How To Earn Maximum Income From Point Programs: Free Printable

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I have heard it from friends in real life, from reader’s who leave comments on my blog and others “point programs are not worth the time” but I disagree.

How to earn maximum income from point programs free printables

Back before I had  blog and could reap the benefits of referral links better than I can now I still made $50 a month on average from point programs and I rarely spent more than 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week on them. That works out to $6.25 to $8.33 an hour, not bad for work I squeeze around everything else I did as a full  time homemaker and homeschooler.

Over the years I did this I learned a few tips that made me earn more with point programs quicker.

How To Earn Maximum Income From Point Programs

 Join a bunch

The trick to earning maximum income from point programs is to belong to several and use them regularly Here is a list of some you may want to try

(for more see my list of 17+ point programs that includes store reward programs, cash back sites and coupon apps that pay out in gift cards where I share my favorites and explain in detail what I do and don’t do inside each one)

Try them all

I suggest trying each one point program and survey company you find that has good reviews and is recommended by bloggers you trust until you at least hit the first payout, and then decide if it is worth it for you or not.

My rule of thumb has been if it has taken me more than 4 months to reach what is the minimum payout for the site, whether that be magazine subscriptions, books, gift cards or Paypal cash out or check than I usually cut the program unless it takes less than a few minutes a day to earn points.

Daily point reward income earning plan

Give yourself a daily time limit and have a plan to maximize your time

Point programs work best when you work at them regularly. Then again you don’t want to devote your whole day to earning points as the pay just isn’t that good.

What I suggest is setting a timer for 30 minutes and then work from the quickest point earning activities to the most time consuming ones. Of course if you get into a survey in the last minute before your timer goes off know you are going to want to finish it so make sure you leave some flex time before you are going to be needed else where.

Here is a list that is also available for download at bottom of post

  1. Set timer for 30 minutes
  2. Get at least one Swagbucks app going on your tablet or smart phone
  3. Open 2 tabs on your laptop and in one get Swagbucks TV going on low volume (for the next 30 minutes click back to that tab whenever you hear a show finish and start another one, hint the pet shows are usually very short so you can earn more Swag Bucks faster)
  4. Do the Swagbucks daily poll
  5. Do the Swagbucks daily NOSO
  6. Make sure to do one search using the Swagbucks toolbar so you get a point the next day
  7. Go to Bing Rewards do any Earn and Explore Bing Rewards Credits
  8. Earn you 15 PC Bing Reward Credits
  9. Go to your tablet or Smartphone and earn the 10 mobile app Bing Rewards credits (if you had to pause the Swag Bucks app to do this don’t forget to get it going again once you are done)
  10. Go to Inbox dollars  and click on all the paid emails
  11. Go through your email inbox and click on all the paid emails from My Points
  12. While your in your email inbox did Recycle Bank send you an earning email? If so do the activities
  13. Go to Paid Viewpoint and do any surveys you have waiting
  14. Go Back to Inbox dollars do they have any videos you can watch and do a few actions about them for points.
  15. Check the Read tab under “Discover” on the Swagbucks home page to see if you can earn a few quick points there.
  16. Stop timer  here if it hasn’t gone off already.  (if you wish leave your Swagbucks app running so you can earn the maximum points per day)
  17. If you have more time first check My Survey for surveys Then Opinion Post.

There is a  printable version of this list is available at the bottom of this post so  that you can laminate it and either put in the front of a binder that will hold your earning tracking sheets (more on that in a moment)  or clip it  into my clipboard organizing system.

Repeat this list at least 3 times a week and you should see a steady  income coming in from point earning programs month after month.

If you go through the entire earning process and love the program start referring others

Most point earning programs have a referral program. I don’t suggest using them until you have at least had one payout from the company, that way you can answer all questions your friends (or readers if you have a blog) might have. At the very least try out the program for a few weeks to make sure you like it and spend sometime searching for personal reviews and testimonials for the company online before sharing the referral links, you don’t want to risk your reputation for a few bucks.

Don’t over share. If your Facebook page becomes nothing but referral links you are going to offend your friends, or followers if your a blogger. Lightly sprinkle your requests to have people sign up.

point reward programs earning tracking sheet

Keep track of what you earn

It is too easy to lose track of what you are earning with point programs. A $5 Starbucks card  earned here, A $10 Amazon card earned there, all soon forgotten. To make the most impact for time spent I highly recommend writing down each and every gift card, or free magazine or book you earn and keeping a tally.

