My Favorite DIY Granite Countertop Cleaner

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When my husband and I were renovating out current home that we bought for just under $10,000 one of many areas that got completely gutted and redone was the kitchen.

It was so much fun designing and picking out supplies for the kitchen. I of course kept things thrifty but one area I felt would be worth the splurge would be getting a solid surface counter top.

My favorite DIY Granite Countertop cleaner that makes my counters shine

I was willing to do tile so that my husband could install it and we could save money on both supplies and labor. I first picked out a plain cream ceramic  tile, perfectly functional and inexpensive but not really what I wanted. A day later though when we were once again in the hardware store there was my dream tile, a grey  granite with white and black flecks. Best part, it was priced lower than the tile that I bought the day before that wasn’t granite,  because there wasn’t enough left for a major project.

It took me all of 10 seconds  to convince my husband to let me return yesterday’s so so tile find for that day’s amazing find.

Years later I still love it, but my husband, well he likes the granite but he hates his tile job. His skills have grown and now he hates seeing where it is a bit uneven or not quite square. I tell him stop fussing it is fine.

One thing I did notice very quickly about the granite though is that although it is hard wearing in many ways it does stain. I wanted something natural, and inexpensive to take care of those stains with. After all I didn’t want to spend as much on the cleaners over time as I did on the amazing counter tile itself. Plus a lot of cleaners trigger my headaches, not fun.

Somewhere on Pinterest, I am not sure where I found a pin where the blogger was using hydrogen peroxide to get stains out of her granite. I Googled it to make sure that it was indeed safe to use on granite and found that several sources said  that as long as you are using it no more than once or maximum twice a week  to give your granite a good cleaning and remove stains it is okay, otherwise you should clean your granite counter tops with simple hot water and soap.

I also found out that you should use no more than 12% strength hydrogen peroxide, any stronger and you could damage your granite.

How to use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from your granite countertops

I bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for a whopping .60 cents at my local discount grocery store, placed it in a small spray bottle from the dollar store and gave it a try. It did indeed get rid  of the stains and left my granite countertops shining. I was hooked and it has been my favorite DIY granite countertop cleaner ever since.

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How To Erase Coffee & Tea Stains From Mugs

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Today I am exposing a dirty little secret about my husband. Don’t worry I asked permission and he said he didn’t care. Probably because he sees nothing wrong with his habit and I on the other hand think it is gross.

dirty to clean in 30 seconds or less

Several years ago for my birthday my husband surprised me with 2  Starbucks mugs, one a 20 ounce vinti for me and a 16 oz grande for him. I loved them so much that later in the day we bought another pair using some Swagbucks earned gift cards I earned.

We have used those mugs almost every day since then and mine stay sparkling white while his are always full of stains from his earl grey tea. I have shown him numerous times this trick I am about to share with you and raved about how quick and simple it is and yet he just rolls his eyes and says “who cares”.

I tried explaining that a sparkling clean cup really does make the tea taste better, and he simply laughs and says “whatever”. Funny thing is usually it is me who is the messy in our relationship. You should see the man sweep and mop laminate floors. Once he is done it is so clean I can use it as a mirror!

He does wash his mug with soap and water, he just doesn’t use my quick method to remove the stains. I am guessing he knows that it bugs me so much that eventually I will just do it for him, like I know that if I don’t sweep he will because it really bugs him to walk on crumbs where as me ……not so much.

How To Remove Tea And Coffee Stains In Under 30 Seconds

How to erase tea & coffee stains from a mug in less than 30 secondsErasing these coffee & tea stains is simple and requires ingredients 99.9 % of homes have in their cupboards right now. Not that I did a formal poll or anything but I know that these ingredients are common to just about all households.

ingredients needed to remove coffee stains from mugsTo remove a minor stain all you really need is the baking soda  and some dish soap but when you (or your hubby) have let tea and coffee stains get really bad it helps to add a bit of vinegar.

  1. Take dirty mug over  to your kitchen sink
  2. Dump 1 tablespoon baking soda into bottom of mug
  3.  Add a drop or two of dish soap
  4. Add a drop of vinegar
  5.  Fill  mug half way with warm water
  6.  Scrub sides of mug with a kitchen cloth

And in less than 30 seconds your mug will be sparkling clean.

