Keep Your Home Tidy In Less Time With This Simple Tip


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I am not a clean freak, but I have friends who are. I love observing my clean freak friends because I discover they have certain habits that can help non-clean freaks like myself keep our homes tidy in less time and with less effort.

Keep your home tidy in less time with this simple tip. Psst... NO complicated cleaning routine required!

One thing I have observed is that my neat and tidy friends don’t tend to have set cleaning routines and yet their homes are sparking clean. How do they manage that?

It is because they clean all day, but they don’t. Sounds confusing–yet it is really pretty simple. You see clean freaks clean in those little moments that us messies tend to mismanage time-wise.

How To Keep Your Home Tidy In Less Time

Step 1: Discover Your Little Moments

What parts of your day are you just basically standing around waiting?

-Waiting for your teenager to finish gathering all their stuff so that you can drive them to their after school events.

-Waiting for your husband to find his keys and wallet so you can leave on your date.

-Waiting for the hamburger to fry a bit so you can turn it over and fry it a bit more.

-Waiting for the coffee to brew

-Waiting for..?

You get the idea; those little moments that are often just wasted standing around.

Step 2: Discover What Chores Fit In those Little Moments

The key here is to know just how long chores really take. For the next week or so use the timer on your smartphone to time how long it takes you to:

-scrub a toilet

-wipe down the kitchen counters

-sweep up the entrance floor

-pick up the shoes in the mudroom

-pick up toys in the family room

-clear off the kitchen table

-attack the clutter hot-spots of your home

-clean the…?

Essentially you should time every chore and then make a list of those that take 5 minutes or less to complete.

Now, next time you are stuck waiting look at your list of 5 minute or less chores and tackle a few.

At first I would suggest placing a typed list of them on your fridge with the time it takes to do each one and cross them off as you go, but eventually you should be able to just know what area is in need of attacking next and attack it. Whatever suits your personality type best.

The results

Within just a few days of doing this myself I discovered that our home was much tidier come cleaning day. In fact, within a few weeks I really only needed to devote 1 to 2 hours a week to clean the things I wasn’t able to get to in my tiny moments.

I also noticed I didn’t panic as much when someone dropped by unexpected because the house started being generally tidy.

If you want to spend even less time cleaning, delegate some of the longer chores to other family members. After all–a family that makes a mess together should clean it up together.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure You Always Have Cleaners On Hand

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Nothing is more frustrating than actually having the time and desire to clean only to discover you are out of cleaner, which is why I really like Grove Collaborative. They bring natural cleaners at competitive prices to your doorstep when you want them. New members get $10 off their first order when they use my referral link (these words in blue).

Want more ideas on how to keep a home clean in less time?

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A Little Known Tool That Can Make A Tough Cleaning Job Disappear


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Confession–sometimes I let a little too much time go between cleaning jobs which turns a simple cleaning job into a tough cleaning job. One big one would be our tile shower stall.  Each morning I will step into it and go, “Hmm, this looks like it needs cleaning. I should add it to the to-do list,” and then I forget.

A little know cleaning tool that can make a tough cleaning job disappear.


By the time I finally remember to add it to the children’s daily chore chart–umm yeah, time for another confession: my children who are 13 and up do a lot of the household chores for me so that I can spend time earning an income from blogging that I in turn use to provide them with clothing, extra curricular activities and pay for those chores they help me with (they have to learn how to manage money somehow). My husband’s job keeps them fed and sheltered.

Anyways back to the cleaning–by the time I get around to assigning the shower stall to one of the children there usually is some very clingy soap scum on the tiles and the glass door and enclosure.

After witnessing my helpers use all their natural elbow grease on the scum with no luck in removing all of it, I decided there had to be a better way. Yes, I know printing out and sticking to a regular cleaning schedule would help in reducing soap scum build up  but…well…our family as a whole is not very good at sticking to regular cleaning schedules. Life gets chaotic and the cleaning schedule gets sadly neglected in the chaos and then we are back to clinging soap scum.

A Little Known Tool For Tough Cleaning Jobs Came To Our Rescue

I thought our chances at a soap scrum free home were very bleak until a reader told me that she uses something she called a scum buster to keep her shower stall sparkling clean. I immediately looked it up on Amazon and when I did the Black and Decker Power Scrubber appeared.

A little know cleaning tool that can make a tough cleaning job disappear!

I ordered it and a bristle brush head (reviewers said it lasted longer than the head the Black and Decker power scrubber comes with and after using it I agree) and anxiously awaited its arrival. The day it arrived I assigned shower stall duty to my oldest son.

When he was finished I was shocked at how much cleaner our shower stall looked. Finally the built up soap scum was removed off the shower tile and glass walls in one cleaning with the Black and Decker power scrubber.

A little know cleaning tool that can make a tough cleaning job disappear.

As for the cleaner we use with the Power Scrubber, we find that Seventh Generation Tub & Tile cleaner works really well. Our family orders it in concentrate form from Grove Collaborative, which is both economical and green. We purchased refillable glass spray bottles for mixing the concentrates with water. We then labeled the bottles so they don’t get mixed up.

If there happens to be a tough spot, then we like using super washing soda mixed in a bit of water. Super washing soda is also great for washing walls, and for taking out tough clothing stains like grass and mustard.

Now it is your turn! Share a Cleaning Tip With Me.

If you have been a reader of Snail Pace Transformations a while, you know that I am a huge fan of any housekeeping tip that will cut down the time it takes to keep my home clean and tidy.

I am always looking for new cleaning tips and I would love for you to share your best cleaning tip in the comments below.

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The Popular Mom Thought That Keeps You Busier Than You Have To Be


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I was listening to the book Crazy Busy through hoopla when the author was explaining wrong thoughts that keep us busier than we have to be.