The benefit for this goes beyond just helping you realize what you are earning month per month, it will also help you see with what companies you earn your greatest return and that will help you tweak your plan for maximizing profit. It will also help you see if you could pool various companies rewards together, such as trying to get Amazon cards from as many companies as possible so you are able to afford a once a month $35 free shipping order from Amazon of items your family needs.

I have included a downloadable pdf of the form I use for your personal use at the bottom of this post.

Spend your points wisely

$50 a month isn’t going to help your families budget out much if you spend it all on Starbucks coffee cards. By all means spend some on something that brings you a bit of sanity in the day to day. For, instance each and every month I load up my Starbucks gold card with $10 worth of gift cards earned from various point programs and use it to enjoy a few iced coffees through out the month. The rest of what I earn I try to cash out for either Amazon gift cards or Pay pal gift cards whenever I can so that I can have the most flexibility as to what I spend it on.

For instance from Amazon I am able to order school supplies, vitamins, shampoo and even running shoes.

Here is the link to my downloadable:Daily Point Rewards Program Plan

Here is the link to my downloadable: Point Program Earnings

Want to thank me for the free printables? join me on you favorite social media platform whether that be Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Google+( :) Thanks )

For more ways to earn money at home check out my Selling & Earning Tips board on Pinterest

A list of 17+ point progmas that will help your increase your income.Don’t forget to check out my complete  list of 17+ point programs that can help increase your income

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The One Question That Saves Thrifty People The Most Money

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I am sure you have heard this question before, but I think it needs repeating often if you are going to reach your financial goals.

the one question that saves thrifty people the most money and how not to take it to extremes

 The One Question That Saves Thrifty People The Most Money And How Not To Take It To Extremes

I give you tips each and every Friday on ways to save money on things from vacations to groceries, to landscaping, and many more areas of life but truly the first question you have to ask yourself before buying a purchase is the one that will save you more money in the long run than any other money saving tip all the money saving bloggers out there could offer you.

What is it?

do I really need this

Do I really need this?

If the answer is no it doesn’t matter how inexpensive the purchase it is you are wasting money.

When  I repeat that question “Do I really need this” while out shopping, I put clearance found t-shirts back on the rack, I put yard sale found dishes back down and walk away empty handed, and I don’t even touch the wrapper of the candy bar at the check out.

Sure some of these purchases are small and seem very insignificant but put all together done week after week they can add up to a significant amount of cash that could be used to help our family reach our financial goals.

I  also know life would be pretty boring however without the odd little treat now and then, and treats are not generally things we need.

  • We don’t need take out  (as a foodie that one hurts)
  • We don’t need more than 3 outfits  (yes this is true, it is just not fun)
  • We don’t need more than 1 pair of season appropriate shoes ( gasp!)
  • We don’t need chocolate (oh no don’t even go there)
  • We don’t need to buy a book (um….nah…that has to be wrong)

Yet I think minimalists, who don’t own more than 3 outfits and one pair of shoes would even agree that life would be boring without the occasional splurge now and again, whether they be materialistic ones like  a good book, or experience focused, like a vacation (yep you don’t really need those for survival either).

So How Do You Not Take The Question “Do I Need This?” To the Extreme?

Give yourself a limit for treats and stick to it

Know what your bills are verses what your income is and then decide how much money you can put towards “sanity treats” as I like to call them.

You might find that you have very little to no money for such things in that case do not despair here are 2 ways to make room in your budget for sanity treats .

1. Make use of all the point programs available to earn gift cards to pay for sanity treats

My 3 favorite point programs are Swagbucks, Bing Rewards and ibotta (a cash back app) but there are many, more available.

If you spend just 15 minutes a day doing a few tasks in each program, I would think it is fair to say that you could earn $25 to $30 or more that you could earmark for gift cards for eating out or book buying or whatever it is that brings you a bit of a pick me up on a stressful day.  (here is how Swagbucks and Bing combined can bring you $30 a month in less than that daily time frame  )

2. Take some time to brainstorm and research all the things you can do for free

There are so many things you can do to take a bit of a breather in daily life without spending a dime. I love this article Crystal Paine linked to that contains 35 things you can do to relax and up lift your spirits that don’t cost a dime, plus Crystal’s own 17 additional ways to have fun without spending money. I would add to Crystal’s list my 10 ways to date for zero. Stress release and having a good time with others really doesn’t have to cost money.