How to keep your favorite mugs sparkling cleanLooking for more tips to solve common everyday problems? Follow my Problem Solved board on Pinterest.

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A Picture From Our Week: Grass Stains Be Gone

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My son had an amazing day with friends last Saturday. One of the activities they enjoyed was playing airsoft wars. Some time during the war my son managed to get a really large grass stain on one knee of his jeans.

how to get out set in grass stainsHe waited several days to show me the grass stain, and when he did it was already so late at night, I didn’t have the energy to do something about it right then, because frankly I thought at 48 hours old the stain was probably a lost cause anyways and not worth getting my nose out of my book after a long day to try and remove it.

grass stainBy morning I was full awake and ready to attack the stain. I remembered from my mustard stain experiment how well super washing soda had worked and decided to start soaking my son’s jeans in a basin of water with about 3/4 of a cup of super washing soda mixed in.

soaking jeansThey soaked for 48 hours. Why 48 hours of soaking? Well 12 hours  would have  been long enough, but things got hectic and I forgot about them for 2 days.

When I was about to throw them in the laundry I realized there was still a small amount of grass stain left.  I rubbed some Tide in the stain and tossed it in the laundry.

I could only see a faint trace of a stain when I took them out of the wash, so I tried one more trick. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had read that drying clothes in the sun will fade grass stains. Sure enough it worked and not a trace of the grass stain is left.

no grass stains

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Free Printable Snail Pacing Goal Sheets: And How I Plan Out My Days

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how I plan my days and weeksAs much as I love my iPod, iPad and laptop, I am not a high tech planner. I am a paper planner type of gal. I am also not much of a household binder type of gal. Oh I tried a bunch of them out there, but I always go back to two of my favorite items, my clipboard and my yellow pad.

My clipboard recently got an update a few months back when I saw someone on Pinterest  using a grid system with post it notes for their blogging goals and the wheels in my head started turning as to all the different ways I could implement such a simple system. (turns out I did not pin the pin and could not find it searching Pinterest otherwise I would share link)

After several months of tweaking I finally have a daily and weekly goal setting system that is really working for me. It is simple and plain, but it allows me to snail pace my way through out my week, without feeling overwhelmed. If you would like to give it a try, there are links to PDF files at the end of this post that you can click through and print off for your own use.

my weekly blogging to do list1. My Weekly Blogging To Do List

Either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning I sit down and write out exactly what I want to get done on the blog this coming week. The plan pretty much looks fairly similar week after week. I site down once a month with a spiral college lined notebook in hand and first brain storm posts for the entire month. Once I am done brainstorming I rough draft out all the posts in that same spiral college lined notebook.

( I am keeping track of monthly  blog stats and earnings using a sheets I found in Ruth’s free Blog Planner  over at Living Well Spending Less, that I keep in a small binder)

my daily goal list2. My Daily Goal List

On the top of my clipboard is my daily goal list, which is laminated so I can use it over and over.  Weekdays afternoons when I am done with blogging and am moving on to household chores I take time to write down 4 things on post it notes that I want to get done in my home work part of the day. On weekends I do this in the morning and the to do squares tend to be more blogging than housework based.I place each post it note in its own square and when I finish it I get great satisfaction of pulling it off and seeing white space.

I usually always have more than 4 things I want to get done, so I write the rest of the things down on what I call my brain dump sheet (more on that later).

If I get all 4 things done (which is rarely) I then go ahead and write out 4 more things on post it notes from my brain dump sheet and start working through those points.

Looking at just 4 things to do at once helps me from becoming overwhelmed. I should also note if one of the things is a large type project I might break it down further. For instance if you look at the picture above you will notice one of my goals this day was laundry, which I broke down into, washing, drying, and putting away (my kids fold). This is so I get the satisfaction of crossing off each step of the process.

