10 Simple Ways To Earn Gift Cards With Swagbucks

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Want to earn gift cards each month without spending hours on the computer doing it? Swagbucks can help you do just that. Swagbucks offers many simple ways to earn SB points that you can cash in for gift cards. Some of the ways to earn are for things you probably do online now without earning a cent–like online shopping and web searches.

10 simple ways to earn gift cards with Swagbucks. Earn gift cards each month doing things you already do online.

10 Simple Ways To Earn Gift Cards With Swagbucks

I have written several Swagbucks plans in the past, such as How To Get $25 Each Month To Spend On Cool Summer Treats Using Swagbucks, and although they are helpful to my readers they do get outdated pretty fast since Swagbucks is continually changing how many SB points they offer for each way to earn points as well as adding new ways to earn and getting rid of others.

So today I want to concentrate on the different ways to earn Swagbucks and let you decide which ones work for you and which ones you simply want to pass on. Depending on just how many ways to earn you implement you could earn anywhere from $10 to $25 or more with Swagbucks (I have some readers that tell me they earn $100 each month with Swagbucks)

What I suggest you do is first sign up for a Swagbucks account, and then set aside a good 30 minutes to explore each and every area of the Swagbucks homepage (on your laptop or desktop computer) including those areas explained below, and then decided which ones you think you could easily fit into your daily online habits.

1. Perform Web Searches

Swagbucks offers random SB points for web searches done through either their SwagButton or home page. You can currently download their web button to the web browser of your choice by scrolling down your Swagbucks homepage to the bottom where you will see the “Swagbucks” heading, under it is written “extension” there you will find all the information you need about the SwagButton.

These random winnings can add up significantly depending on how often you search, even though they are generally only 5 SB to 25 SB each time.

2. Shop Online

Swagbucks offers cash back in the form of SB points for online purchases at a wide variety of stores. All you need to do to earn it is to have the SwagButton installed on your web browser.

The SwagButton will automatically notify you if the website you are visiting offers cash back for shopping. If it does, then you can activate the Swagbucks Shop & Earn opportunities with the click of a button, right from the store’s website.

If you prefer not to download the SwagButton you can still earn cash back through Swagbucks by going to their homepage and entering the store you want to shop at into the search area. If the store of your choice does offer cash back through Swagbucks, you will see a box pop up that says “shop now” with the percentage of the cash back you will earn listed below.

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3. Do The Daily Poll

Scroll down your Swagbucks homepage and you will find a “to do list”. Under it you will find “Daily Poll”. Click on it and then answer the poll question and earn one SB. Super quick and simple!

4. Enter Swag Codes

Swag Codes can be entered into the Swag code box found at the top of your Swagbucks home page. They are usually just a few SB points each but every little bit adds up and this point earning action is so quick and simple.

If you have the SwagButton you will receive special Swag Code notices through it. Simply copy and paste the Swag Code into the Swag Code box to get your SB points. You can get more Swag Codes through liking and following the Swagbucks page on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

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  5. Play Games

Hit the “play” tab found on the side of your Swagbucks home page and scroll down to the bottom of it. There you will find the free to play Swagbuck games that do not have in app purchases, yet offer SB points when you play them.

6. Answer Surveys

Answering surveys can be very time consuming, but they are usually full of  “few brain cells required” questions so you can easily multitask them. You could do them while watching TV, or sipping your morning coffee.

What I like about the survey section of Swagbucks is that it they provide a time estimate of how long the survey should take to complete. This really helps you pick the surveys that match the time you have available.

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7. Scroll Through Featured Offers

Featured offers are found under the “discover” tab on your Swagbucks homepage. These change fairly frequently, meaning you can usually find one or two simple offers each week or so that don’t require too much time and effort to complete.

8. Use The Apps

You can find the complete listing of apps that offer SB points when you scroll down to the bottom of your Swagbucks homepage under the heading “Swagbucks”.

Many of these apps contain short video clips that you receive SB points for watching. I haven’t used these in a while, but when I did I noticed that you could simply get the videos running and then check on the phone every few minutes to make sure they were going. Providing the app doesn’t pause, you could earn the daily limit with very little effort.

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9. Buy Gift Cards

Scroll down your Swagbucks homepage and under the heading “Ways To Earn” you will find a link to MyGiftCardsPlus. Click on it and you will be taken to the the MyGiftCardsPlus website where you can earn a SB point cash back on gift cards (electronic ones).

This is a way to stack the discounts as you can buy a gift card at MyGiftCardsPlus and earn SB points through your purchase and then when you go to use your gift card, you can earn more SB points if your store is offered in the Swagbucks Shop & Earn program.