So next time you pick up a purchase think to yourself  Do I really need this? and if not do I think it worthy of my sanity money? and watch your purchase satisfaction grow and your progress to your financial goals soar.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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The One Question That Can Save You The Most $$$

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How To Convert Bing Rewards Credits Into Swagbucks

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A reader asked me this question

I’m really confused about the Bing Rewards thing. How exactly does it work with Swagbucks? What is the process. I just signed up and I don’t see anything Swagbucks related :(

I replied to her question but it made me think. How many others out there don’t truly understand how to convert Bing Reward credits to Swag Bucks?

Convert Bing Rewards Credits Into Swag Bucks

How to Convert Bing Reward Credits Into Swag Bucks

1. Sign up for Bing Rewards

You of course can’t convert credits unless you actually have credits to convert. It takes just a few moments to get a Bing Rewards account.

2. Earn Bing Rewards By Completing Three Daily Actions

Each and every day make sure to take just a few minutes to earn the maximum credits you can earn through Bing Rewards

  1. Do any Earn and Explore actions: There are usually one a day sometimes 2 just click the link and you earn the credit(s)
  2. Do your PC Searches where you get 1 credit for every 2 searches up to 15 credits per day. I get mine fast by clicking the related search links it gives you in the sidebar of the screen (might have to scroll to see)
  3. Do your Mobile Searches where you get 1 credit for every 2 searches up to 10 credits per day. I find these take a bit longer than the PC searches do but they really do help you earn faster.

 Total time spent daily:  Just under 5 minutes

3. Keep Earning Your Bing Reward Credits Until You Reach 475 credits

The first time you cash out you will have to earn 500 but shortly after that you should reach “gold status” which makes a 500 credits gift card 475 credits.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 3.24.21 PM

screen shot from Bing Rewards

4. Click on the “Redeem” tab

At the top of your Bing Rewards Dashboard  page just above Earn and Explore you should see above. Click on Redeem to view all the available gift cards.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 3.27.45 PM

screen shot from Bing Rewards

5. Choose the $5 Swagbucks giftcard

Click on the $5 Swagbucks gift card and press redeem. Follow the instructions and very soon a code for 500 Swag Bucks will be delivered to the email address associated with your Bing Rewards account.  (if you don’t have enough credits yet press set as goal and the card will show up in the sidebar of your dashboard with a line that will turn green when you reach your goal and then you don’t have to dig for it to cash in, although you still have to go through the redeem process).

screen shot from Swagbucks

screen shot from Swagbucks

6. Copy and paste your code into the Swagbucks

When the email arrives (which is under 24 hrs) copy and paste the Swag Code into the Swag Code box found on the home page of Swagbucks. Just click the Swag Code symbol and a box to enter the code will appear. The 500 Swag Bucks will be automatically put into your Swagbucks account.

7. Repeat up to 50 times

You can cash in  up to 50 of these special Swagbucks codes. Which will help you expand your gift card cash in options since Bing Rewards has just a small handful of gift cards to choose from for redemption but Swagbucks has pages full.

What I also like is you can get a $5 Amazon gift  card at Swagbucks for 450 Swag Bucks (up to 5 a month at this Swag Buck price). At Bing Rewards that same $5 Amazon gift card costs your 475 credits  which is the same as a 500 Swag Buck points card from Bing Rewards.  That means I come ahead of the game when I cash in Bing Credits  for Swag Bucks and convert them to Amazon cards.

I hope this post helps you understand the process of converting Bing Rewards credits into Swag Bucks better.

Interested in maximizing your Swagbucks earnings through Bing and other activities? Follow one of my Swagbuck plans

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A list of 17+ point progmas that will help your increase your income.Like point programs? Check out my list of 17+ point programs that can help increase your income.

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250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money

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It all began with a challenge to snap a picture of a thrifty act each week for a month, during that month I discovered people really liked my thrifty people tips, and so I started writing about them as many Fridays as I could (some weeks the thrifty people muse doesn’t visit me but instead the resale fairy visits)

250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money Plus 10 Key Things Thrifty People Do Over & Over To Save Money On Just About Anything

Almost 2 years later I have shared 23 articles with 10 thrifty tips and 1 article with 20 thrifty tips making a whopping 250 thrifty tips covering all kinds of areas of finances, from dating, to groceries, to camping and more.

