The 30 Times 12 Challenge: Month 1 Update


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How can it be the end of January already? Those were my thoughts when I realized midway through last week that I would need to write my 30 x 12 update in just a few short days.

clothes to tossI didn’t panic for long though. You see, back on the first day of January I made a pretty smart decision–I put an empty box in the hallway study nook specifically for items to donate.

All month long while I have been putting my clothing away I have been weeding out my closet. I would hang up a shirt on an empty hanger and see the shirt right next to it and go, ” I really don’t like how that shirt fits,” and then take it off the hanger and place it in the donation box that is less than 10 feet from my closet.

When I went to count up the contents of my box I already had 14 items of clothing to count towards this month’s 30 items to toss.

books tossed

That left me with 16 items to make my 30 tossed total goal for the month. I scanned the room I was in  and saw two books I recently finished. I  placed one in a bag for a friend and the other one in what I call my little library book bag. I am so thankful for finding Tyndale Rewards, it allows me to be a generous giver of books to my bookworm friends.

books to give

That now meant I was just over half way. I needed just 14 items more. The first area that came to mind was the built in shelving that surrounds our TV and gas fireplace.

I went to just one shelf and found 14 books that I haven’t opened in years. It generally isn’t like me to hang on to books for long as I rarely reread books. I think these had just been forgotten because they were on a shelf that isn’t really visible.

That brought me to my goal of 30 items tossed for this month.

The whole process was much easier than I thought it would be. I thought since I had spent 52 weeks last year decluttering one area of my home at a time, this year finding just 30 items each month would be hard!

Of course, it is just month one. Check back with me in month 10 of the year and I am sure I won’t have the same opinion.

What did you toss this month? let me know in the comment section below!

Don’t panic if you don’t have your 30 yet, you still have several days left to join in and toss 30 items in the month of January!

For inspiration and motivation, make sure you join the Snail Pace Goal Achievers Facebook group.

The 30x12 challenge: toss clutter and gain time.Get all the details about the 30 times 12 challenge here.

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The 30 x 12 Challenge: Toss Clutter & Gain Time


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Last year I spent 52 Weeks tossing clutter. Near the end of the year-long challenge I went on an FYI app Tiny House (TV show) binge  and decided that even though the 52 week declutter challenge was over, I still had way too much stuff.

The 30x12 challenge: toss clutter and gain time.

After all, if people can be content living with only what fits into 400 square feet or less, surely I should be able to fit our belongings comfortably into our almost 2,000 square foot house. I should not have to stuff or pile a single thing when I live in a house this size, even if there are 5 of us living in it.

And with that thought in my mind I came up with a new decluttering challenge for 2016, one that would stretch my pile loving ways to their maximum.

I am hoping those of you that joined me in the 52 Weeks To A Simplified Home challenge will join me in this new challenge. I need your support!  If you haven’t joined us yet, jump over and join the Facebook group. You can post pictures of your updates there.

The 30 Times 12 Challenge: Toss Clutter & Gain Time

This challenge is pretty simple–each and every month of 2016 I am going to rid our home of 30 items.

That means over the course of a year I will rid our home of 360 items! And if you join in, you will rid your home of 360 items too.

The Rules

The items can be given away to charity or a friend, sold, recycled, or simply tossed in the garbage if that is truly where they belong.

The items can be as small as a magazine or as big as a couch (but I am pretty fond our our couches so I think they are staying! 😉 ).

The rate in which you delegate your 30 items each month to toss, sell, or donate is up to you. You can do all 30 in one day (being a snail pacer, I probably won’t choose this method), you can do one a day, or 7 1/2 items each week. OK, it is hard to toss a half of an item, so it would be more like 7 one week, 8 the next, 7 the following, and 8 the last week of the month.

Try to stick to 30 items each and every month and forget about the 360 number, otherwise you are going to be overwhelmed and get behind and it is going to be hard to catch up.

How to keep track of the clutter you are tossing

To keep track of my items I will be keeping them all in one donation box, boxes, or area depending on size of item, until the end of the month where I will photograph them and then share an update on the last Monday of every month of 2016.

