Snapshot Thursdays: Welcome To My $10,000 Home


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This week Snapshot Thursdays is going to look a little different. I have joined the Keepin’ It Real Home Tour & Blog Hop. When I read that Sarah of My Joy Filled life was going to be doing a homemaking challenge that showed what our homes really looks like I knew I wanted in.

Welcome to our $10,000 home. Come on in and have a look around. Even if your not a blogger you can join in the fun on Instagram. The Instagram challenge is already a few days in but you can have fun checking the updates in the hashtag #KeepinItRealHomeTour and jump in for the few days that are left. You can check out my instagram updates as well here.

Keepin It Real Home Tour IG Challenge (sized)

Now on to…………

Welcome to Our $10,000 Home

  My Keeping it Real House Tour

I never want to be that blogger who makes it looks like she has is all together; because I  don’t. So today I am sharing what my home really looks like on a good day. I say a good day because my husband, the cleaning ninja of our family,  without knowing I was going to take these photos after I got home from a run surprised me by cleaning our home up while I was running with a friend.  So today’s tour will be a little neater than a normal day.

I want to mention 2 other things (besides an awesome husband)  that are helping my home stay a lot neater lately . One my 52 weeks to a simplified home, is making our  home easier and easier to pick up and make presentable. Two I am way past the toddler stage of life where everyone makes a mess and even if they do help clean it up they still make the mess again two minutes later, my kids are 12,14 and 19 and they help keep our home clean and keep it that way. Mom’s training your kids to help clean when they are little does pay off eventually trust me.

our front porch 2015 (near front door)This is the view you would receive as you stepped onto to our front porch and headed to our front door. That wicker couch, yard sale, the cushion, clearance. The lounge chair, thrift store, the cushion clearance sale. The table, left behind by a previous owner of our last house. The welcome sign; something I won in my MOPS days.

Yes we believe in thrift around here. Even our home was a thrifty find costing just under ten thousand dollars. We spent forty thousand and two years  fixing it up from top to bottom to be just how we wanted it. I had so much fun doing the renovations, it truly drew my husband and I closer together.

Our libraryThis is the first room you will see as you walk in the front door. We call it our library. It can get cluttered really quick as we don’t have a coat closet nor a real defined area to put shoes and such. I make do with a big plastic tub for our coats (see the corner of it near the lamp) and  laundry baskets for shoes. Oh and that banana box you see, it is full of stuff for the thrift store but I just haven’t put it in my car yet; which breaks my own decluttering rules.

our dining roomOff the library is the dining room. Yeah I really need to stain those china cabinets. I only bought them oh 7 years ago at an unfinished furniture store. That project has been on my to do list a long time. :)our kitchenOff one end of our dining room is our galley kitchen. I loved being able to plan my kitchen from scratch. We bought stock cabinets and painted them white. I however am not happy with how the white paint has held up. If you look closely it has worn off near the handles on the cabinets, yet another thing to add to my to do list

Oh and my hubby in the picture is making me a breakfast of fried eggs and hash browns. YUM. I am very blessed to have him.

our family room 2015To the other end of the dinning room is our family room. Yes that is a safe on the ground it is a long story, but nothing is in it currently. The bean bag over in the corner is the dogs bed. Oh and those two baskets stacked up on top of each other is actually where we store all our socks. Yep, all 5 of us share socks. We all have the same sock size. Years ago I got tired of sorting socks, so I went out and bought 2 dozen black socks and 2 dozen white socks and now I just stuff them in those boxes for people to grab them as they need them. It works for us.

That makes up the living areas of our home. It isn’t large but it is big enough for our family of five; plus we own it 100% debt free and that makes it awesome. As a homemaker I work hard at making it a home. It took every thrifty trick I had to decorate it and stay within our budget. It takes all 5 of us working together to keep it clean.  front porch swing 2015 I wanted to share with you just one more spot on the front porch. My favorite spot. If you lived near me and asked me to spill my homemaking secrets I would take you out front to sit on the swing porch a while and discuss what has worked form me and what hasn’t . I would also want to hear what works for you too!

However, in this busy world us mom’s don’t get a lot of time to just sit and swap secrets face to face but this week you have a chance to get the wisdom of many homemakers in your hands with the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle.

