Why An In-Depth Blog Review Is Worth Every Penny

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Last spring I was working really hard on growing my blog to reach my goals for the year. I however just couldn’t seem to get the focus I needed. I was like a bunny hopping over here for a second, then over here, the over there. Then memorial weekend I made my best bunny hopping decision I signed up to get an in-depth blog review from Blogging Concentrated.

Why paying for an in-depth blog review is worth every penny spentI had liked the Blogging Concentrated Facebook page at the beginning of the year, hoping to go to one of their one day conferences and noticed they had a one day sale of blog reviews. Being thrifty and having decided a blog review would help  give me the focus I needed to concentrate on fixing key areas of my blog for blog growth, I pounced on the sale, like a bunny to a carrot.

OH MY am I so glad I made that bunny hop. Rachel and Dan gave me two videos each around 30 minutes in length that went into great detail about all the things they saw wrong and right, about not just my blog but all my social media platforms.

Dan and Rachel were also open to answering any questions I had about the reviews after I received them and I had plenty. Their answers were always prompt and helpful.

Their video reviews opened up my eyes to all sorts of problems I didn’t know my blog even had as well as solutions for them. 6 plus months later I am still implementing changes they suggested, and with each one I am seeing growth in numbers and in income.

I am now earning 3 times what I earned before the review and have 3 times the amount of page views each month. My Facebook page has doubled and I feel more confident in who I am as a blogger and what I write about.

Some of that growth is due to having my work shared repeatedly by much bigger bloggers, however before the changes, when larger bloggers shared my work  only a small number of people stuck around to read more or follow me on a social media site. After the changes I made that were suggested in my blogging concentrated review, when my work is shared, I see more follows, more people sticking around my site longer to check things out, and more interaction. Plus many are starting to turn into regular readers of my blog.

I will also admit my changes income are from the sources of monitization I added after gaining wisdom from two or three key bloggers who suggested various companies that would be a good fit for my blog. However you can monitize a blog all you want but if people don’t have a clear idea of what your blog is about, what it can do for them, and how to find that knowledge on your blog,  all the monitization streams on the web won’t help you substantially increase your income.

Think about your blog as a store front, if you go into a store and it is so messed up and jumbled full of a few products for this and a few products for that, but has no clear aisle markers to help direct you to what you want, are you going to stick around and get to know the owners and buy from them? My guess in no.

But if you go into a store that is bright and welcoming and the rows are well organized and labeled and the whole place just seems inviting, chances are you are going to stick around, find what you need, and shop and converse with the owners.

That is how you want your blog to be like a well organized friendly small town store and the blog review I received from Blogging Concentrated challenged me to do just that,  to make my message to my readers clearer, to make it easier for them to navigate my blog, and to make all my social media platforms have that same feel and message so wherever people find me they say “this is from Snail Pace Transformations a blog that can help me inch forward in my finances, homemaking and time management so I can have room in my life for my passions”.

I am not 100% there yet, I still have a page full of To Do’s left from the review, but with each change I make, my message gets clearer, and my blog gets easier to navigate. My next goal is to save for a site redesign. I however have a plan and focus something I was lacking before the blog review.

If you have a blog and you just aren’t sure where to focus your energy to make it the best it can be, I highly suggest a paid blog review from Blogging Concentrated.


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  1. This is a very informative post and I never knew, or I guess, thought that you could pay someone to review your blog. I have been on Blogger for a few years, but only became an active blogger within the past few months. It’s very hard to get anyone to comment on my posts, and increasing my page views seems to be a struggle. Thanks for this article.

    • Your welcome. I didn’t know it either until early last year, and it took me months to decide who to use to review my blog, the fact that blogging concentrated looks at more than just the blog going into social media sites as well plus the memorial sale (not going to lie this thrifty lady loves a sale) are what made me decided on Blogging Concentrated. It made a huge difference to how I think through what to add to the blog, what to spend time fixing and what to leave as is.

  2. This is great, Victoria. I have noticed your blog growing a ton over the last few months! I love all of your content too! I took a break from blogging (for 4 months) and when I came back it was fun to see how several of the bloggers I was familiar with were taking off! Now I need to play catch up, lol! I am taking the Elite Blog Academy course and am finding that was worth every penny as well. My progress is VERY slow and steady with taking care of four very young children and another part time job, but I have enjoyed refining my message and seeing that resonate with readers. I never thought of paying for an in-depth blog review but it seems like something that would definitely be worth it, especially with the results you have seen. Awesome job!

    • Thanks, and I love your sites new look and your Mom2Mom link up on Monday, is great. I always have people popping over from there.

  3. Hey hey,

    Thanks for such a nice article. I’m not sure what to say. It’s just so nice.

    I really like that you’re making more money. Our biggest threat is burn-out. . . and for most it is because they are not seeing enough income to reduce the work load. We hope for the best for you.

    Dan and Rachel

    • Thanks for such a detailed blog review. I agree, with the burnout threat. My issue is that blog work is never done. Which is kind of ironic because one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place was to have work beyond housework that stayed finished. What I write does stay finished unlike the laundry but there is always something more I could do. I often stop blogging at the end of the day thinking, I really need to do ….., oh and I should tweak…….., I think I could earn more if I just ……. I have learned to just write the stuff all down and then tell myself I have this much time to blog in I will do what makes the most difference in that time, and be happy with that. This really helps me put the computer away and take a break and interact with family, and be okay with what I did get done.

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