250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money.

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Workout Clothes

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Camping

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Vacations

10 ways thrifty people save money on graduation gifts (med2)

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Graduation Gifts

10 Ways Thrifty People Us Facebook to Save & Make Money

10 Ways Thrifty People Stay Content & On Track Financially

20 ways thrifty people save money on clothing (small)

20 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Clothing

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Organics

10 Ways Thrifty People Celebrate Valentines Day

10 kitchen tools thrifty people own (med)

10 Kitchen Tools Thrifty People Own

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Groceries

10 Ways Thrifty People Lose Weight

10 ways thrifty people decorate for Christmas (med)

10 Ways Thrifty People Decorate For Christmas

10 Ways Thrifty Runners Save Money On Races

10 Ways Thrifty People Landscape

10 ways thrifty people homeschool (med)

10 Ways Thrifty People Homeschool

10 Ways Thrifty People Have Fun In the Sun

10 Ways Thrifty People Are Green

10-ways-thrifty-people-dinner-date (med)

10 Ways Thrifty People Dinner Date

10 Dates Thrifty People Take

10 Ways Thrifty People Exercise

10 Ways Thrifty People Shop For Christmas (med)

10 Ways Thrifty People Shop For Christmas

10 Things Thrifty People Do For Fun

10 Ways Thrifty People Renovate

That is 24 articles of 10 points and 1 article of 20 points add it up and you have 250 ways thrifty people save money.

When you click through and read the articles you will find…

10 key things Thrifty People do over and over to save money on just about anything

10 Key Things Thrifty People Do Over And Over To Save Money On Just About Anything

1. Shop sales and clearance

A thrifty person rarely pays full price and clearance racks are usually just the beginning of the list of tips and trick to pay the least amount possible.

2. Shop secondhand

From cars to furniture to clothes, thrifty people know that the way to save a significant amount of money on purchase is to buy second hand.

3. If there is a  coupon use it

From printable coupons, to coupons that come in junk mail, to email coupons to coupons found in free magazines, a thrifty person is always on the look out for coupons.

4. Don’t buy more than you need

This is hard for bargain lovers, we often get distracted by an “amazing bargain” forgetting a bargain isn’t a bargain if we didn’t need it in the first place. Those cool Christmas decorations might just a dollar a box but if you already have enough decorations each box bought is a dollar wasted.

5. Check Cash back sites and Rebate apps. for further discounts

Cash back sites give any where from 2 to 3 percent back to 8 percent or sometimes even higher on purchases made at your favorite stores when you use their links to take you to the store you want. The cash back is often given in the form of either a rebate check, a paypal deposit or a gift card, depending on the program.

Don’t forget to see what Swagbucks is offering in the way of Swag Bucks per dollar when you purchase through their links as often it is higher.

6.  Purchase Discounted gift cards for planned purchases

If you know that you are planning to rebuild your back deck and you know what home improvement store you are going to get your supplies at, jump over to Cardpool and see if you can save on your supplies using discounted gift cards. For instance our family regularly save 7% or more to the home improvement store in our town and over the years this thrifty trick has saved us hundreds of dollars.

7. Make What You Do Own Last Longer

Taking care of your items makes them last longer and that of course means you don’t have to buy replacements as often saving you money.

8. Watch Daily deal sites for things on your need list

I love Groupon for finding great deals for restaurants in our area for thrifty date nights. I found a 1/2 price voucher for my favorite vitamin website at Plum District not to long ago. Zulily is my go to site for deals on everything from purses, to shoes, to running gear and much much more. If your can’t find a sale you can probably find a daily deal.

9.  Sell what you no longer need to help purchase what you currently need

Need a tent for an upcoming camping trip, sell your clutter and not only clean your home but get the tent you want paid for. What ever it is you need to pay for selling things you no longer need is a great way to help soften the blow that the purchase has to your budget.

10. Use Point reward programs to collect points for gift cards to help pay.

Swagbucks and Bing are  currently my two favorite companies  for earning free gift cards that can help you pay down the cost of items. It is possible to work the two companies together to earn $30 a month in just a few minutes work each day. You can always add in a few more point reward companies to make your monthly return even higher.

