The Positive Results Of Embracing The Thrifty Lifestyle For Life


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So many people begin their journeys into the thrifty lifestyle because they want to pay off their debts–and yet when they do they gladly continue applying thrifty principles. Why? Because they have discovered the positive results of embracing the thrifty lifestyle and they don’t want to let them go.

My family is one of those many. Although I was raised thrifty, I strayed from the frugal aspects of my upbringing for a few years as a new bride. Soon my husband and I discovered that spending freely was causing us to feel not free but chained–chained to payments.

Learn why it pays to keep being thrifty even after your debts are paid in full.

And so we began a journey of thrifty living. Each and every expense was questioned–how could we reduce or eliminate an expense? We created several flexible streams of income to pay down debt and then when it was gone to help us stay that way.

Slowly our finances went from tight to comfortable. When we entered the comfortable stage we were faced with a decision. Do we keep questioning each and every expense? What areas of our budget do we raise? Do we raise any at all? What do we do with the wiggle room in our budget that we have created?

We have discovered in this new stage that we are thrifty because we want to be, not because we have to be. Living the thrifty lifestyle for the long haul allows us to live a very positive lifestyle.

5 Positive Results Of Embracing The Thrifty Lifestyle For Life

1. Less Financial Stress

It is true that paying off your debts reduces financial strain, but no payments isn’t the only positive effect of living thrifty. Being thrifty means you didn’t pay retail for hardly a single item you own. When you purchase your possessions for a fraction of retail  you simply don’t stress about them like you do about those that you spent too much on.

Yes, you do take care of them–that plays a big part in frugality–you simply stress about them less. Being thrifty you know how to replace an item should it get damaged, lost or stolen–plus you know you have the money in the bank to replace it.

2. More Ability To Give

The longer you live the thrifty lifestyle the more and more wiggle room you create in your budget. Wiggle room is awesome! And one of the best things to do with that spare cash is to give it away. Help out that family you know is struggling. Donate to the community fund for a better playground for children in your area. Sponsor a child in a third world country. Giving makes your heart happier than a full wallet ever will.

Somehow bargain shopping is all the more thrilling when you know it means that the money you save on your purchases means you can meet the needs of others.

3. A Creative Life

Going to the store and purchasing something new off the shelf does save time, but it doesn’t nurture your creativity.

Taking that yard sale found dresser home and converting it into a changing table for your best friend that is expecting her first baby–now that requires tapping into your creative side.

Being creative is part of cultivating a passionate life. Allowing ourselves time and energy to be creative is a huge stress reliever for many and what better excuse is there to make time for your creativity than to save money and create something original for either yourself or someone you love.

4. More “Yes”

When you keep the wiggle room in your budget instead of filling it with larger than need be expenses you can suddenly say yes to things you never dreamed you could.

Our family, for instance, is currently on a 5 1/2 month RV road trip that we were able to say yes to largely thanks to living thrifty years after we really needed to.

5. More Time For Relationships

In the early stages of being thrifty you look for ways to increase your income that are somewhat flexible. You want to increase your income to knock out debt, but you also want to sleep some too.

Those passive income streams continue when the debt is paid off and they set you up for more flexible working hours. Sure you might still have to work your 40 hour a week job once the debts are paid, but chances are you don’t have to work it plus another 20 hour job to pay down debt.

With your flexible income streams becoming healthier by the year (trust me, most of them will) you are now able to not just have more time available to spend with friends and family, but also more money to spend on the activities you do with them.

You no longer have to say no to dinner out with your foodie friend, you simply work it in the budget saving money in other areas to make it work. You can go the gym and meet the gals for Yoga class 3 days a week–because it is a priority to you and you can now budget by priorities instead of payments.

Embracing The Thrifty Lifestyle For Life Allows You To Thrive

If I were asked to chose just one word to describe the benefits of living thrifty for life it would be thrive.

Being thrifty allows you to thrive in life. With continually growing financial wiggle room in your life you can make dreams happen –your own and those of others.

How Do You Start Embracing The Thrifty Lifestyle So You Can Thrive?

Thrifty and Thriving by Victoria Huizinga of Snail Pace Transformations

Being thrifty is more than figuring out how to spend less on your groceries or get the best price on a secondhand vehicle. Being thrifty is a mindset. Thrifty people develop habits and principles that become so ingrained that they can’t help but make thrifty life choices.

My book Thrifty & Thriving: More Life For Less Money shares those habits and principles with you as well as ways to develop them in your own life so that you too can join those who are thriving because of their thrifty lifestyle.

Here is the book’s description as see on Amazon…

We all know that thrifty family—the one that manages to live on a cash budget with ease. They don’t worry about their credit card bill, because there isn’t one.
They seem to wear what you wear and eat what you eat, even though they may earn less than you do. Yet they are free of the financial worries that cause you hours of anxiety each month.
How do they do it?
This book is going to show you their secrets. This is not your typical “how to save money” book. It does not list 25 ways to save on food or 10 ways to decrease your electric bill. Instead, it shares more than 40 key practices and principles that thrifty families use every day.
Those practices and principles are broken down into manageable action steps that YOU can use to start changing your finances for the better—one small, snail-pacing step at a time.

