Curing My Mom Uniform Look and Preventing Closet Overflow


Last month I read the e-book Frumps To Pumps by Sarah Mae, and was convicted about my mommy uniform (the e-book is free when you subscribe to her blog).

Immediately after for 20 days in April I participated in “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home” in which every day the first assignment of every day read:

Get dressed in something that makes you feel great there’s something about dressing in clothes that make you feel great that just gives you more energy and zest for life!”.


Jeans (with just a tiny bit of stretch) and a plain t-shirt, are comfortable but they don’t exactly “give me more energy and a zest for life”

Mid way through the challenge, I started to realize, I wore simple jeans and a simple t-shirt way more often than I was ever aware of and the words of Sarah Mae

” I want my children to see their mama looking half-decent during the day. I want them to know that they are worth looking nice for, that their father is worth looking nice for, and that I am worth looking nice for”. (found in Frump to Pumps)

were continually echoing in my head. Which brought me to the conclusion that I needed to implement a plan to upgrade my wardrobe in an affordable way from mommy uniform to mommy uniform with style.

Last Friday  I took the first step to accomplishing that goal. During my  “Me Party” I spent a few hours, hitting 2 different Goodwills in the town I was in. I came out with 4 tops that although might be made of t-shirt material have detailing of some sort that makes them feel and appear more dressy. I also picked out 4 summer skirts that make me feel more pretty than just your basic jean shorts, yet are still very comfortable and functional for my lifestyle.

Outfit one a black skirt matched with a grey Old Navy Spaghetti strapped tank top.

I already wore this outfit to church on Sunday. I love this color on me, I have never tried it before. I also love the detailing on the cotton skirt.I loved the skirt in this outfit I wore it twice this week (second time with a different top).

The outfit consists of another spaghetti strapped tank top by Old Navy with stitching in the neckline in dark brown (doesn’t show up at all in the picture). The skirt is by Ann Taylor and is made out of a soft jersey material.

The last navy tank top and creme skirt don’t really go together well but they go well with pieces I already have in my wardrobe. Total cost of my finds was just under $35 for all eight items.

I don’t plan to wear skirts every day, I am hoping during my next “Me Party” at goodwill to find a few pairs of nice capris or walking shorts. I am tall however, so finding capris and walking shorts with hem lines that hit at the right places is hard. Skirts however are easier to fit.

I didn’t just learn the importance of dressing well during the month of April but also the importance of taking minutes to clean a small mess rather than letting it build up to a larger one, so I practiced that lesson too by implementing a new wardrobe update rule.

“One in one out” a classic rule of organization but a good one that I had been neglecting.

It was mentally tough but took mere minutes. The  most time consuming part was finding a bin to store them in until the next ladies consignment sale .

How about you? Have you updated your look lately?

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  1. I’m actually in the process of doing this myself. I haven’t been able to go to Goodwill and take the time to sort through everything, but I’ve been scoring good deals at Target with their clothing coupons lately. I’ve been able to update my “t-shirt” collection with much cuter and better fitting shirts. Some even cross over into the “business casual” category and I can wear them with slacks or a skirt to the classroom!


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