You can do the same and share it in the Facebook group, or you could grab an inexpensive calendar and put a check mark on each day you toss an item. One check mark per item. Then add the check marks up and see if you reached 30. If not, spend some extra time the last day finding enough items to make it to the 30 goal.

Another great way would be to grab two jars and fill one jar with 30 buttons (coins or marbles work too) and each time you toss an item, move a button to the other jar. When the first jar is empty, you know you have made your goal for the month.

Do whatever charting method works the best for you.

Less Stuff = Less Mess = More Time

The Rewards

After 52 weeks of decluttering I am noticing huge dividends for all my hard work.

  • It takes less time to get the house in company shape.
  • I don’t feel so overwhelmed–even on my most stressful days.
  • I am not spending as much time searching for items.

See that key word in the first and last dividend? Time. I cannot believe how much time our family is gaining by having fewer items. Time we used to spend dusting those items, maintaining those items, moving those items, looking for those items–the list goes on and on.

That reward right there is a huge motivator for me to do this new challenge and succeed at it.

How To Make Time For This Challenge

Does the thought of attempting one more challenge overwhelm you? Are you afraid to start one more thing, only to fail at it because you simply can’t seem to find the time?

You would benefit from the Make Over Your Mornings course. Crystal Paine, the course author, isn’t going to tell you how early to get up. Instead she is going to show you how to prioritize your to do list in a way that will make time for what matters most.

Complete the 14 day course in just 15 to 20 minutes a day, apply what you learn, and you will start finding time to reach your goals and finally join in challenges like this one with success.

Grab your copy here.

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52 Weeks To A Simplified Home: Week 52


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I made it. I decluttered 52 areas of my home in 2015. I feel like someone should show up to my door with a medal or something. I know the chances of that are not likely though and I feel rewarded by absence of piles through out our home.

We still have items we don’t need lying around though which is why I am doing the 30 x 12 project in 2016. More details to come very soon but essentially each month of 2016 I am going to set out to toss/donate/sell/recycle 30 items from our home.  I hope you will join me in that challenge!

week 52 beforeFor my 52nd area I decided to declutter the children’s old toy bin. It has been sitting untouched in the corner of our family room for years now.

toy basket week 52If you follow me on Instgram you know that dumping this bin out one last time stirred up a lot of emotion within me.

I am working on my decluttering projects for the blog today and decided to tackle this basket that has sat in our living room since the children were little full of toys that belong else where. Use to be it would get filled quickly and I would give it to the children to empty back in the right areas. For two whole years, perhaps more, it has sat in the corner untouched. Nothing new in nothing new out. I am crying as I am cleaning it out for the last time–until grand kids come. Hug those babies for me today moms of little ones it goes by fast. I am so glad now I decided to make the most of every stage and be present. I don’t know how it is possible but I love my 3 even more now. I thought for sure when they were little I couldn’t possibly love them more but I do. Now off my soap box and back to work as I pick up Lego one last time. Right after I get a tissue for my blubbering eyes and nose that is.

I remained emotional for hours afterwards. Looking back now a few weeks later (I worked ahead this month due fear that the holidays would not leave me enough time to finish my goal) I think this was the best project to end my 52 week challenge.

That toy box was the end of an era now we are starting fresh. A decluttered home full of teenagers.

week 52 done

The wicker basket got taken down to the laundry room to be used for laundry now that the toys are gone. My living room is now a bit more spacious with one less bin.

What area of your home did you declutter this week?

Grab the plan and join along as we declutter our homes one inch at a time.

You can also join The Snail Pacing Goal Achievers Facebook group where you will find  the support you need to keep decluttering one inch at time.

Would You Love To Find Time To Declutter But Life Just Seems Packed?

If you are staring at a decluttered home and not sure how you would fit in time each week to declutter it, you will benefit from the Make Over Your Mornings course.

Don’t worry Crystal (the course’s author) isn’t going to tell you what time to get up-she is simply going to show you how to prioritize your day so you get more done.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.36.08 PMRight now you can grab the Make Over Your Mornings course for just $9 but only until January 8th!

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Learn to live each day with intention and finally not just make goals but actually reach them!

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