row.

September-October: Better Eating Out Choices

Sometimes I do really well with this and sometimes not.

November-December: Wiser Celebration Eating

We went to a birthday party get together and I managed to avoid the pop, eat just one plate of food and….. eat 2 desserts.  Yep, the last part was more than the one I am aiming for but all together I did better than I normally do.

A Health Habit I Am Adding

I am a firm believer in thinking that you don’t need it to be January 1st to set a new goal and so I don’t mind adding just one more health habit to 2015 even though I am 2 months in.

As I have gone through 2 months of eating, I am discovering an underlying goal to all my healthy eating goals;mindful eating.

Mindful eating to me means taking time before I get super hungry to decide what I am eating for lunch. Mindful eating means carrying the glass of water around the house with me. Mindful eating means looking at my plate before I start eating and making sure I have veggies or fruit on it.

Mindful eating also means, getting off the computer and sitting at the kitchen table to eat whether it be a snack or a meal. Mindful eating means not bring the iPad to the table with me but instead looking at my food and concentrating on each bit as I eat. Mindful eating means not grabbing things and eating on the go.

Some of these things are really hard habits to break. However, I do notice that when I do these things I feel fuller quicker and stay full longer. Each bit of food seems to count more. I am not staring at the empty bowl beside my laptop wondering where that bowl of trail mix went and wondering how come I still feel hungry.

When I looked up the term mindful eating to make sure what I was doing was in fact just that I found this great pinable graphic that explains in great detail what mindful eating is.

In essence forming healthy eating habits boils down to being mindful and so I am making mindful eating, my word to concentrate on when ever I am struggling with falling into old habits “Is this being mindful of my health if I choose to eat it” “Am I being mindful of what I am eating if I eat this bag of chips while watching TV? “Would it be  a mindful compromise to at least put the chips in a bowl first to help me eat a mindful portion?”

Are you working on improving you eating habits this year? What is working and what isn’t?


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  1. This is so great. It is such a smart idea to focus on one goal for a couple of months instead of making a huge new year’s resolution that you stop following by the end of January.

  2. Thank you for this post. It is so much easier gradually making changes instead of diving in head first!

    • Yes it is. I have tried before to dive in and it always backfires on me. I am really looking to make life long healthy eating changes this time.

  3. I 100% agree with everything you wrote. It may be the most important thing–healthy eating. You don’t have to worry if you only ingest healthy things in healthy amounts. But recently someone mentioned a catchphrase that really rang true to me. “Sitting is the new smoking”. I am going to keep this top of mind for as long as I can. Hopefully it will be a constant reminder to MOVE as well as eat right. Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Yes I have heard “sitting is the new smoking” as well. Most days I have the laundry going while I work and when I hear the buzz of the washing machine being done I have to go down 2 flights of stairs to empty it and then back up 2 flights to get back to work. Since a load takes about 1 hour I know I am getting 4 flights of stairs in each hour. I think that helps.

  4. Great tips! I lost 30 lbs. almost two years ago, and have used every single one of these along my journey towards health. It’s such a mindset and realizing you CAN do it! I’m stopping by from IBN to comment, but am now a new follower!

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