Blogging University: Sophomore Year

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Blogging University Sophomore yearI started blogging in January 2012. A few months in I got very discouraged with my dismal numbers.

One morning while throwing a pity party for myself in my laundry room saying “God why would you have me do this if it is not a blessing to my family,  nor does it seem to be a blessing to others, perhaps my time would be better spent else where”.

When that small voice said “several of your friends just finished spending thousands of dollars and thousands of hours for years to get the job that they want, why do you think you can do it on a $100 budget with 12 to 20 hours a week spent and only several months under your belt?”

Which is when I started thinking differently. That day in my laundry room I enrolled in “Blogging University” a 4 year degree program that requires 10 to 30 hours each week on a budget of $100 to $2000 a year, depending if I go to blogging conference, or get a professional blog redesign, or do nothing but renew my domain name and web host.

(part of my Blogging University :Freshman Year Series)

I am officially finished my sophomore year now and I have learned so much my second year of blogging that I wish to share with you.

First here are a few links to articles I wrote about blogging during my freshman year of blogging because I just could not wait to share them with my fellow blogging readers

1. 5 eBooks that have grown my blog

2. Creating a light box effect for under $2 (you have to check out the before and after photos they blew me away)

3. Simple tools for setting up and effective mobile office anywhere

Over the next 6 weeks I plan to share what I have learned during my second year of blogging. Here are the list of posts, as each post goes live the titles will become blue meaning the post it up and ready for you to click through and read it. Pin this to your pinterest boards so that you have the whole series available in one convenient spot.

1. 10 Sites To Help Your Site Become Awesome

2. 3 questions to ask yourself before you invest in your blog

3.Increase Your Readership by Making Your Old Posts More Pin Worthy

4. 6 Tips That Will Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

5.  10 Ways To Find Time For Blogging And Life

6. 4 places to find Facebook Wisdom

7. 4 podcasts on blogging that will keep you learning and your blog growing

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  1. Ooh, I have $2! I might have to take a crack at the lightbox.

    My photos are getting better because the editing tools are getting easier. Have to dumb those things down for people like me!

    • My favorite it PicMonkey! It took me a while to figure it all out so that I could make a pinnable image the way I saw it in my head but I am getting better all the time. Oh and yes do try my light box effect trick it has done wonders for my food pictures especially.

  2. I love your realistic approach to blogging. I think when people approach creating a blog with a realistic plan of action, it can really help to keep them from getting frustrated. Plus I think the blogging school approach would help keep a lot of bloggers on track to reach their goals for their blog. Thanks for sharing!

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