The Ultimate Homemakers Bundle is a complete library of eBooks & eCourses to help you in every area of your homemaking including, meal planing, budgeting, cleaning, child rearing and even your marriage.

You get 76 eBooks, 6 eCourses, 1 audio download, 2 online conferences, and 14 printable packs all on topics that will help you improve your homemaking skills. That is 99 resources in all for $29.97 which works out to .30 cents and item. Check it out for yourself, there truly is something for everyone in this bundle.

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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Talented At Homemaking


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I can honestly say my husband is a better house cleaner than I am. For years that really bugged me, until I realized just because cleaning didn’t come natural to me, I wasn’t a bad homemaker. In fact if you list all the elements of keeping a home, housecleaning is just a small point on a list as long as my 5 foot 9 inch self, and I am pretty darn good at some of the other points on that homemaking list.

What To Do When You Don't Feel Talented At HomemakingYet, I still end up with piles of unfolded laundry like the one in the picture above. Yep, that isn’t a stock photo that is my actual couch and a real life pile of clean yet unfolded laundry. Thankfully my kids are old enough to fold it all for me so I can go on to other areas of homemaking. Years ago a pile this big of unfolded laundry would have made me feel like a failure but not anymore; I have learned ways to be content in my homemaking skills.

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Talented At Homemaking

1.List what elements of your homemaking you are good at

I know some of you are  saying “but I am not good at anything related to homemaking”. That simply isn’t true. It is probably true that your not perfect in any area of homemaking but being perfect is impossible being good at something isn’t.

From day one I have been good at budgeting and stretching our families dollar further. When I had down days  those first few years of homemaking, when it felt like the dishes were going to eat me alive and if not then the laundry would certainly drown me, I tried to focus on how good I was at stretching a dollar as well as a few other homemaking talents I have for just a few moments to drown out the voices in my head that were telling me about every area of homemaking I needed to improve in.

2. Look at each mistake as a chance to learn

You are going to fail, but that is okay because failure makes you human. Instead of dwelling on your failures as a homemaker look at them as a challenge to come up with a plan to learn so you can do it better next time you are faced with that same challenge and believe me a lot of work us homemakers do is repetitive so you are going to have plenty of chances to learn from mistakes and try again.

3. See correction for what it truly is

Sometimes the person who points out all our wrongs is doing it for the wrong reasons, other times they are truly correcting with the right spirit and we need to listen. The hard part is growing in discernment and wisdom enough to know the difference.

There is this one person in my life who always points out the one thing that isn’t done and never once praises me for what is done well. They then go on and on about how I could do that one thing I messed up better next time. At first it really upset me, now that I am older I can see that this person is looking for one area where they feel superior to me so they can teach me something.

Are they in the right? Nope, not at all, but this is simply this person’s way of starting a conversation with me, odd, but they is loved dearly by one who loves me so I try to just let the “here is how you do it right” lectures roll off my shoulders.

Other people have corrected my wrong homemaking behaviors simple because it was wrong, and I usually end up thanking those people once I get past hurt. I don’t take criticism well, but I am learning to keep my tongue when I receive some and then figure out if it was constructive or unwarranted before taking action.

4. Seek encouragement

Homemaking is the toughest job I have ever taken on . There is always something to do, always something I am behind in, always too many things that tugging for my attention than I can possible give energy to at one time.

For tough times I love a small group of close friends that I have in one Facebook group. They are there to pray when I need them to. They quietly read my rants and then tell me every so kindly that I need to change my attitude. They provide me with their wisdom and encouragement.

 If you haven’t already make it a point this week to create a  private group of a few close friends on Facebook this week who you know will help encourage you in your homemaking walk.

 5. Never stop learning

The best way to improve as a homemaker is to have a life long learner attitude. Pick one area of your homemaking most want to improve in and then read up on how others do it. Never stop gathering new knowledge.

This week there is a great sale to help you learn and grow in all areas of homemaking; The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale.

Screen Shot from Ulitimate Homemaking bundles.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a library full of eBooks and eCourses that you can return to again and again when you need a bit of homemaking wisdom.

