Bread Outlet Store Tips : How My Family Saves $85 A Year

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how our family saves $85 a year on bread

Family size loaves  of 100% whole grain bread are just $1.39 each at the bread outlet store I visit. The lowest I can find the same loaf of bread in my local grocery stores is $1.94 meaning I save .55 cents a loaf. Our family uses 3 loaves a week making my weekly savings $1.65. There are 52 weeks in a year meaning I can save as much as $85.80 a year using this one money saving tip.

Tips for shopping at Bread Outlet Stores

1. If you have special dietary needs or prefer organic don’t think that you won’t find these types of products at discount bread stores because you can. I see organic and gluten free products at my bread outlet store all the time.

2. The bread keeps fine in your freezer for several weeks so stock up to avoid having to make frequent stops. This will save you time and money.

3. Look for special signs posted. Often there are deals like buy 10 loaves get one free. Or buy 5 loaves get a free package of English muffins.

4. Ask if there is a certain day or time they get deliveries. These would be the best time to stop in and shop as they will have the best selection.

5. Don’t stack your bread one on top of the other in the freezer instead stack them side by side until they freeze to avoid squashed loaves. Once frozen then you can stack them if you need too.

6. Some breads freeze better than others. For instance our family finds whole grain bread freezes wonderfully but hot dogs and hamburgers (which we prefer to be white) don’t. (so I bake my own instead)

If you are looking for a way to squeeze a bit more from the budget so that you can afford to support your passion whatever that might be from paying down debt, to going back to school, to finally taking a family vacation this is one money saving tip that might help. It might not seem like much but when you combine it with other money saving tips the results can be significant.

Looking for more ways to save money on bread? Visit my bread machine tips page for recipes and tips for baking your own bread and buns at home.


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  1. I found if you freeze hamburger and hot dog buns, you can pop them in the toaster, toaster oven or oven and lightly toast them to ‘freshen’ them with a twist. Saves us because we never finish a package (just the two of us).

  2. Our bread outlet gives punch cards…when you buy $35 worth, you get a free loaf and snack cake. Those are our favorite trips because my kids get donuts! Thank you for sharing these tips!

  3. Thanks for the post Victoria. While 85 bucks may not seem like a lot over the course of a year, every little bit helps 🙂 In my neighborhood there is a wonderful bakery that has a large variety of day old bread for $1.50 a loaf. They also have home made buns, danishes, muffins and other delicious baked goods!

    And if one has an “issue” with day old bread, the bakery’s fresh bread is only $2.25. I can’t even buy a loaf of crappy white bread at the grocery store for less than $3.50!!

    Thanks again and take care.


  4. thanks for sharing the tips any way I can save money is a good thing. Found you on Thrifty Thursday link up following on fb have a great day.

  5. Sherry Swing says:

    Great tips. We eat alot of bread around here. So I make stops at Dollar Tree, and Big Lots to check out their bread stash. Walmart usually has a rack in the back of the store, but I am careful with these.

  6. This is an excellent tip! Our local Aunt Millie’s discount store has loaves for $0.89 – the same bread at Meijer is $3.29!!! Walmart is $2.79! It pays to stop in and stock up! I’ve also had good success with freezing their large onion style buns – they are pretty sturdy and thaw out fine in a few seconds on defrost in the microwave.

    Watch for markdown tables where there is an even further price reduction on certain items!


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