3 Things I Am LOVING Lately: May 18


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

Only 2 more weeks until school comes to an end in our area. Well for the public school kids that is. Our two teenagers will be doing school over the summer so that they have more free time during our BIG trip to take in the sites. Thankfully Time4Learning takes a lot of the planning and marking work out of my hands, and my visual learners really like it. Up until now we have used it just for English but we are going to use it for History as well this upcoming school year.


First thing I am loving this week

Date night!

Despite the cold and rainy weather in Indiana, this past week, my husband and I did get to go for a long bike ride Friday afternoon. We biked just over an hour ,on a local trail, out to one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner we headed over  to the local ice cream parlor for ice cream before biking over an hour back to our home.

psst….long bike rides are much more comfortable since I bought padded shorts . I also saw a huge difference in comfort when I swapped out my bike seat to one with more support (okay cushioning but support make me sound like less of a wimp!)


Second thing I am loving lately

The encouragement I needed to hear

Right around  4 1/2 years ago I started this blog with the goal of making a full-time income by the 4 year mark and that hasn’t happened.

Now I do feel very blessed to make the steady part-time income I do make but I would be lying if I said that seeing others reach the same goal (full-time income) in less time has not been H.A.R.D.

There are days where I feel like I have the word FAILURE stamped across my forehead. One day last week when I was feeling just like that I got in an Epsom salt bath with the intention of digging into Karen Kingsbury’s book 15 Minutes.

I always read Kingsbury’s  book dedications to all her family members in every one of her books. In the dedication to one particular son I saw the sentence “Keep working, keep pushing, keep believing.” and it was like the words jumped  off the page and into my heart.

I needed those words so desperately in that moment. Perhaps you need them too. Slow growth is not no growth. Slow growth allows for the life balance we all crave. It allows for rest. It allows for relationships to grow and deepen. However sometimes slow growth means waiting even longer than we would like for a goal to be reached. Sometimes it means we hear the cheers for others crossing the finish line while we are still miles behind on the journey.

That is OKAY! Keep working, keep pushing, keep believing!

book i like

Third thing I am loving this week

A book that thrills my thrifty giving heart

Since receiving my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle I have been digging in to the amazing wealth of knowledge within it.

One of the first books I opened was Thinking Outside The Gift Box: 75 Simple & Meaningful Gift Ideas To Spark Your Creativity . I am LOVING all the great meaningful yet thrifty gift ideas within its pages.

These gifts will mean so much to your loved ones. I will be trying out several of Lauren’s ideas in the months to come.

And A Blogging Announcement

I am feeling lately like the blog has gotten a little too “thrifty people do” heavy. This blog is suppose to be about so much more than ways to save and earn money. This blog is suppose to inspire you to figure out how to live on less and get your work done in less time, so that you can have more money and time for the passions that spark joy in your life.

So I am moving my monthly goal update and cluttering project update from Monday to Wednesdays and making Mondays mostly about how to simplify life so you can have more time for all that brings you true joy.

That means the first Wednesday each month will be a goal update. All other Wednesdays will be  a 3 Things I am LOVING Lately post with  the fourth Wednesday sharing a picture at the bottom of the clutter I tossed during the month.

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3 Things I Am Loving Lately: May 11


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother’s day weekend. I know I did. I purposely planned to have a relaxing weekend, and that is exactly what I had.

I am finding that as I apply the principles I learn in life management courses like Make Over Your Evenings, the more I am living my days at a more relaxing speed. I am not doing less, I am just doing it all in a more routine way. Forming habits really does simplify life.


First thing I am LOVING lately……

Finally accepting that my body figure has changed

It has taken me a while to really figure out that my body shape has changed these last few years and what clothing suited me in my 30’s don’t in my 40’s.  Gravity is unkind! Well that and a slowing metabolism mixed with my love for sweets. Anyways my point is I am loving my orders from ThredUp more and more now that I have figured out what styles suit my figure and what  colors look best  on me.

In fact there is barely a day that goes by that I am not wearing some article of clothing that I got from ThredUP.

It does take me a while to pick out my items. So I like to shop with a cup of tea and some good tunes borrowed from Hoopla.

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Second thing I am LOVING lately…

Mom and daughter time

A Mother’s day tradition every year with my daughter is slipping out in the afternoon for 1/2 prices Starbucks Frappes. For years now the sale has always been over Mother’s day. If they change that we are so set in our tradition now that I might actually pay full price—gasp, did I just write that.

I am also loving the new My Starbucks Rewards changes. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like them or not but I seem to be earning rewards faster than I once was.

You can sign up here (you need a gift card to register )and when you do you get a free drink just for registering and another one on your birthday (got to fill out your account info so they know when to send it) . They send out emails filled with extra ways to earn more points, or special member only deals– so make sure to opt in for email.


Third thing I am LOVING lately…..

A good novel and a goal met

If you read my Mother’s day post you know that one of my desires for Mother’s day weekend was to read a novel from start to finish. I am proud to say I made my goal.

I chose to read Wildflowers from Winter a book that I got through Paperbackswap. I LOVED IT so much that I went into my Paperbackswap account and put all of Katie Ganshert’s other books on my wishlist.

psst…. you can save $3 on off Paperbackswaps standard membership when you use my referral link and list 10 books you are willing to swap with others. Paperbackswap is a great resource for homeschoolers and bookworms.

What is something you are loving lately? Tell me about in the comments below.

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3 Things I am LOVING Lately: May 4


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3 Things I Am Loving Lately What about you

It has been a rather grey and rainy week here in Indiana with sunshine sprinkled in here and there.

I finished reading the book Girl Meets Change and I have moved on into the pages of Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan For Weary Souls.

I have always considered myself one of the few that isn’t caught up in busy, but while reading Rest Assured, I am realizing that isn’t true. I might be more satisfied with snail pacing things than most but I am still too caught up in go, go, go . I am already thinking of how to change that.


First thing I am LOVING…

Children old enough to bake.

This cookie tasted as good as it looks. Best part is I didn’t spend a minute in the kitchen making it–my son made it.

Even though I do like to bake I rarely do in my current stage of life simply because my children do. Moms of little ones hang in there, it does get easier. My two teens and my college age son, who lives with us, are a HUGE help.


Second thing I am LOVING lately…

My eBook is one step closer to being done.

On Saturday afternoon I sent my eBook to a content editor ( I am using Ann of Annie and Everything) .  It feels so good to be one step closer to having it completed.


Third thing I am LOVING lately…..

free bagels

I was so excited when I opened up my latest email from My Panera and discovered I received the free bagel every day in May incentive. Now not everyone gets the same incentives, so don’t sign up and then get disappointed when you are not offered free bagels. I am not sure how they pick who gets what, it seems really random.

Sadly I don’t have a Panera in my town but several larger neighboring towns do. Although I won’t spend extra gas and time driving to those centers just for a bagel I will be stopping in for one if I happen to need to drive there anyways.

What is something you are loving lately? Tell me about in the comments below.

Let’s get to know one another this year! Join me on Facebook and/or Instagram. Those are the places I hang out and chat.

our family uses time4learning.comOur family uses Time4Learning in our homeschooling for English.