The author landed on one that really hit a mom nerve within me.

Moms, over time you will significantly cut the hours you spend on  housework each week when you apply the tips in this post!

I am sure that if you are a mom you have struggled with this wrong thought too–and when you give it up you just might find you have a little more time on your hands.

So what is it?

Moms are not completely irreplaceable.

Moms Are Not Completely Irreplaceable

Now notice I said “not completely.” Few could argue that moms are irreplaceable in their family’s lives in many ways. However, there are many ways that we are irreplaceable and these tasks are adding to our workloads making us busier than we have to be.

It is true that no one can replace your heartfelt love for your child, but others can perform household tasks just as well as you can and that includes your children. The second part of that sentence  is what the author of Crazy Busy and I in this article are referring too.

Kevin DeYoung, the author of Crazy Busy, was talking in general to those in leadership positions at their place of work. But moms, we are in a leadership position within our homes whether we like to see it that way or not.

Your children are looking at you for direction and that does make you a leader.

Leaders need to delegate tasks if they want to avoid burnout.

5 Arguments That Mom’s Make Against Delegating Chores To Their Children And Why They Are Wrong

The popular mom thought that keeps you busier than you have to be.

1. But it takes so long to train a child, I can do it so much quicker

I fell into this trap for way too long. When I finally got over it for good my eldest son was 7, if I am remembering correctly and I realized quickly that I had made a huge mistake.

Yes training a child to do something does take longer the first few times, but after that having the children help with that chore is a huge time saver.

Typically it takes me 3 times doing a chore with a child for them to be able to complete it well themselves. The first time I do the chore with them watching. The second time I do the chore with them helping. The third time I let them do the chore with me beside them watching. I might have to go back and repeat step two a few times for more complicated chores, but for the most part my children have got it by the third time.

In fact, now that they are older (13 and up) I often just have to verbally tell them what to do and they can now go and do it and I simply check it the first time to see if it was done well–usually it is. That is the reward of training a child over the years.

2. But they won’t do it right

My guess is if you struggle with this argument, what you are really struggling with is perfectionism and/or control.

I know because I have been there. You see, I am a very routine type person. I do the same things the same way all. the. time.

If my children choose to do the chore differently than I do, I struggle with being frustrated that they didn’t follow my steps when I should be focusing on the results.

It doesn’t matter if they clean the wall just how I do it, what matters is that the wall is clean when they say the job is done.

3. But I express my love by serving

Oh I hear ya on this one! I love showing my kids love by doing something for them. However, I am a survivor of a mom who did too much for me.

My husband pointed this out to me after his first visit to meet my mom. He said, “Did you even realize that your mom made your bed when you were in the shower, and then while you were changing she tidied up the mess you made in the bathroom?” He continued to give me a step by step account of all the picking up my mom was doing for me that I was not even aware of.

I did do some chores growing up, but my mom also did a lot for me–too much.

This is why for years I struggled at figuring out exactly why my home wasn’t staying as clean as I would like. I simply didn’t know what was required to keep a home clean. I was ill prepared.

Don’t let this happen to your child! Yes, you can make their bed once in a while but make sure that you have shown them how to make it and that the majority of the time they are making it themselves! And that goes for all housework and cooking too.

It is an act of love to show a child what they need to live successfully after they leave your nest (this is what I repeat to myself when I find myself sliding into serving more than I am training).

The popular mom thought that keeps you busier than you have to be.

4. But secretly I really love doing that task

Hi, my name is Victoria and I secretly love washing and drying laundry. First, notice I didn’t include sorting and folding; I will gladly delegate those to my children.

But there is something about being the one to make that pile of dirty laundry disappear that I just love. I am guessing it is my goal oriented nature.

I just realized this week, though, that in my 20 years of motherhood I haven’t yet delegated the job of washing and drying the laundry to any of my 3 children–not even once.

Yep, I am writing this article as much for my own good as I am for other mothers out there.

I need to fix this quick! My guess is I am not the only one who is holding on to a household task just because I have a strange secret love affair with it.

5. But they really don’t have the time to help with the housework

This last one probably applies to mom’s of teens more than any other age group. It is true between school, homework, sports, extra curricular activities, and church events teens generally don’t have a lot of downtime now a days.

However, most chores don’t take that much time to complete.

Here is a list of a few chores that take less than 5 minutes

  • Load the dishwasher
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Clear off and wipe down the kitchen counters
  • Scrub the toilet
  • Clean the sink
  • Sweep the floor in one room
  • Pick up the shoes in the mudroom or entrance way
  • Sort the dirty laundry

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I am sure that your child has at least 5 minutes each day that he or she could devote to a household chore and chances are he or she has more time than that.

Teenagers need to learn time management as well as housekeeping skills. If you don’t allow them to help because you simply don’t think they have the time, you are robbing them of both these skills. is the simple, very adaptable chore assignment system my family uses. It works great for teenagers as you can adjust the chore assignment to fit who is home and when.

Moms, this article has been a bit harsh. Trust me, I am feeling convicted from my own words. I am not perfect in this area at all.

Let’s promise to work on avoiding the busy trap of feeling like we are irreplaceable in more areas than we really are. For me that means I am going to be showing those kids of mine how to operate the washer and dryer this week.

When we assign our children household tasks not only are we training them well, we are also giving us more time to breathe–and that in turn allows us to be the best moms we can be.

Green Cleaners At Reasonable Prices Delivered To Your Door

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When the children first started helping me with the housework I became more concerned than ever about the chemicals found in household cleaners. I first switched to homemade cleaners, and although I thought they worked well, my husband wasn’t happy with them (yep, my hubby likes to clean. I am one blessed woman).

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