Screen Shot what the ultimate home bundle includesThere are 76 eBooks, 6 eCourse, 1 audio download 2 online conferences and 14 printable packs. The total value of all these amazing resources $984.74. Plus…..there are 8 amazing bonuses that total over $300. But your pay just $29.97, that is just .30 cents per item.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle doesn’t last forever though. It will be gone early Monday April 27th.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 16


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This weeks decluttering area is super small; just one cupboard. Originally I wanted to do all the upstairs bathroom cupboards, and I was upset with myself that I had left it to last minute to do and was running out of time.

Then I remembered I set out to declutter my home in 52 weeks because I can take small steps that way. Last week was a hard week on me emotionally and it meant that a lot didn’t get done and now this week I feel super stressed. Stress is a choice however and I choose instead to just do what I can, there is always next week to tackle more.

top cupboard upstairs bathroomSo I emptied out just the top bathroom cupboard of its contents and I gave it a good wipe down.

miracle goThe oddest think I found in the bathroom cupboard was this box of Miracle Gro, neither my hubby nor I  even remember buying it.

upstairs bathroom cupboard done.When I was done this was all that was left. The top shelf is completely empty. Oh and that heater back there, I have a great reason for it being there I promise.  Our home’s heating system can’t keep up during the really cold Indiana winter days, so I help it along with space heaters placed in rooms we use most, including the bathroom.

What area of your home did you declutter this week?

One Deal I Want To Share With You

Screen Shot of full ultimate homemaking bundleHomemaking is hard. The work is never ending and it seems like often what work homemakers get done in one day is undone by the next day.

Over my 20 years of homemaking I have learned one key principle about homemaking; never stop learning.

Which is why I am so excited about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. You get $1290+ worth of eBooks, eCourse, Printable Packs for just $29.97 . But there is more there is also over $300 in bonuses.

Sure looking at that much information at once can be overwhelming but just like I suggest snail pacing your decluttering I suggest you enjoy the Ultimate Homemakers Bundle one book or product at a time.

The $29.97 is an excellent investment in your Homemaking career, that will pay off in time saved, sanity saved and even money saved (there are several eBooks and eCourses on how to stretch your dollars further).

Jump on over and check  out the Ultimate Home Bundle. Don’t wait too long to purchase this 97% off deal only last a few days.


The Best Tip For Improving Your Homemaking Skills


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It makes me cringe when I hear a woman say “oh I am just a homemaker” . A homemaker is so much more than “just”. A homemaker is “all” and “more”.

You are so much more than just a homemaker you are all, you are more.

A homemaker is a child specialist, a communications expert, a time management whiz, a first aid attendant, a squeezer of a dollar, and much much more.

Yet, the job is given with no need of a degree. The training is all on the job,  without anyone to supervise and train. Sure your mom probably taught you how to wash dishes and scrub a floor, but did she prepare you to figure out how to do it after you have been up all night with a crying baby and you have 30 other “to dos” tugging at your mind.

The best tip for improving your homemaking skills So simple and yet it makes such a huge difference

Which is why I think on of the best ways to improve as a homemaker is gain knowledge from those with experience by reading. Read books on time management. Read books on cooking. Read books on home finances. Read books on home business. Read books …and then read some more.

I think reading isn’t just important for new homemakers either but also for those of us who have been homemakers for years. You can always learn something new and that something new could change your day to day in such a positive way that you will wonder why it took you so long to learn about it.

A great way to start reading about all things homemaking  is to purchase the Ultimate Homemaking bundle where you will get a complete library of resources for just $29.97 (retail value is 984.74).

Screen Shot from Ulitimate Homemaking bundles.The Ultimate Homemaking bundle includes every thing you could need to become the best homemaker you can be.  The bundle covers numerous topics including faith, finances, cooking, meal planning, holiday planning, homeschooling, marriage, motherhood, organizing, pregnancy, self-care, working from home and more.

Screen Shot what the ultimate home bundle includesGet all the above in the form of 76 ebooks, 6 eCourses, 1 audio download, 2 online conferences and 14 printable packs for just $29.97 . The ebooks can easily be sent to your ereader of choice by following the instruction link found in the FAQ area of the Ultimate Bundle site.