Looking for more ways to save money? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest

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 10 books you need to read if you want to be a thrifty ninja (small)

 Want to become a thrifty ninja? Here are 10 books that can help. 

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10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Workout Clothes

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I run, I bike, I swim, I kayak, I walk, I hike, and  I have a small dresser full of workout gear and accessories   in my dining room to prove it.

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Workout ClothesYes, my workout gear is in my dining room. It got moved there when my husband use to work late and I worked out early and moving the workout gear to another room was a way of keeping the peace. But you didn’t come today for marriage tips you came wanting ways to save money on workout gear.

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money on Workout Clothes

1. Buy on clearance.

I rarely ever pay more than $5 for a workout top and I am able to keep them in that price range by continually searching the clearance racks every time I am in Target and TJ Maxx.

2. Stay Away From Pricey Designer Brands

Names like Danskin, Avia and Champion make up the majority of my workout gear. These brands work well and cost less than designer label workout gear.

3. Own just what you need

I workout daily, sometimes twice a day (yes I know I have a problem). I know I need exactly 4 hot weather outfits and 4 cold weather outfits to get by between washes, no more, no less.

4. Take care of what you buy

I have a drying rack in our upstairs bathroom and I use it for all my workout gear. Lycra and moisture wicking fabrics last longer when you allow them to drip dry.

5. Search for coupons and discount codes and cash back deals if shopping on line

I bought my last workout shirts from I made sure to check all of my favorite cash back companies to see who was offering the best cash back deal.

(psst. don’t forget to check out how many Swag Bucks you would get per dollar too if you were to shop through their site to see if you might be better off getting Swag Bucks towards gift cards than a cash deal)

6. Buy your workout clothes with discount gift cards

TJ Max is one of my favorite places for buying inexpensive compression gear and running bras. When I know I am getting close to needing new ones I check for a discount gift card, that lets me save money before I even walk in the doors.

7. Shop online outlet stores

When I was swimming laps in the morning I met a lady who gave me a great savings tip for all swimmers. She told me to to save money on swimsuits and swim gear. If you know of another great online outlet store for workout clothes share it in the comments.

8. Keep your eyes open for New With Tag deals at Online consignment stores

I know very few people who are interested in second hand workout gear, but did you know that both Twice and ThredUP offer a New With Tags section that can be a great source of inexpensive new workout wear. Best part if you are not a member you get $10 for both ThredUp and Twice when you sign up through my referral links.

9. Cash in points from point reward programs for gift cards towards purchasing your workout gear.

Swagbucks offers a variety of gift card options for stores that sell workout gear, including my 3 favorite sources for inexpensive workout gear, Walmart, Target and TJMaxx.

Set a goal to earn so much a month, I have plans that can help you earn ,$25 to $50 a month or more each and every month and you could earmark the points for gift cards for workout gear

10. daily deal sites

My favorite site for workout gear deals is Zulily. They have sales almost daily on different brands of workout gear. Over the course of a month Zulily will run sales on workout gear that suits almost every figure type and budget.

Linked to Saver Tip Tuesdays, Thrifty Thursdays,

thrifty exercise (small)Want to make working out as thrifty as your workout clothes? Check out 10 Ways Thrifty People Exercise.


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Printable Coupons Now Available

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$0.75 off flavor/variety Cascadian Farm product
See the coupon above. You can click on it and get it right here from my site! I am so excited about offering printable coupons to my readers. It seems like such a great service to offer considering my goal here on Snail Pace Transformations is to equip my readers with ways to save money and time so they can pursue their passions.
A great way to save money is with printable coupons, so I am happy to be offering you printable coupons from

and a few more coupon companies. You will find an up to date listing of available printable coupons nestled under the coupon tab found in the menu at the top of the blog.

I am hoping in the near future to provide you with a once a week listing of the best printable coupons available but remember the current coupons are just a click away under the coupon tab.


How Having A “Good Enough” Attitude Saves Money

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Last week I showed you pictures of some of the items we have fixed in the last year with replacement parts from Amazon, and how much money we have saved doing that.