The verse at the bottom of both my daily and weekly goal list sheets is one that keeps me calm when the day or week does not go at all as I planned.

my weekly goal list3. My Weekly Goal List

Under my daily goal list is my weekly goal list which is also laminated for reuse.If you are a regular reader you know that I set just 3 goals for each week, so why 4 squares? First, it is because I wanted to save work and use the same grid over again (I am a bit lazy) and second because I like using the 4th square each week to remind myself a yearly goal I am working on, such as reading a book a week, that I am trying to succeed at making a habit.

my yearly goal list4. Yearly Goal List

Under my weekly goal list is my goal list for 2014. I put this list in a sheet protector so that as the year goes by I can make notes on it or alter in on the computer and print out a new one if  I am finding a new goal is taking priority over one I set earlier in the year. For instance, on year I got injured in running so my goal of doing a full marathon that year had to be scratched an a new goal of rest and recovery took its place.

my brain dump list5. My brain dump list

The last piece of paper on my clipboard is my brain dump list. I got this idea from “How To Handle 1000 Things at Once”. Every time I think of something I have to get done I write in down here. When I am making out my 4 post it notes of things to do today I glance at it to see what things are becoming top priority. When the list becomes full I rewrite it taking off things that either got done, or just don’t seem as important as I once thought (which is a lot of the list sometimes).

Other things you might find from time to time on my clipboard are: Bills that I need to pay promptly. Forms that I have to fill out. Letters I have to answer. Children’s sports schedules that I need to get on our family calendar.

This system is not fancy but it works for me…..and that is what is most important about a planning system: IT HAS TO WORK FOR YOU.

Free PDF of My Daily And Weekly Goal Planning Sheets

Daily Goal Planning

Weekly Goal Planning

These are 100% free but if you want to thank me you can do so by following me on Pinterest or Facebook

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Post update: I tweaked this system a while ago to suit my needs even better.

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3 Secrets To Keeping A House Clean In Less Time

3 secrets to keeping a house clean in less time

My home is not perfect. I will never be known for my amazing house cleaning skills.  However I don’t cringe when people drop by unannounced (although I do make a mad dash for the bathroom so I can quickly scrub the toilet and wipe down the sinks so that it is guest ready).

Truthfully on most days my home is within an hour of being what I would consider guest ready, as long as I keep up with the best 3  house cleaning secrets I have discovered.

1. Never move from one room to the next with empty hands.

If I am going from the bedroom upstairs to the laundry room in the basement to change the laundry, I look for dishes that I might be able to drop on the kitchen counter on my way to the basement or dirty clothes I could take the laundry room with me.

This can work for any house no matter what the size. If you are getting up to leave the room take a second to scan the room and see what you could bring with you and place closer to its actual home. Leaving the family room to go to the bathroom? Could you pick up the glass you just emptied and drop it on the kitchen counter on the way? Leaving the bedroom for the kitchen? Could you pick up yesterday’s clothes and drop them in the hamper on the way? NEVER LEAVE A ROOM EMPTY HANDED.

2. Use the little windows of time to clean

It took me a while to really get this tip. You see I use to be a “got to have time to complete the whole task or I am not going to attempt it at all “type person.  Since having 3 children however I have had an almost 90% recovery in this area and now know that every little minute counts when it comes to keeping the house clean because my chances of finding a large block of time to attack it are slim.

Are you all ready to leave for the gym and still have 5 minutes to spare? Clean the kitchen counters. Hamburger browning on the stove? keep an eye on it while you clean the fridge one shelf at a time. Helping a child with school work? set them up in your bedroom to work so you can answer questions  as you put away your clean clothes, make your bed and declutter the pile on your dresser.

3. Set aside at least 2, 10 to 15 minute time periods each day to put stuff away

I find this tip to be the most crucial in keeping on top of the house cleaning in our home. I usually have the children help too. I tend to do this once around noon and again around 5 or 6.

On days that I am really tired and don’t feel like tidying up I find setting the timer helps. I call the troops assign them a room or a task set the timer for 10 to 15 minutes and we all work together getting the house picked up until the timer goes off.

Here is a secret,  if I am really tired or if the mess is really bad, I close my eyes for a moment and imagine that someone just called saying they were going to drop by in 10 minutes. Then I set the timer for 10 minutes  and run around like mad women tossing clutter in a garbage bag, recycling in a box, dirty socks in a laundry bin and dishes in a dish bin. I carry the bins and bags from room to room working my magic and then when the timer goes off I give one children the dirty dishes to load in the dishwasher, another the laundry to take to the laundry room and the 3rd gets the garbage bag to take to the alley while I put the recycling away. (Crazy yes, but it works)

These 3 tips keep me  caught up on the day to day messes and that really is what makes up the bulk of housekeeping. Since I have three older children who help with the dishes, floors and folding of laundry, If I keep up with these 3 tips I rarely have to assign more than an hour or two each week  exclusively to  housecleaning.

