Daily Life Captured: Winter Fun


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homemade-nativity-backdrop1. Christmas Gift

My husband surprised me Christmas morning with a handcrafted by him wooden backdrop for my Willow Tree nativity scene. I LOVE IT!

battleship2. Favorite Game Given

My daughter loves games so when I saw a chance to snag a few printable coupons and combine them with a sale at Target, I gave them to the boys to help them purchase a few for her for Christmas, so far Battleship is my favorite one to play with her.

first-light-snowfall3. First Sort Of Significant Snow Fall

We now have way more snow than what you see in this photo, but this is a picture of the first real snowfall of the season that made Christmas day a glimmer of white and a lot of green (since most of it had melted by then)

dog-on-child's-bed4. Dog Prefers To Stay Inside

While my daughter loves playing outside in the white stuff, our family dog would much prefer all the comforts of home indoors.

sugar-cookie-house-party5. Sugar Cookie House Decorating Party

Our annual cookie party is getting smaller and smaller each year as the children get bigger and bigger. The cookies are doing the opposite, they were once regular size, then giant now enormous, but oh so fun to decorate.

sugar-cookie-stars6. More Sugar Cookies

Since I only made one big cookie per child and only a handful of small ones to enjoy the day of the party my children and husband whined and complained that they did not get  their fill of my sugar cookies, so I gave in and made a double batch a few days before Christmas.

knitted-christmas-tree7. Knitted Christmas Tree Ornament

I realized the night before our Sunday school class Christmas party that the gift exchanged had a Christmas ornament theme. Not wanting to run out to the store, I hopped on Pinterest and found a photo of an adorable knitted Christmas tree ornament, problem was it had no instructions: turns out that wasn’t a big deal as I managed to piece mine together in just under 2 hours using a bit of experimentation and prayer.

box-of-chocolates8. Life’s A Box Of Chocolates

These yummy treats arrived one day by mail. The kids and I were good and saved 2 of my husbands favorites for when he got home, but we polished off the rest of the box in just 2 days.

new-locker-hooking-project9. New Locker Hooking Project

I sold all but one of my locker hooking projects from last year to my husband’s co-workers. Now it’s time to restock for this year’s Christmas season.

daily-devotional10. Daily Devotional

I found this page of my daily devotional very convicting and thought provoking. I spent some good time in prayer and reflection while reading both sides of the page.

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  1. That sugar house looks pretty! We got snow on Christmas, too – but we are in north TX, so it was all melted by Friday.

    • We haven’t gotten any more snow since the two huge snowfalls we got last week just days apart but it is so cold it is not going anywhere.

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