Daily Life Captured: February 2013


Welcome to Daily Life Captured a ten picture peek into what our family has been up to this month.

ice skating

My man rocks on ice-skates. Oh and that figure holding onto the wall that is my daughter, she let go shortly after this pic. and got her ice legs.

We spent one week of February on a Staycation.  We spent $550 on 6 days of activities and a meal out daily for our family of five. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken.


My son celebrated 17 years of life. He spent some of his birthday money on a Big Joe Lumin Lounger I love these chairs, they have a zipper so you can add more beans and are made with an easy to wipe fabric, plus they are super comfy. My middle son decided to get one too.


Once we got back to school my daughter and I realized we only have 2 more weeks left of Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 before we can move on to Zoology 2. As much as we love these science books, we are anxiously awaiting being done with bugs and insects and all things creepy.


That is my son running his first 6 mile run. I love that boy. Oh and that is my view as we run together..well…sort of as you can tell he runs ahead of me.

sandiskLater that same week the weather turned cold again and I was forced to run on the dread tread. To make matters worse I forgot my beloved Sandisk Sansa Clip Mp3 player  which made for a very long 3 mile run.


During my warm up and cool downs of my dread tread runs I have been reading Pocket Your Dollars by Carrie Rocha who writes at pocketyourdollars.com and I love it. I recently finished the book, here is my review.

coffepicI have discovered as of late that I love bringing in a real mug to Starbucks, not only is it one more way to reduce the costs of Starbucks (you save 10 cents when you bring your own cup) but the coffee tastes even more amazing! This cup was enjoyed with a friend in celebration of her birthday.


The mug is also used at home filled with my favorite green tea as an energy source for my at home writing day. Starbucks is my second office, this set up is my current first office.


When I am finished writing  on Saturdays this is the food that greets me. My husband has taken our homemade bread machine recipe to a whole new level. When friends come over they tell him he needs to open up his own pizza place, it is that good. I am one lucky lady.


Before you think my man does all the baking and cooking around here let me remind you I bake and cook for the family Monday through Friday which includes baking all our bread machine products and most of our snacks and all our meals. To fit it in I have discovered workable short cuts like this faster way to make cookies from scratch.

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