Boxed: A Warehouse Store Without The Membership Fee

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(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

A little over a month ago my husband came home from work and said, “Hey, all the gals at work are raving about Boxed; you should check it out”.

Boxed A WareHouse Store Without The Membership FeeI told him I would and then completely forgot about it until I saw it offered as a voucher daily deal on Zulily. For $40 I could get a $60 voucher to Boxed.  I snatched it up and even got an Ebates cashback for Zulily in the process. Oh, how I love combining deals to lower my out of pocket costs.

To get the most out of my voucher and to help my readers know if Boxed was truly a low price site I decided to do a price comparison between Costco, Sam’s Club and Boxed.

You can check out Boxed for yourself and save $15 on your first order when you use my referral code 3W8LE at check out (plus you get free shipping on your first order)

A 5 Item Cost Comparison To Warehouse Stores

As I said, I wanted to help not just me save money but my readers too, so some of these items on my list my family doesn’t actually use. For instance, we have been out of the diaper stage of parenting for many years.

1. Tide HE Original

Boxed  $19.99 for 110 loads

Costco $19.19 for 110 loads

Sam’s Club $19.99 for 110 loads

Costco wins at .81 cents less than Boxed

2. Huggies Little Movers Size 4

Boxed $44.99 for 180 or .245 per diaper

Costco $42.99 for 180 or .239 per diaper

Sam’s Club $39.98 for 148 or .27o per diaper

Costco wins at $2 less than  Boxed

3. Bounty Paper Towels

Boxed $17.99 for 12 super rolls

Costco $19.99 for 12 super rolls

Sam’s Club $19.98 for 12 super rolls

Boxed  wins by $1.99 over Sam’s club

4. Charmin Ultra Soft Jumbo Rolls

Boxed $20.79 for 30 rolls

Costco $20.99 for 30 rolls

Sam’s club $19.98 for 30 rolls

Sam’s club wins at .81 cents less than Boxed

5. Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Boxed $19.39 for 40 oz

Costco $17.89 for 40 oz

Sam’s Club $17.89 for 40 oz

Sam’s club wins at $1.50 less than Boxed

Why I Think Boxed Still Wins

I actually compared prices on more than 5 items but this post would get really lengthy if I posted all my results here, so I just picked 5 items that I thought most of my readers would buy.

As you can see in all but one case the traditional brick and mortar warehouse had cheaper prices than Boxed. However, I am still adding Boxed to my thrifty online places to shop list. Why?

1. No Membership fees

At first my findings made me want to say Boxed just isn’t worth it. however, these prices don’t factor in the $55 a year you pay to belong to Costco and the $45 a year you pay to belong to Sam’s club.

Most items were $1 to $2 cheaper  at Sam’s Club and Costco than Boxed, but how many times a year do you buy a giant bag of coffee  and giant box of toilet paper?

To figure out which store truly wins you have to figure out how many items you will buy at each place and how many times you would buy them in one year, how much your saving on each item, then subtract the cost of the membership. Since I don’t know what your family buys at warehouse stores you are going to need to do those figures for yourself.

2. No Need To Drive To The Store

Then I began thinking, “Well I buy a lot more than just the items I compared at Sam’s club and Costco and Boxed doesn’t offer the fresh food items like the brick and mortar warehouse stores.”

However, Sam’s club and Costco are not in every city. In fact, the closest ones to me are a 45 minute drive away.

To make frugal use of my membership I only visit these stores when I need to be in a town with one for another pressing reason.

Sometimes that means I run out of warehouse items and that is when Boxed would come in handy.

With Boxed some of the items could be sent right to my doorstep.

3. Amazing deals on items that the other guys don’t carry

I spent quite a lot of time on the Boxed site checking out each and every item they have to offer. What I found was Boxed carries a wide selection of natural cleaners our family uses at lower prices than our current online source.

5 item price comparison on natural cleaners

 1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

Boxed $13.99 for 32 oz

Amazon $16.99 for 32 oz

ePantry $17.99 for 32 oz

Boxed wins by as much as $4 for one bottle.

2.  Mrs Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap

Boxed  $7.49 for 2 12.5 oz bottles  (approx. $3.75 a bottle)

Amazon $3.59 for a 12.5 oz (prime pantry price)

ePantry $4.03

Amazon wins by .16 cents a bottle but you have to pay the $99 prime membership fee to get that low price.

3. Mrs Meyer’s Liquid Dish Soap

Boxed $7.49 for 2 16 oz bottles (approx. $3.75  a bottle)

Amazon $3.59  (prime pantry price)

ePantry $3.89

Amazon wins over Boxed by .16 cents but again–you have to have the prime membership

4. Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner

Boxed $5.99 for 2 32 oz bottles (approx. $3 a bottle)

Amazon $2.66 with prime membership

ePantry $4.39

Amazon wins by .34 cents if you have the $99 prime membership fee

As you might know, this is our families favorite all natural cleaner. We don’t have an Amazon prime membership so I was buying this cleaner from ePantry, but will now switch over to Boxed for this product and continue to buy my favorite all natural candles, shampoo, and more over at ePantry since Boxed does not offer those.

5. Seventh Generation All Natural Dish Soap

Boxed $5.49 for 2 25 oz bottles (approx. $2.75 a bottle)

Amazon  $2.97 (prime pantry price)

ePantry $3.89

Boxed wins at .22 cents less than the prime membership price on Amazon.

In the natural cleaners price comparison Boxed came out as the winner only twice, but once was a significant savings and it didn’t lose to Amazon prime prices enough to make it worth shelling out the $99 for a membership.

I know Amazon prime has other amazing benefits but for our family we love our Netflix and we don’t order enough from Amazon to make the $99 membership cost effective. For our family the membership fee doesn’t make sense.

In the end I have decided that our family will place orders at Boxed from time to time because of their no cost membership, their free shipping on orders over $75, their great selection of low priced natural cleaners (oh, and small selection of my favorite organic foods too) and their awesome to-your-door service (it took just 3 shipping days to get my order).

You can check out Boxed for yourself and save $15 on your first order when you use my referral code 3W8LE at check out. Plus you also get free shipping on your first order.


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  1. I don’t buy a lot of that kind of stuff anymore, but Boxed might be worth it just for the Dr. Bronner’s soap! That’s a great price. Plus I love the convenience of shopping online.

    • Victoria says:

      Yes the price on the Dr. Bronner’s soap is amazing! and I know it is an ingredient in a lot of homemade cleaners.

  2. I’m intrigued. I use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save because I like the convenience of having items show up at my door. We have a Costco membership which has worked well for us, and the closest Costco is only 20 minutes away. However, I’d love to minimize my driving even more. 🙂

    I shared your post with my readers this weekend to see if any of them have tried Boxed.

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for sharing the post. If you do decide to try Box remember you get $15 off your first order by using my referral code 3W8LE at check out. That alone makes it worth trying them out at least once. I haven’t tried Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option yet. I am worried I would forget to cancel should I not need that big of a shipment the next month.

  3. Thank you for this! I just used your code and saved my $15, as well as a “free shipping on your first order” promo. I think I will continue to use this service because it is so convenient for us, as we live in a fairly rural area.

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for using my code and I hope you enjoy Boxed as much as I have. I think it is a great service for those who live in rural areas.

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