Got any great housecleaning tips? I would love to hear them.

Looking for ways to keep your home clean and organized? Follow my How To Clean Tips Board and my Organization Board on Pinterest.

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Kissing Clutter Goodbye

kissing clutter goodbyeYou will notice I used the active tense of kiss in my title  and not the past tense. I have not yet completely kissed clutter goodbye. In fact I don’t know if I ever will, since what was once useful to me today can quickly become tomorrows clutter. I am however making improvements in how fast I kiss clutter goodbye.

Since clutter and cleaning are two things I want to improve in, I have read a lot of books and articles on kissing clutter goodbye. Here are 10 tips from my information gleaning that have stuck with me and have made the biggest impact on reducing both my clutter piles and my cleaning time.

10 Ways I am Kissing Clutter Goodbye

1. Unsubscribe

Electronic clutter is to me sometimes more stressful than household clutter. I want to spend my time keeping my home clean not emptying my email box . Here are three tips that help me spend less time on emails.

A.I don’t subscribe to many newsletters, instead I put blogs I like in my bloglovin feed

B. I  keep 3 separate email addresses one for personal, one for work and one for daily deals and freebies that asked for my email. This helps me stay on task when I enter my email. If I want to write my sister I know to go my personal account, if I want to do blog work, I go to my work account, If I want to see what the deals are that day I go to my deal address.

C. Use little moments here and there to empty junk mail. When I am waiting in line in a place that has free Wi-fi (remember I don’t own a smart phone) I take the time to go through my junk mail address on my iPod and empty those emails that are junk.

2. Get the whole family involved

Work at getting your kids to sort through their stuff on a regular basis. Put a giveaway box in a centralized location that everyone knows about and encourage your kids to place items they no long play with or wear in it. You could perhaps even set a family reward for each time a box is filled, such as extra media time, or a special afternoon snack.

3. Go label happy

In my last home I went crazy for a few weeks with a labeler and it really did make a difference as everyone knew where everything belonged and so no one could use the excuse “I did not put it away because I wasn’t sure where it went”. I really need to make time and do this with our current home.

4. A set time each day to put things away

I put things away twice a day, once during our homeschooling lunch hour and once while I am making dinner. If I get busy and skip either one of these times the house looks like a tornado went through it in no time.

5. Ask these three questions before you buy anything

A. Where will you store it?

B. How much of your time is it going to require for upkeep?

C. Do you already own something similar that your not utilizing?

6.Toss multiples 

When we shop without a list, or are given hand me downs or gifts often we begin to collect multiples. Do you really need 5 black shirts? Do you really need 6 flat head screw drivers? Do you really need 6 books on running a marathon? Pick your favorite (I will be generous pick 2) and then toss the rest in the give or sell pile.

7. Get tips from those that inspire you

I have several friends who have just the right amount of clutter in their homes (because truly is there really such a think as a clutter free home) and I am constantly observing their house cleaning and organizing habits.

I also have a few bloggers that inspire me to keep tossing such as Ruth at Living Well Spending Less and Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

8. Hold an annual or semi-annual yard sale, Craigslist blitz, or Facebook selling spree

When we lived in a stellar yard sale area I use to have a yard sale at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season. Our current home is not in a great yard sale area so I now host a Craigslist blitz once a year and several Facebook selling sprees throughout the year.

I set a goal trip, either an overnight or a day trip and then go through the house and put everything I want to sell in a pile, clean it up, take pictures, measurements of it and then start listing.

9. Have a 6 months box

There is pure junk clutter and then there is sentimental clutter. The pure junk stuff is easy to toss, the stuff with memories attached not so easy. I make myself stick to a rule when it comes to sentimental clutter. If the item has collected dust and was found under a pile of stuff then did it really mean as much to me as I think it does? Usually I still want to keep the item  even after this question so I follow the 6 months rule. The item goes into a box with the current date marked on it if after 6 months I have not found a place in the house to display it or found a use for it the item needs to find a new home.

10. Give clutter boundaries

I mentioned this in my 10 ways to tame clutter post, but it is my favorite clutter tip that works best for how I am wired. I know I will never be 100% free of clutter. It is just not in my creative, pile loving nature to be entirely free of it.