After that post went live I was vacuuming when I had a thought, sometimes how we save money is by either not replacing what is broken, or by what my husband calls “good enough” fix jobs.

how having a good enough attitude can save you money

 For instance my vacuum. The on/off switch broke years ago, it is constantly in on mode unless unplugged, so we simply plug it in when we need it and unplug it when we don’t.

fridge drawer fix One of the drawers in our fridge cracked over 5 years ago and I have held it together with see through packing tape for years. I made sure the drawer was good and dry, cut a piece of packing tape to generously cover the crack, pressed it down hard to make sure it stuck really good, and it has I made the fix years ago and it is still going strong.

car seat fixThe drivers seat of my car got a rip along the edge a short while ago. This week I got some duct tape in a similar color and I intend to do a similar fix to my driver’s seat as I did to my fridge drawer.

quick purse fix

 The zipper pull fell off one of my favorite purses, so I used a ring from a free key chain as a replacement.

 Yes, it is true, these “good enough” fixes may not be aesthetically pleasing, but when you are on tight budget, they really do help stretch money further.

It is all a matter of priorities. Would you rather spend money on a new fridge drawer, or would you rather put that money towards a larger money goal like getting rid of the car payment, or going camping for the week as a family, or ……….(fill it what you would rather do).

 Does your family do “good enough” fixes?

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5 Yard Sale Finds Worth Reselling For Profit On eBay

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Back before I started a blog, and even before I renovated 3 homes with my husband in 4 years ,I sold items on eBay on a fairly regular basis to help pay for my children’s activities or I would save it up and pay for something bigger like a family camping trip.

5 yard sale finds worth reselling for profit on ebay

I still do list the odd thing on eBay now and again, but it is usually items that we already own and no longer need. When I was doing eBay more regularly it was yard sale items that I bought with the intention of reselling for profit.

5 Yard Sale Finds Worth Reselling For Profit On eBay

It took me a bit of trial and error to figure out what sold on eBay and what didn’t. In time I began to stick to the five items I am going to mention below.

A word of caution: what I find in my area to be low enough priced to resell for profit might not be what you can find in your area.

Below are the 5 items that I found low priced enough over and over again to resell for profit and I mention them because I believe them to be available almost everywhere. However this list is not exhaustive, you are probably going to be able to find more than 5 items,  for instance I know of women who resell yard sale found clothing on eBay and do amazing with it, however when I tried it, I flopped. Looking back it is probably because I am not a fashionista , so I don’t know the trendy brands that people really want, you however might be a fashion queen and so reselling clothes will work for you.

My suggestion is to study eBay completed listings and sold listings for at least a few hours before you head out your first time yard sale shopping with the intentions of buying things to sell on eBay. I also suggest that you take it slow. Invest perhaps $5 to $10 the first time you buy specifically for reselling and then don’t buy more until you list and sell those items.  There is a learning curve to eBay but thankfully it doesn’t have to be expensive to get into it and start learning. My rule was to never buy and item I couldn’t  resell at my next yard sale for the same price if it didn’t sell like I thought it would on eBay.

A  good book to read and learn the complete ins and outs of eBay is eBay For Dummies.

Check out my post: Successfully selling on eBay for a few pointers to get you started on your eBay selling adventures.

That said here is my list of 5 items I have bought from yard sales and resold on eBay for profit over and over again and I am fairly certain most people could have success with reselling these items too.

1. Books

I have always had the best of luck with Children’s books, especially selling about 1 dozen books of either the same author, or the same subject and reading level if non fiction. Another type that does well are the leveled readers such as the “step into reading” series.

If you put around 1 dozen leveled readers in a lot on eBay right around the time teachers are stocking their class rooms for fall (July and August), or homeschoolers are getting ready for the new school year they will usually turn a tidy profit, especially if you were able to pick them up for .10 cents to .25 cents which is the going yard sale rate in my area.

Board book sets also do well. Just make sure they are from quality authors and not the ones you find at the dollar store. A few good ones are titles from the Bright and Early Board book series , as well as those by Max Lucado, and Sandra Boynton. I always found I made more per book when I sold them in lots of 4 or more titles at a time.

Always make sure the books are free of creases, rips, writing and musty or smokey smells. They should be in like new condition to obtain the most profit.

Another great idea that works for book selling is to browser through what book series are popular currently and then look for those at sales. Don’t buy them unless you have the whole set,  unless you get a steal of a deal because partial sets do not sell as well and you could end up with books that either won’t sell or sell for very little profit.

2. Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are about the only clothes I have ever had luck selling. Look for classic pieces women could wear to work like black skirts and pants, as well as trendy items like maxi dresses and skirts. Jeans do well too, just make sure they are current style. I always stuck to brands like Old Navy and always managed to sell them.

I found that items like dresses sold best separately, however if you find a bunch of clothes that are all the same size and make into great mix and match outfits then selling them as a lot might be best as first time moms who are starting their maternity wardrobes from scratch will buy them. Again condition is everything you want the clothes to be free of stains and rips and look like new.

3.  Current Homeschooling Curriculum

I wouldn’t go older than 3 years if you are taking your first chance at selling homeschooling curriculum. You really have to know what is popular and what isn’t before you get into reselling homeschooling curriculum.

You run into homeschooling curriculum more often than you would think at yard sales and it is usually undervalued. You might want to dig in those piles of old text books a bit more closely because that is often where you will find current homeschooling curriculum mixed in.

For instance I once found a family selling 2 entire years worth of Alpha Omega Lifepac’s and 90% of the booklets were still sealed in their original packages.They had them right beside a bunch of books that were older than.

4. Little Tikes Doll House Pieces.

The Vintage  Little Tikes Doll House Pieces (look up on eBay to view) are hard to find but even if you just find one in a .25 cent bin pick it up because it could be worth between $5 and $20 depending on how rare the piece is.

The houses themselves are expensive to ship and therefore usually don’t sell well on eBay so I usually sold those separately through another avenue of reselling, since you often have to buy them with all the pieces at a yard sale.

The vintage Fisher Price doll house pieces also do well, but you don’t find those at yard sales as readily as you do the vintage Little Tikes doll house pieces, at least not where I live.

You will make the most profit by selling these pieces individually as buyers are usually trying to complete sets.

5. Lego

All types of Lego generally sell well but I had the best of luck selling Duplo figurines. Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Buzz Light year, basically whatever figure is based on a popular children’s movie  or TV show generally sells well. Duplo Train tracks and vehicles also do well.

I would often buy a box or two of Lego during one day of yard sale shopping  spending perhaps $5 to $10  and then go home and divided into several different eBay auctions, one for the figurines, one for the cars ,and all the bricks went into my children’s Lego and Duplo buckets.

I can think of only one time when I had an auction for Lego that didn’t sell and it  was a very large piece (an alligator that picked up blocks when you pushed it along the floor).  Lesson learned stay away from the large Lego items like tables and such, at least for eBay.

These 5 items have turned me a profit time and time again on eBay for very little investment, best part is if they don’t sell on eBay I can sell them off at my own yard sale for what I paid for them and I am out nothing but some time.

Have you ever sold on eBay? If so what has sold well for you?

Wanting to make money at home? Follow my Selling & Earnings Tips board on Pinterest.

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how to prepare items for sale so that you get top dollar (small)The most important part of selling things on eBay is getting your item ready for sale. Read How To Prepare Items For Sale So That You Can Get Top Dollar for tips on preparing your items for resale.

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Saving Money With Amazon Replacement Parts

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

On Tuesdays I share a picture from our week that inspired me to write a post.

Mid week I got an order from Amazon that included springs for our trampoline and blender parts for my favorite blender.

Save Money By Purchasing Replacement Parts For Many Common Household Items On Amazon

I couldn’t help but think how much money Amazon has saved us  the last few years through replacement parts we can find there that we can’t find in the stores in our town.

3 items that were saved from the landfill or recycling bin thanks to Amazon Replacement Parts

my blender1. My Oster Beehive Blender

I love my Oster Beehive blender for its glass jar.  It is very rare it seems these days to find a blender with a glass jug, and I really prefer glass to plastic. The Beehive blender is also very powerful, you do have to make sure that the liquid part of your shakes is at the bottom to help get it started but once it gets to grinding it does a great job, and cleans up well.

About a month ago the lid to my blender disappeared, I am pretty sure the child who dries the dishes put it in the recycling bin as he has been known to do this before with a few more or my kitchen items. Without a lid a blender is useless. I tried a plate or two as a thrifty fix but none formed a great seal and that was messy.

