Ways To Ensure An Enjoyable Bike Ride With Your Kids


bike ride with daughter

I am over at Simple Kids today writing about Ways To Ensure An Enjoyable Bike Ride With Your Kids.

I have loved bike riding since I got my first red banana seat bike back in kindergarten. In fact I did not even get my driver’s license until I was very pregnant at the age of 21 and the doctor told me I could not drive a newborn around on a bike.

 Naturally this meant that I could not wait until my children were old enough to join me on bike rides. One thing I noticed right away however was that biking with children is a whole lot harder than biking on your own…..

You will find out what I discovered to make bike riding with children enjoyable over at Simple Kids.

If you are dropping by from Simple Kids, welcome I hope you stay awhile so we can get to know one another.

I will gladly introduced myself and let you know what Snail Pace Transformations  is all about when you hop on over to my about page.

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