10. Refer Friends

Once you get the hang of earning Swagbucks and are hooked on earning gift cards each and every month doing things you already do online as well as other simple no brainer ways to earn you are going to want to share Swagbucks with your friends.

When you do, make sure to use the handy referral link that Swagbucks gives you in the “refer and earn” section found at the top of your Swagbucks home page. When you do you will be rewarded. Currently Swagbucks gives you 10% of your friends’ earnings for life!

If you are already a Swagbucks member, what is your favorite way to earn SB points? Share it with me in the comments section.

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Earn PayPal Cash With These 12 Websites & Apps

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You have probably heard that you can earn gift cards through websites and apps, but perhaps you don’t shop at the places the gift cards are offered for. Don’t let that stop you from earning money doing things you already do in your daily life through these types of websites and apps because many programs offer PayPal cash out options so that you can then take your earnings and spend them on whatever you want wherever you want.

Earn PayPal deposits using these websites and apps. Real cash you can spend on what you want.


These programs will pay you to use them while you shop for groceries, eat at restaurants, search the web, answer surveys and more. You won’t earn a significant amount at each app or website, but a little earned through this app plus a little earned through that website can add up over time to a nice stash of cash.

Earn PayPal Cash With These 12 Websites & Apps

Apps that will give you cash for grocery shopping & more


You can use the Ibotta app to earn cash back on both in-store and online purchases from everything from milk to movie tickets to daily deal offers.

Go here to sign up for Ibotta

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use Ibotta, some information is outdated but the app still works the same)


My two favorite things about MobiSave is that you can use it wherever you shop and you get paid within a day of entering your purchases regardless of how much you earned. So if you claim just a $0.50 offer you will get your money for it, you don’t have to wait until it equals a high sum to ask for a cash out.

Go here to sign up for MobiSave. Enter my referral code OGHHUVPZ into the promo code area.

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use MobiSave)


If someone in your household is gluten intolerant or if you eat a real foods diet, then you are going to want to sign up for BerryCart–an app that offers cash backs on gluten-free foods as well as organics and real foods.

Go here to sign up for BerryCart

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use BerryCart)

Receipt Hog

No need to claim rebates with Receipt Hog, just scan your receipt into the app to earn either coins or spins which will soon add up to a cash out. This app works at grocery stores, clothing stores, department stores and even some chain fast food restaurants.

Go here to sign up for Receipt Hog

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use Receipt Hog)

Websites that will give you cash for shopping at your favorite stores


Most cash back sites have a minimum payout threshold–TopCashBack does not. The moment your cash back is in your account you can claim your cash out no matter how small it is. TopCashBack offers cash backs at a variety of different stores online.

Go here to sign up for TopCashBack


The selection of stores that you can earn cash backs through at Ebates is amazing and they often offer higher than normal cash back value days.

Go here to sign up for Ebates

Websites that will give you cash for filling out surveys


What I love about MintVine is that they tell you exactly how long a survey should take before you get into it and I’ve found that that time is fairly accurate. I also like that their pre-screening process is fairly short and often you get something for your time even if you didn’t make it into the survey. Plus their cash out threshold is just $10 so you don’t have to wait forever to get paid.

Go here to sign up for MintVine

(here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use MintVine)

Paid Viewpoint

No pre-screening, paid for every survey, $15 cash out threshold–those are the things I like about PaidViewpoint.

Go here to sign up for Paid Viewpoint

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use Paid Viewpoint)

Websites that will give you cash to search the web, shop, answer surveys, watch videos & more


Swagbucks is like an all-inclusive road stop…except for people who want to earn gift cards (or PayPal cash) instead of truck drivers in need of gas and food. There are over 20 ways to earn points. My favorite ones are the ones where you can earn points for things you already do online, like using their toolbar for entering web searches, I earn several points each and every day for just that action.

Go here to sign up for Swagbucks

(Here is a tutorial I wrote for those that are unfamiliar with Swagbucks, it is a bit outdated but most of the information still applies)


PrizeRebel offers nine different ways to earn points with the major way being surveys. PayPal deposits begin at just $5 .

Go here to sign up for PrizeRebel

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use PrizeRebel)


I prefer to cash out my InstaGC points for other types of gift cards and not PayPal simply because they charge a 20 point fee for a cash out, but if you don’t cash out often and you are saving up cash for something the InstaGC PayPal payout is a great option to help you reach your goal faster.

Go here to sign up for InstaGC

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use InstaGC)


MyPoints was the first point rewards program I ever sign up for. That was well over 10 years ago now and I am still an active member. My favorite ways to earn points with MyPoints is through their click through emails. When they send you an email it will often say “5 points for going to…” and when you do you earn 5 points. It is quick and simple and those points add up over time.