Screen Shot ultimate bundle authorsThese ebooks and courses are brought to you by some of your favorite bloggers from around the web. Including…

Screen Shot grocery university







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The Confident Mom’s “Becoming A Frugalista”

These 3 ebooks and one audio course combined equal what you are paying for the entire bundle and yet you are getting another 73 ebooks, 6 eCourses, 2 online confrences and 14 packs of printables. Oh and I haven’t mentioned the bonuses yet.

Screen Shot Row One of Bonuses

There are some amazing bonuses that you can enjoy. (please note some will cost you shipping & handling fees)

Theses bonuses include a free online class from Craftsy. A free discover box from green kids crafts to enjoy with your children. A $15 dollar credit to Hope Ink plus 2 free 8 x 10 art prints (I hopped over and had a look and the prints are so amazing).

She Plans dinner is going to offer you a free 90 day “Good Deal” subscription. For 90 days She Plans Dinner will take care of your menu planning and grocery list making (too bad they can’t cook it :)  but still that takes a lot of work off your plate ).

Screen Shot ultimate homemaking bundle second row of bonusesYou will also get a scarf from Deborah& Co for just the $4 shipping cost, (I peeked and their are some really nice looking ones). Healthy moving is throwing in a $80 Healthy moving class credit.  List Plan it is offering a free 90 day pro membership. This company has a list that will help you from everything from housework, to packing for trips to meal planning and more.

The last bonus is given by one of my favorite rewards programs Tyndale Rewards. They are giving you 65 Tyndale Rewards points. Tyndale Reward books are typically between 75 to 100 points for fiction and around 200 for bibles. If you haven’t signed up for Tyndale Rewards before you can earn around 90 points by doing just a few simple things around the site. Combine the two and you will have enough for a book to enjoy.

Screen Shot ultimate bundles guaranteedOn top of everything else your investment is 100% guaranteed.

Homemaking is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I would have loved to have had this bundle year one of my marriage. I learned a lot through trial and error and then I got smart and started reading about how others have succeeded at homemaking. Don’t waste your time like I did head straight to finding wisdom from people who have been there and conquered it.

Head over to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle home page and grab your bundle. This bundle doesn’t last long so …

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 15


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The last clutter spot in the hallway turned out to be the easiest and it made such a difference to the look of our hallway.

the hallway bookshelfThis bookshelf use to hold the kids school books down in the old school room area off the kitchen. We renovated that area last summer into a 4th bedroom for our oldest son. I then moved it up here thinking that is would hold my daughter’s school books since she doesn’t have room in her room for them, however what it ended up holding was junk.

In fact one of the reasons it took me so little time to clean this area is that most of it just went straight to the recycling area or to the garbage.

school booksSince no one fits well in the study nook I cleaned out last week I decided to put it to work. I bought two laundry baskets one holds my daughters school books  and is stored on the bench and one is slipped under the bench and is holding the stuff to go to the thrift store.

When the thrift store bin is full I will empty it out into a cardboard box and take it to the thrift store. By giving the give away box a home I am hoping the kids can be trained to put their no longer wanted items in it instead of just stuffing them in the area.

hallway doneDoesn’t it look so much better? Now to keep it this way! For now the book case is in my son’s room but I don’t think we will keep it. I am thinking of posting a photo of it on my personal Facebook page and seeing if anyone needs one. It will be free to the first person who hauls it away.

 What area did you declutter this week?

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)Join along with me, grab the plan and declutter your home one inch at a time.

3 Deals So Good I Had To Share

Right now you can enjoy a free Mini Video-eCourse full of great tips on how to take the stress out of homemaking.

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10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables


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I know a lot of people start their spring cleaning in March, but I prefer waiting until I can open up the windows and let the fresh air in as I clean, and around here you are not guaranteed those warm days until mid April or early May. Sure you might get a day here or there of warm weather before then but nothing with regularity, at least not usually.

10 free spring cleaning printables

I will admit I am not much of a spring cleaning zealot. I much prefer to work at removing the clutter and dust from my house one inch at a time. I also do a big clean of my home just before Christmas so that it looks great for the holidays.  However, there are certain areas of my house such as our front porch, back porch, basement and attic, that I like giving a good cleaning before the warm weather hits.