If you saw all the piles of paper around me when I write some of you would be horrified yet I know what information is on each piece of paper and can tell you why I need it.

However I can’t stand my whole home being nothing but piles and piles of clutter. To put a limit on my piling nature I place baskets here and there around our home specifically for catching clutter and when they start to overflow I make it a goal for that week to go through them and get rid of the junk that has collected in them and place the other items back in their proper homes.

Want more tips on organizing your home and taming clutter? Follow my Organization Board on Pinterest

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all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)

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All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home: The Kitchen

my kitchen

Those dark spots on the cupboards are worn off paint spots. Repainting is yet another project I need to make a priority!

Above is what my kitchen looked like at 7 pm after I was done cleaning for the day. I started at 9 am and took probably close to 2 hours off for this and that during the day.

In that time I ………… sprinkles..took the entire contents out of each and every cupboard and wiped down the insides. This cupboard in the photo was the worst, somehow a container of Halloween sprinkles broke open and there were orange sprinkles everywhere.

cabinetI then took the time to really think what should go where and if I even needed the item or not which led to….

kitchen toss boxa full box of stuff to give to our local thrift store, plus I gave some loaf pans to fellow church member. So far during my “All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home Series” I have filled 6 of these banana boxes with items I will drop off  at the end of next week when I am all done organizing our home for Christmas. Some my find it weird, but I get a rush out of looking at those 6 boxes stacked up waiting to go to the thrift store, it spurs me on to get rid of more.

I also cleaned the outsides of the cupboards, the baseboards, the edging around the counter tops, the back splash, the fronts of all the appliances and the floor. I am so happy with the results.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)

10 Ways To Make Cash While Tossing Clutter

10 ways to make cash while tossing clutter

A really good motivator for me to declutter the house is to set a goal for what I can do with the cash I earn from selling my no longer needed items. For example this summer my husband and I paid cash for a camping trip for just the two of us. These goals make me more willing to part with my items as I am going to build memories by selling them instead of focusing on the days gone by that the items represent.

There are so many ways to make cash from tossing clutter here are 10 of my favorite ways and the posts in which I share tips in how to benefit the most from that cash making avenue.

10 ways to make cash from tossing clutter

10 tips for successfully selling in facebook buy and sell groups (small)1. Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Currently Facebook Buy & Sell Groups are one of my absolute favorite ways to convert clutter to cash fast. Sometimes it does take days to find a buyer but other times I have sold my items in less than 30 minutes.


gamestop-trade-in-program (small)2. Gamestop’s Trade In Program

If you use Gamestop’s trade in program you won’t get cash in your hand but you will get store credit. With two teenage boys in the house this is the fastest way for them to convert their old games they don’t play anymore into new games they will.

amazon trade in (smaller)

3. Amazon’s Trade In Program

If you love books and purchase and read current titles a great way to receive cash for new books is to take part in Amazon’s trade in program. It is easy and quick and you will receive payment in the way of Amazon gift card cash that you can spend on new books.

10 tips for a great yard sale (smaller)4. Yard Sales

If you want a large sum of cash quick, often your best way to go is to throw a yard sale. I have earned as much as $600 in one day off our tossed clutter by following my 10 tips. The more you toss the more you can earn.

using to feed your book habit for less (small)5. PaperBackSwap

Here is another avenue for book lovers. is PaperBackSwap . PaperBackSwap is a great way to trade in good shape books old or new for titles on your want to read list. Homeschoolers this is an good program for finding books on your children’s recommended reading lists that come with many curriculums.

5 tips for consignment store sucess (small)6. Consignment Stores

You might have to wait a while to get money from consignment store selling but your return will be greater than if you sold the items at a yard sale and best part, they find the customers for you.

advantages to selling your items at consignment sales (small)7. Consignment Sales

Consignment sales usually take place over 2 to 3 days and although they take a bit of prep work and perhaps a few hours of volunteering, the amount of money earned makes it all worth it.

tips for Successfully selling on Craigslist8. Craigslist

Once or twice  a year my husband and I throw a Craigslist blitz weekend and sell off our big items that we are no longer using. It is always well worth the time we put into taking pictures, posting and then dealing with emails, texts and phone calls.