Thrifty & Thriving is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon.













10 Popular Money Saving Posts That Will Help You Become A Thrifty Ninja


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After 5+ years of writing money saving posts, I have quite the library to help you become a thrifty ninja. Today I thought I would share with you my top 10 most popular money saving posts of all time.

Consider it your cliff notes for my money saving tips library.

These popular money saving posts will help you save money on groceries, Christmas expenses, gardening and more.

Top 10 Money Saving Posts Of All Time

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1. Christmas On A Zero Budget

When I wrote this post I had no idea that it would become so popular so fast. Within a week it went viral on Facebook and then the following winter it went viral several times both on Facebook and Pinterest.

Even though I wrote almost 3 years ago, the step by step process can still help you have a low to no cost Christmas.

I also expanded on it by writing a mini eBook that is yours free when you subscribe to my email list.

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2. 10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Groceries

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250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money.

3. 250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money

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One Little Known Way to Save More Money at Aldi

4. One Way To Save Money At ALDI That You Are Probably Overlooking

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5. 41 Websites & Apps Thrifty People Use To Save Money

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10 Ways Thrifty People Landscape

6. 10 Ways Thrifty People Landscape

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10 Ways Thrift People Renovate.

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10 Ways to Save Money on Camping

8. 10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Camping

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10 Spring Date Ideas That Cost Zero


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It’s spring, which means love is in the air! Too bad money isn’t growing on the newly budded trees, but that is okay because with these 10 spring date ideas that cost zero you won’t need money to keep your blooming romance growing.

10 Spring Dates that Cost Zero | Inexpensive date ideas |

10 Spring Date Ideas That Cost Zero

 1. Go Star Gazing

You might need to bundle up a bit, but snuggling under a blanket while staring at the stars only adds to the romance.

 2. Take A Spring Bloom Walk

Go for a walk around your neighborhood and see if you can find spring flowers such as pansies, tulips and daffodils starting to burst through the spring soil.

You can also go to a city park known for its gardens or hike a local trail and see if you can spot any wildflowers starting to bloom.

3. Trip To Your Local Garden Store

Spring time stirs the desire to plant a flower garden into the minds of many. Indulge in that urge by going to the local garden store and strolling the aisles figuring out what blooms you would plant in your dream garden.

4. Dust off Your Bikes, Roller Blades, Or…?

Spring is a great time for dates and exercise to collide. Dust off your bikes and go for a bike ride around the neighborhood or hit the local bike trails. If biking isn’t your thing, what equipment do you have? Tennis rackets? Roller Blades? get it out and get active together. If you don’t own anything, there is always walking or hiking or you could borrow equipment from friends.

5. Go On A Picnic

Dig in your cupboards and create a lunch for two with what you have available. Find a container to put it in and a blanket to sit on and then head out on a sunny spring day to a local park and have a picnic. You don’t even need to go to the park if you don’t want to–your own backyard will do.

6. Attend A Local Festival

Spring time is full of all sorts of festivals and most of them cost nothing to stroll through. If you don’t know of any in your area usually all it takes to find them is a visit to your area’s tourism website. Facebook friends can also be handy in helping you find a good festival. Just ask in a Facebook status if anyone knows of great spring festivals in your area.

7. Take A Walk In An April Rain Shower

I am not talking about going out for a walk in a heavy downpour–just a gentle spring rain. There is something about taking a walk in a spring rain shower while huddled under one umbrella (psst, golf umbrellas are plenty big enough for cuddling couples). 

Go ahead and act like kids and splash in the puddles as you walk (well, that is if you both own rain boots or don’t mind wet feet). When you are done, head inside and warm up with cups of hot chocolate for the both of you and one blanket to share.

8. Grab The Kids’ Sidewalk Chalk And Let Your Creative Sides Shine

If you don’t have children you can borrow sidewalk chalk from a friend or you can try this simple sidewalk paint recipe that uses ingredients you probably have in your kitchen cupboards.

You can either come up with a theme and work on a mural together that will cover your driveway or sidewalk or you can divide your space in half, then take pictures of each half, post them on social media and have your friends vote for who did the best art work. Winner makes the loser dinner.

9. Write Out Your Summer Bucket List

Thrifty people love to plan ahead and planning is free. Also creating a summer bucket list can be so much fun so why not make a date out of it. Grab your favorite cup of whatever and dust off the patio furniture and sit side by side and dream up all the things you want to do together as a couple during the upcoming summer season.

No idea is too expensive or too out there to be on the list. This is a dream list after all. Once you are done circle your top three and then start strategizing how to make room in your budget and life to make those events happen.

You can throw a yard sale, start earning gift cards doing things you already do online and purchase in-store or start selling your things through Facebook Buy and Sell groups.

10. Head To The Playground

Acting like a kid for a short period of time can be fun and bonding. Head to your local playground (preferably one that is fairly empty) and see who can swing higher, slide faster, and hang upside down the longest.

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