A new Beehive blender would have been $40 from the cheapest source on line I found

A replacement pack of parts was $10.97

I saved $29.03 and I have replacement parts for the other parts of the blender that might get broken or lost by the same boy who lost the lid.

trampoline2. Our Trampoline

We bought a trampoline from Aldi’s last spring as part of our make the backyard fun for our now older children makeover. Being new trampoline owners who never grew up with one we didn’t realize what heavy winter snowfall mixed with ice could do to a trampoline. By spring we were enlightened to the fact that it is a good idea to put the canvas of your trampoline away each winter because snow load stretches it and the springs holding it.

We were able to fix it (although it is not as bouncy as it once was but bounce enough to be fun) with trampoline springs from Amazon.

Cost of a new trampoline:  $209.00 (we paid $199 at Aldi last spring but they don’t have that trampoline this year but this one on Amazon is a close replacement in size and quality)

Cost of replacement springs: $17.04 per set and we need 3 so $51.12

We saved $157.88 and learned a valuable yet expensive lesson!

my ipod3. My iPod

Although I  finally caved and got a smartphone a few months ago, when my current dumbphone died, Tracfone the company we find to be the most economical in our area does not offer iPhones and I am hooked on apple products. My LG phone does what it needs to do, takes great pictures, and works pretty fast but….well…it just is not an apple product. I don’t like that I have to press 2 different buttons to see updates, where as my iPod screen lights up automatically whenever I get a Facebook message or an email or a textfree message. I also can type twice as fast on my iPod and like the notepad app way better.  I  really still have a 2 piece smartphone it just now takes better pictures, and I can access WiFi using data whenever I want, plus when I want to be completely off work, I leave my iPod behind, as I didn’t load blog relate apps to my smartphone.

Unfortunately my  4th generation iPod battery life is right around one hour . My son keeps telling me I should just update to an iPod 5 but since I have a smartphone my thrifty self is having problems justifying it.

To keep it going on the go I discovered portable battery chargers and LOVE THEM.

Cost of a new iPod: $262  for a 5th generation

Cost of a battery charger: $16.99 (sale price)

I saved: $245.01

By looking for options to fix items so that they last longer our family has saved $431.92 on these three items alone. Not only did we save money but we also avoided shipping things off to the landfill or recycling bin (not that recycling is bad, reusing or renewing is just better).

Have you ever saved money buying replacement parts on Amazon instead of re-buying the item?

  How to earn 30 dollars a month with Swagbucks (small)

My family pays for most of our Amazon orders through gift cards earned through Swagbucks.  Earning Swag Bucks takes less time than you may think, here is my $30 a month Swagbucks plan that doesn’t require you to take a single survey and most of the work is just clicking a few buttons while you work on something else.

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10 Thrifty Themed Pinterest Community Boards To Follow

(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

What I love about being Thrifty in today’s world is how simple it is to find free sources of thrifty wisdom.

10 thrifty themed pinterest community boards to follow

One such source of free thrifty wisdom is of course Pinterest, and community boards are always the best for digging deep into all areas of thrifty. When you gather dozens to hundreds of bloggers who write about frugality and thrift and have them pin to one board you create a mass of thrifty knowledge.

Listed below are 10 thrifty themed Pinterest community boards that I currently  belong to, but if you have a thrifty themed community Pinterest board not on the list go ahead and tell me about it in the comments, so that we thrifty folks can follow it. If your thrifty themed community Pinterest board is  open to new pinners then tell those of us who would love to join how to best contact you for an invite.

10 Thrifty Themed Pinterest Community Boards To Follow

1. Frugal Living: Inspired BN Community

2. Thrifty Thursday@ LWSL

3. Frugal Freebies 4 Mom

4. Ultimate Frugal Homeschool

5.  Affording The Homeschool Life

6. Creative Ways To Pay Off Debt

7. Frugal Living Tips

8. We Heart Frugal Living Tips

9. DIY Tricks & Frugal Tips

10. Thrifty Christmas Tips

One More Thrifty Board  To Follow : My Saving Money Tips Board isn’t a community board but instead my personal thrifty living Pinterest board where I pin not just my own posts about thrifty living but those of other bloggers that I find when surfing the web or cruising Pinterest.

Once again if you manage a thrifty living themed community board I would love for you to share it in the comments below so that readers of this post can find other great boards to follow beyond the ten listed.

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