The porches I deep clean in spring because I want to have them ready to enjoy when the hot days of summer hit. The attic and  the basement I deep clean in spring because they don’t have heating or cooling systems in them so the temperature is finally right to be in them long enough to clean.

Even though I am not a huge spring cleaner, I do believe that each person should work with their own personal cleaning personality to obtain the best results, and so today’s article is to help you spring cleaners do just that.  I rounded up 10 different free resources for spring cleaning lovers to check out and print the one that works best with their cleaning personality.

Go for it! and when you done if you have energy left perhaps you can come over and help me lift the patio furniture out of the basement and onto the front and back porch :) .

10 Free Spring Cleaning Printables

1. Cornerstone Confessions: Deep Cleaning Checklist

2. Make Lemonade: Spring Cleanings Calendar

3. Family Balance Sheet: 20 Spring Cleaning Tasks To Freshen Your Home

4. Pop Sugar: 30 Day Cleaning Challenge

5. Going Home To Roast: Spring Cleaning Printable

6. Freebie Finding Mom: All Inclusive Room By Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

7.  Frugal Living Mom: Spring Cleaning Check List

8. Ask Anna: Declutter Your Home Printable Checklist

9. Organize and Decorate Everything: 30 Day Spring Cleaning Schedule

10. Living Well Spending Less: The Big Clean

All of these pins are pinned to my Spring Cleaning Printables Board on Pinterest

Follow Victoria @Snail Pace Transformations’s board Spring Cleaning Printables on Pinterest.

Need Cleaners?

epantry 100 happinessIf you are like me cleaners are one of those things you forget to put on your grocery list. Nothing is more annoying than finally getting around to making time to spring clean only to discover you have to first hit the store for cleaners. With ePantry you can have those cleaners delivered directly to your doorstep.  I have mine set to deliver once every other month, and I can go in and switch the order around so that we get just what we need. ePantry sells more than cleaners too, they also sell personal products like shampoo and body wash. You can start your account with $10 off your first order. Check out their amazing soy candles scented with essential oils too, they will make your house smell AMAZING.

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)

Prefer an all year deluttering plan? Check out my 52 Weeks To An Organized Home.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 14


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Since I did the linen closet last week I thought I best just continue down the hot spots in our upstairs hallway until it is done. Considering it is such a short hallway it is surprising that it has 3 clutter hot spots. I will do the last next week.

I almost don’t want to include the before picture for this post because this weeks spot is really bad!

hallway cubbyThe picture actually makes the mess look better than it is . Sad…..

When we first bought this home we did some extensive renovations due to its poor shape (when you get a home for just under ten thousand dollars you expect that).

When smashing down the walls in the hallway my husband found all this wasted space under the stairs to the attic. Our children were much smaller then and he and I thought it would make a great study nook, and it did for many years. Now our kids are all really too big for it and all it seems to do is collect junk from their rooms. It seems that when ever they are cleaning their rooms  and  find things  they don’t know what to do with they throw it here.

It really didn’t take long for me to clear it out. Most of the things were either recycling, giveaway items, laundry, or pure trash.

cubby all doneThe pillow on the floor is for the dog. She likes to hide in this space when there is a thunderstorm going on. The boxes I kept here for now because they are going to be used on next week’s project which is a bookshelf that has made its home in the hallway for 6 or so months now and it just not working out as I had hoped. Next week that bookshelf is going bye bye.

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)










Join along with me, grab the plan and declutter your home one inch at a time.

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Enter to win a $5000 Dream Home Makeover from Woman’s Day magazine.


52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 13


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This week I decided with the downstairs bathroom done I would move on to an area of the home that has been bothering we for quite some time, our upstairs hallway and linen closet.

linen closest before 1This is the top half of the linen closet. I had to do the picture of it in two photos as it is off a narrow hallway and so I couldn’t get far enough away with the camera to show the beauty of our mess in one shot.

linen closet before 2This is the bottom half which is worse than the top half.

Notice all the empty bins in these 2 photos. Those empty bins are a frustration of mine. You see years ago I redid this linen closet to make it easier for the children to put away the sheets after they finish folding the laundry.

