Fitness and Life Goals: Sept. 3 to 17th


I pushed myself so hard the first week of my last two week goal schedule I thought I would enter into a coma of exhaustion. I got up at 4 a.m. each and every day and put in as many as 12 hours a day at our once rental home to get it ready to place on the selling market before we took off on a 5 day camping trip.

Oh boy did it feel good however to look at the home at the end of the week and see all that I got accomplished.

I was also able to enjoy camping without thinking of all that I still had to do to get the home listed, as my husband and I signed the papers before we left.

I know I cannot push myself that hard each and every week but it is nice knowing that once and a while (once or twice a year maybe)  when it is really needed I can indeed go the extra mile and make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Last 2 weeks Goals

1. 10 mile, 6 mile, 19 mile, 10 mile, 6 mile, 10 mile  (the 10 and 6 became two 5’s when I saw the hills surrounding the campground we were at last week)
Strength Training.
2. 2 workouts
3. 2 bike rides of an hour or more.
4. Re-coat dinning room
5. Re-coat kitchen
6. Re-coat family room
7. Re-coat master bedroom
8. Re-coat bedroom
9. Re-coat downstairs bathroom
10. Re-coat Laundry room
11. Repaint front door and trim around front porch windows
12. Repaint front entry step

I also ended up mulching 2 flower beds, cleaning windows, scrubbing a shower stall till it looked like new again and painting and outdoor kitchen area. Thankfully after all that hard work the home is listed for sale (praying for the right new owners to arrive quickly)

 13. Keep up with posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday this week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week. (I am hoping to spend less than 8 hrs a week on the blog to free up 12 hours for painting the first week, and more time to visit with relatives the second week)




Goals for the Next 2 weeks


1. Run: 10 mile, 6 mile, 20 mile, 10 mile, 6 mile, 13.1 mile

2. Strength: 3 strength classes

3. Swim: 2 swims of 50 to 60 lengths

4. Bike: 2 bike rides of 1 hour or more


5. Chart daily calorie intake at least 5 days out of each week

6. Read Almost Amish and Relentless Pursuit


7. Finish rough draft of my e-book

8. Set a date for my craft open house and a plan for how much and what to make for it.


9. Spend 1 hour working on the menu tabs, and 1 hour working on my side bar to make the blog more user friendly and inviting.

10. Order business cards to pass out at my first library talk next month.

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