How To Create A Backyard Photo Booth Using A Common Backyard Item

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Sometimes the best ideas come from last minute inspiration–like when a get together with friends turns into a birthday party. That is exactly how the idea for our backyard photo both was created.

How to create a backyard photo booth using a common backyard item.

You see, this year my daughter’s birthday party kind of morphed out of a get together with her friends. A friend that had recently moved away was going to be back in town for the weekend. A group of her friends were planning to meet up at our house for a pool party when it hit me–my daughter’s birthday was just days after. Why not change the gathering to a birthday party so her out of town friend could attend it?

And so a pool party became a birthday party. The next day my daughter had a friend over and they began to plan all the fun things they could do at the party. A photo booth was mentioned and I couldn’t help but think of the  large yard sale found frames I had sitting in the attic waiting for my husband to finally finish drywalling the wall I want to display them on. I have big plans for a chalkboard and a photo display frame–but that is another project.

I was racking my brain as to how to use these frames as a photo both when I looked out the window into the backyard and saw a sadly neglected piece of playground equipment in a whole new light!

DIY backyard photo booth.

How To Create A Backyard Photo Booth Using A Common Backyard Item

My husband has already converted the playground equipment into a place to hang a giant screen for outdoor summer movies. He made the screen out of white cotton sheeting material that he sewed together (I think there are 3 panels of fabric in total) and then created a pocket for a steel rod to slide through at the top and bottom.

Hanging the back drop for the DIY photo booth,

He hangs up the movie screen using twine that he loops through a cup hook at both the top and the bottom of the screen.

Securing the bottom of the DIY photo both backdrop.

This screen is a hit with my teenagers and their friends for late night summer movies and video game playing–I am sure the neighbors LOVE us (insert sarcastic tone of voice).

I knew at once the screen would also make a great backdrop for a DIY photo booth. I assumed that I could just hang the frames from the hooks that normally hold the swings for when the playground goes from a movie screen back to a playground.

My husband pointed out my error. There would be no room for anyone to stand behind the frames.

Two sets of clamps held the picture frames for our DIY photo booth.

It took him all of about 10 minutes of his out of the box thinking to come up with a solution. He grabbed 3 wood clamps, clamped them to the top of the playground and hung the frames from them.

He also found some plastic tent pegs we had hanging around and used those to secure the frames from the bottom.

Hanging the frames for the DIY photo booth.

I was going to just use what we had to hang the frames, but my husband suggested we use something that would be less visible–he is so smart.  He purchased some fishing wire and hung the frames using that.

He did have to play with the position of the wire a few times so that they hung straight, but the end result was great.


Photo both props.

We finished off the photo booth area with a table full of props from the box of costumes we keep in the attic for Halloween. I also let my daughter pick out a few items at the community wide yard sale we went to the day before her party.

Playing around with the DIY backyard photo booth.

I think it is easy to see that the photo booth was a hit with the girls! They took photos of each other for at least half an hour straight. Out the dozens of photos I snapped, this one was my favorite!

All together the only expense we had in creating this photo booth was the fishing wire and the few yard sale props we found–less than ten dollars total. Yet another great example of the thrifty power of out of the box thinking!

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  1. This would seriously be so fun to make & take photos with! Thanks for the DIY pinned & hope I can make one

    • Victoria says:

      It was a lot of fun. We plan to get it out again for our 4th of July party. Thanks for sharing and I hope you get to try it out.

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