Green and Thrifty Motivation From Around The Web


green motivation from around the web

Sometime all we need is a bit of motivation to get started. Here is some Green and Thrifty Motivation available on the web to help you get started on you way to being thrifty and green.

Websites and Blogs

1. The Daily Green: A consumer’s guide to green from

2. Live Renewed: Inspiration for living frugally green

3. The Non-Consumer Advocate:Use it up,wear it out, make it do, or do without

My Green and Thrifty Pinterest Boards

1. T-shirt Remake and Reuse

I started this board to use up some of the alarming growing pile of race t-shirts in our family due to 3 of us now entering running and biking races on a regular bases.

2. Gardening

All are green tips. Most show how to grow the most you can in a small space (I live in town). There are also several green bug repellant tips.

4. DIY Furniture

A large percentage of this board are pictures of curbside rescue makeovers. Not that I have ever done one myself, but oh I dream of the day I might have time.

5. Homemade cleaning products

Using simple green ingredients. When the post says to use a non green ingredient I subsitute one of my green ones.

6. Homemade beauty products

Mostly simple green ingredients, with some being more advanced in case I decided to become more experimental.

A Green and Thrifty Point Program

7. Recycle Bank, is a point program that rewards you for being green. You can earn points from performing simple tasks, to filling out small surveys, and pledging to perform green acts. You can then cash in your points for magazines, coupons of green products, or even gift cards you could use to splurge on yourself.

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