That is their chore. I wash and dry the laundry and they fold it and put it away. I thought giving each sheet set its own bin would make things so easy for the children. All they had to do was take off the lid and put the entire sheet set inside. I didn’t even care if it was folded well. I just didn’t want to face a jumble of sheets when I went into the closet.

Well you can tell from the before picture that my system was an epic FAIL.  Apparently the same children who have no problems opening similar bins up in the kitchen and emptying them of all the snacks cannot fill open these style of bins to fill them. (yes there is a lot of sarcasm in that sentence). :)

I emptied out the entire mess onto my bed and was so frustrated about the state of the closet that I forgot to take pictures.

tossed sheetsI did however take a picture of all the sheets I threw away. I had never tried t-shirt style sheets ( I believe people call them jersey cotton sheets)  before moving into this house 7 years ago and I have to say I am not very happy with how they held up. All of them have holes and runs where as the cotton sheets I bought at the same time are still going strong.

playskool flashlightslong lastingI did find something in the closet that lasted way longer than those jersey sheets. These Playskool flashlights are the best flashlights we have ever had. I picked them up at yard sales when my children were toddlers. My children are 12, 14 and 19 now and their toddler flashlights are still going strong. I keep them in the closet in case of a power outage. Any other flashlight I stick in this closet goes missing, but not these! Probably has something to do with the fact that it would be kind of embarrassing for a teen to take one of these to camp or a sleepover :) .

closet done 1Now that is better.

bottom closet doneThe containers at the bottom are completely empty. I did add Egyptian cotton sheets to my list to buy with my next Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks & InstaGC.  So a few will be filled with those when they come

What did you declutter this week?

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)










Want to join me in  attacking clutter one week at a time?

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 12


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This week I finished the downstairs bathroom.

bathroom cabinet popcorn makerYou are probably thinking “is that a popcorn maker in the bathroom?”Why yes it is. Let me explain. I was short on kitchen cabinets for our small appliances, and then my husband put in these cabinets in the bathroom just off the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what to do with all the space, and then I saw an opportunity.

It might seem a bit weird to store a crock-pot, a roasting pan, a deep fryer and a popcorn maker in your bathroom, but it works for us and hey I am not ashamed to admit it “we are weird”.

seventh generation our families favorite cleanerFirst I took everything out of the cabinet and wiped it all down with our families favorite cleaner that you can get from ePantry (psst… get $10 of your first order using my referral link) . ePantry delivers cleaners right to my door at competitive prices, giving me one less excuse not to get my cleaning done.

upper bathroom doneThe upper cabinet didn’t end up looking all that different.

lower cabinetThe lower cabinet however is much more organized. The top shelf is now entirely open for clean towels. As you can see there are currently none. I have a tonne of laundry to catch up on.

I gave the paper towels their own basket and placed the car interior cleaners behind them. I know a lot of thrifty households don’t use paper towels, but I think my husband would hold a revolt if I stopped buying them much like the one he held when I tried to switch us over to 100% homemade cleaners, and since he likes to help me out by cleaning then I think I can make paper towels work in our budget. We do also use rags as much as possible.

What did you declutter this week?

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable plan (small)

Grab the plan and declutter along with me.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Project 11


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I continued work in the downstairs bathroom this week. Next week will be the last week in this room before stepping into a 4th room for this year. I am thinking the next room will be the kitchen, but that could change.

bathroom drawerI decided to do the bathroom drawer and…..

bathroom shoe binThe bathroom shoe bin. Yes I know most people don’t have a basket for shoes in their bathroom. We do! It all started because I was in a hurry to pick up the house one day so a grabbed a laundry basket and threw everyone’s runners in the bathroom in a bin and then left it there. You see when the kids and I work out we tend to head straight to the shower shoes and all. So the bin became kind of handy. There really isn’t room for it though and it is kind of an eye sore so I am going to try and get rid of it.

bathroom junkIt really didn’t take long to clean up the 2 areas. In the end I ended up with an entire plastic grocery bag full of garbage.

bathroom drawer doneThe drawer now just holds, swim goggles, hair accessories and my husbands wrist band support . The goggles and wrist band might find a new home that makes more sense when I declutter the last area of the bathroom next week.

empty basketThe basket is 100% empty and has now been moved out of the bathroom. Hopefully it stays out.

What did you declutter this week?

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