Go here to sign up for MyPoints

(Here is a tutorial I wrote on how to use MyPoints)

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4 Flexible Ways To Earn Money As A Stay At Home Mom

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Being a stay at home mom is a tough job. It isn’t without its sacrifices and one major one for most families is the sacrifice of income.

Many families look for ways for moms to work at home to reduce some of the financial pressure.

My family has done just that. In the 21 years I have been a stay at home mom I have worked various jobs out of our home to help our family’s finances.  One thing that has remained consistent about my income sources as a stay at home mom though is that they have all been extremely flexible so that I could truly put family above job.

4 Flexible Ways to Earn Money as a Stay at Home Mom.

4 Flexible Ways to Earn Money as a Stay at Home Mom

I personally have experience with 3 of the 4 ideas below. While my children were babies and toddlers I earned $50 a month with idea number one. When my children were preschoolers I earned enough to pay for swimming and soccer for my children with idea number two. When my children became teenagers I started my blog (idea #4) and after many years of working at it whenever I can I now earn a full-time income.

You can see that as my stage of motherhood changed so did my choice of income generation. The main reason for this is the time I have available to devote to paid work has grown as my children have grown. In each stage I picked the side job that suited the time windows I had for working best.

18+ Point Programs That can Help you Earn $50 a Month or More in Gift Cards!I am constantly testing out companies and sharing the best ones with you!

1. Survey Companies, Cash back Apps and Point Reward Companies

You won’t get rich filling out surveys, watching videos for points, or taking time to load receipts into cash back apps, but you can earn enough each month to be able to afford a much needed date night, or money to fuel your favorite hobby.

The best thing about taking the time to mess with these companies is that the work is so flexible. About to wash the dishes? prop your smartphone up on the window sill in front of the sink and get those videos running to earn points as you clean up. Watching TV? Answer survey questions in the commercials. Going shopping? Upload your receipts to apps that will give you points in return when you are done.

As I said above, when I did this I earned an average of $50 a month, but with all the new programs out there since I was a new mom I think it is possible to earn $100 a month with a bit of strategy.

Articles to help you pick the best programs and earn the most gift cards possible:

Top 3 picks in point reward programs:

10 Tips for Successfully Selling on eBay.eBay is one I made money reselling when my kids were little

2. Reselling First Your Own Stuff & Then Others

Do you love yard sale shopping? Thrift store shopping? If you do, reselling your finds might just become a great side income for your family.

Start first with what you have and no longer need. This will give you a feel for what things are really worth and where your talent lies. Some people are great at selling toys while others do better selling clothing.

Reinvest the money you make selling your own stuff into buying things up at yard sales or thrift store specifically to resell.

How much you make is really dependent on what you can find to resell as well as how much time you can devote to reselling items.

Visit my reselling page for tips to help get you started.

4 Flexible Ways to Earn Money as a Stay at Home Mom.

3. Crafts

If you have a creative streak, there are people out there that might just pay for your creations. Before you begin do a bit of research into the market for your item as well as where to best sell it. Start with just a small amount of inventory to test the waters and then build up.

How to Run a Profitable Blog That Doesn't Take Over Your LifeTips for  balancing blogging and family life

4. Blogging

Regardless of what you might have read around the internet, blogging is not an instant income earner. Sure there are some who go from pennies an hour to full time income in just 12 months, but they are the exception. However, if you can devote 15 to 20 hours a week to building a blog, over time you can go from pennies an hour to part-time income to full-time income.

I know because I have done it. Now, “full-time” income is of course a pretty general term. Your idea of what that is might differ than mine. For me it means earning at least the same as a minimum wage earner in my State earns for a 40 hour work week.

What I love about blogging is that I earn that full time income in less than 40 hours a week and I can work around my son’s soccer games, my daughter’s various activities, and if my husband should get a surprise day off I can take the day off too. That makes blogging 100% worth the hours and hours I poured into it for pennies an hour when I started.

Want to Start Your Own Blogging Journey?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Pick a domain name (blog name) and register it: I personally use Go Daddy.  This is so simple and inexpensive to do. Go Daddy often runs sales where you can register your domain name (blog name) for as little as .99 cents.
  2. Pick a Web Host: I started out with BlueHost. It costs as little as $5.95 a month.
  3. Get started on WordPress.org: I started with a free WordPress template and saved up money until I could afford Genesis with the Prose child theme.
  4. Start blogging: I simply jumped right in  (Yep, that is my first post. It makes me cringe, but I did it). I learned as I went and I don’t regret it.

(and if you want to earn money from your blog check out this post)

These 4 ideas are just that–ideas. They are meant to inspire you to start thinking about what might work for your current motherhood season, your family and your talents and passions. Take some time to brainstorm what might work for you and then dive in and start working at it. You won’t know what will work until you try.

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