10 tips for ebay (small)9. eBay

Typically after I attend our areas secondhand curriculum sale I post all the school books that didn’t sell on eBay and am able to sell them off.

the simplest way to make money selling items you no longer use (small)10. The Simplest Way I Know To Sell Your Stuff

By far my favorite way to sell my stuff is also the easiest way. My friends use to tell me all the time AFTER I sold stuff “oh I wish I had known you were going to sell your………..I would have bought it for that price”. Now I let them know first. 

Looking for more ways to earn cash from tossing clutter? Follow my Selling & Earning Tips Board on Pinterest.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)

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All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home: The Dining Room

dining room beforeAbove is what my dining room looked like Tuesday at 10 a.m.. With only a 2 hour window available in my day to clean it I have to admit my perfectionist side said  “forget it, there is no way I can deep clean this in 2 hours”. However, I let my improvement is better than nothing side win and was diligent and stayed focused on my goal of a clean and organized home by Christmas

I might not have been able to deep clean to perfection, but in 2 hours I got it looking a whole lot better.

dinning room afterIn 2 hours I got the main surfaces decluttered, all the base boards whipped down,the worst spots on the walls cleaned, cleaned behind all but one piece of furniture, got the floors swept and spot mopped and completely dusted the room.

Yes, my perfectionist side knows that the light fixture did not get cleaned, the items in the china cabinets did not get dusted, the curtains did not get cleaned, and there is that one piece of furniture that has who knows what lurking behind it; but my inching forward is better than nothing side is extremely pleased.

Oh, and if you are wondering why I left the puzzle and other things on the dining room table, well it was a school day so most of those items are school books. The puzzle is a new Christmas tradition I decided to start this year. My daughter loves puzzles so I thought each year I could challenge her with a huge Christmas themed puzzle that we could work on together.

What I did not think about was that puzzles that large sometimes take days if not weeks to put together when you do them a little here and there. I am thinking we could transfer the puzzle  to a card table. I just don’t know exactly where I would fit a folding card table considering I had to rearrange the entire library just to fit in the huge tree my family decided to cut this year (9 feet tall and so wide it  all 5 of us could barely hold hands around it).

My take away from cleaning the dining room in 2 hours: Don’t let perfectionism keep you from inching forward because any forward movement is better than no movement at all.

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)



10 Great Reasons To Toss Clutter

10 great reasons to toss clutter This post is a rebutttal of last weeks post 10 Reasons To Keep Clutter.  Those of you who followed my posts during the Clutter Busting Challenge, will recognize that it was shared originally in Day 18 of the challenge, but just like last weeks post I though it deserved a post all to itself.

10 Great Reasons To Toss Clutter

1. A clutter free home takes less time to clean: No piles to move out of your way before you can get to the dirt and dust.

2. Less clutter equals less stress: Some days just looking at my clutter I still have to deal with stresses me out.

3. A clutter free home is more welcoming: Nothing is more awkward and embarrassing than having to move three piles of clutter so you friends can sit in your living room when they pop in unannounced.

4. A clutter free home equals more time: When you have piles of clutter it takes longer to find what you need.

5. Nothing says I love you more than dealing with your stuff before you die: Yes this is a bit morbid, but take it from a person who knows, I love that my mother took the time to get her possessions down to a minimum before she passed away. It was one less thing to work on before I could get to fully grieving her. As a yard sale shopper I have seen way too many families drowning in their lost loved ones things, unable to get to grieving fully until the work is done.

6. A clutter free home is healthier: Dust builds up around and in clutter. Paper clutter attracts pests.

7.  A clutter free home is a home of a good steward: Hoarding an item until it no longer has value is not being a good steward; being a good steward is either giving the item away, or selling it  while it still has value to someone else.

8. A clutter free home is a safer home: Clutter piles can be tripping hazards, as well as falling hazards (as in the pile on the top shelf of the closet falls on the head of the one that opened the door).

9.  A clutter free home sells quicker: If you want to sell your home, you want it too look larger, and clutter shrinks the appearance of a room.

10. A clutter free home is more enjoyable: No panic if someone should drop by. No fear of falling clutter when you open the closet door. No dust to flare up your allergies. Key digging is a thing of the past. Cleaning is steps less.  Stress levels are dropped. All these things lead to a more enjoyable life.

 Want more tips on staying organized? Follow my Organization Board on Pinterest. 

all I want for christmas is an organized home (small)

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