Duplo Christmas Creations

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Christmas Duplo CreationsLast night I heard the Duplo bucket stirring and next thing I knew my 11 year old daughter appears beside me with a Duplo Christmas tree saying “mom this does not look quite like I want it too”. So we discussed ideas and how to make it more stable and more tree like, then she went off to her room again and once again I could hear the Duplo bucket stirring.

Christmas Duplo Tree with angelAround 30 minutes later she comes out of her room holding a heart shaped piece of paper in her hands and says to me “mom where is the tape”? I show her and then minutes later she comes out with this Christmas tree pictured above complete with an angel on the top (if you look really hard you can see the white wings taped to the Duplo figurine).

Santa and his wife duploShe placed the tree on the dinning room table and took off to her room and the family Duplo collection again coming down about 10 minutes later with a Duplo Santa and then shortly after that a Duplo Mrs. Claus.

duplo elfThis morning a Christmas Elf appeared before 8 a.m..

Duplo Ho Ho HoAfter the elf appeared the classic Santa saying “Ho Ho Ho” written in Duplo of course.

lego christmas cookiesShe then said “mom I want to make a plate of cookies but the Duplo makes them too big for my Duplo Santa” so I suggested she raid the Lego buckets that hang out her brother’s room.

Right now she is currently working on a Lego snowman as we don’t have that many white Duplo squares in our mostly yard sale bought Duplo collection (which is why some of Mrs. Claus’ hair is creme).

I love her creativity lately with Duplo and Lego. If you read my weekly goal posts you will remember that this summer she made our whole family out of Duplo.

our family in legoWe sadly had to destroy that family today to make room for her new Duplo Christmas creations.

Christmas Duplo displayThese will sit here on in our dinning room until January 1st when I will encourage her to make up a new theme for this display place. Perhaps winter wonderland or Valentines?

Check out more of my daughters Christmas Duplo Creations: More Christmas Duplo Creations (and a Lego one too)

What do your children like making out of Duplo or Lego?

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  1. NO Way! That is too clever, I have to get the duplo out now so cool!

  2. I love her creativity! I have to show this to my kids who love to create new things with their Legos.

  3. I have a Lego Micky Mouse Santa and a Lego Santa that my (now 23 year old) son made me many years ago….there is also a pair of lego mittens that I hang on his tree every year.

  4. She is quite creative for her age! May God cause that to continue to grow in her! I love that you will leave out all her creations until Jan. 1st. I would too 🙂 I visited from Teach Me Tues. this morning.

  5. I love the creativity! I found you on Works for me Wednesday. I would love it if you shared at my new link-up: http://www.joyfocusedlearning.com/2013/11/anything-goes-link-up-1.html

  6. Oh my goodness!! Your daughter’s creations are AWEsome!! And you must have an insane amount of duplos ; )

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