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Social media platforms can be both time demanding and a bit scary (will people like the writer behind the blog?)  but they can also be very rewarding (I get a thrill every time someone comments on a status update).

A year in review: Social Media My Freshmen Year

1. Start Slowly:

I started a Facebook page for Snail Pace Transformations almost right away because I have had a personal account for years and felt comfortable there.

I didn’t use another source of social media for many more months and there are still others I have not yet touched.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Everywhere:

It can be overwhelming if you try to be everywhere at once while learning the ins and out of blogging.

Take a moment to write down all the social media sites you wish to join, and then make up a plan to get to know the ins and outs of one before adding another.

For instance, I joined Facebook right away, but left Pinterest until around March of my freshman year. I didn’t start using Google+ until December and I started Twitter in January of my sophomore year.

3. Decide How You Want To Use Each Platform

I am most personal on  my Facebook page sharing pictures and daily happenings. I try to add one personal status update per day.

I spend an hour each weekend pinning and reorganizing my Pinterest boards. I am constantly creating new boards as needed  to make my Pinterest space a wealth of knowledge for moms looking for further tips on frugality, food, homeschooling, earning money from home , fitness and other topics I talk about here on the blog.

I currently use Twitter to attend Twitter parties with other bloggers, hoping to form blogging friendships. I also share post updates, and am trying to tweet one personal status a day.

As for Google+ I only share new posts updates.

4. Read, Read Read

Every time I see a free e-book on eReaderGirl about Pinterest on any of the other social media sites I grab it.

If I find a great  article on the “how to ” of social media I pin it either to my “blogging tips”“twitter tips” or “pinterest tips” boards.

5. Use A Timer

Social media sites can be big time drains if one does not set firm time guidelines for usage.

I  allow myself so much time on each platform  and I stick to those times  by using a timer to keep track.

6. It Is Called Social For a Reason

It is quick and simple to send your new posts to social media platforms, however what I learned my freshman year is people  who follow you want more than status updates they want to get to know you.

Sharing your quirks, your successes, and your failures will give you an authentic social media following that will cheer you on.

One Year Later An Update:

I am now on Instagram and find it a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and my readers on a much more personal level.

Facebook: I now follow tips learned from Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom found in a podcast interview with Chris Locurto, as well as a few more words of wisdom about Facebook from Rachel Martin of Finding Joy in a podcast interview with Become A Blogger . Combined these tips have grown my Facebook page by over 100 people in the last 30 days.

Pinterest: I now pin several times a day everyday.

Google+: I no longer auto share instead I directly to Google+ and load up the picture that goes with the post and then add the URL in the status update box as well as a few sentences about it, and 2 hashtags, and a link to where I pinned it. I also spend 10 minutes a day going through my feed and +1 ing, commenting and follow new people in my niche as I find them.

Twitter: same as last year, I attend twitter parties now and again.

Looking for blogging tips? Follow my Blogging Tips Board on Pinterest.


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