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tips on photography for beginner bloggersIf had to name one area of blogging that I have grown the most in during my freshman year of blogging university I would pick photography. I still have a tonne to learn about photography but what I have learned already is making a huge difference in my photos.

I have a written list of all the pictures of food on my blog that I put up when I first began that I plan to replace with better more appealing pictures as I make those recipes in real life using the photography tips I now know.

I still have a tonne to learn in this area, but am excited to start my sophomore year of blogging with a  Cannon Rebel. (thanks to a loving Grandmother) Also very frightened as well, as this camera seems beyond the skills of this 9 year old point and shoot owner.

However, I have a real life photography friend who promises she will give me hands on lessons on how to use it.

What I learned about Photography My Freshman Year

1. Good Lighting Is Everything

If you have a lot of sunlight you can make pictures of a simple i-pod camera look great, however if the lighting is bad even the most expensive camera won’t take great pictures.

I have learned to take items I want to photograph outside in the brightest sun of the day to get the best pictures. I am sure the neighbors must wonder what I am doing as I haul my bowl of stew outdoors in freezing temperatures to take 50 pictures of it,  but doing so really has improved my photos. (sharing recipe for stew later in the month)

2. Background Matters

I don’t know how many photo’s I have not been able to post because I realized there was something unappealing in the background (like mounds of clutter).

3. Take More Photos Then You Think You Are Going To Need

You might think you want a close up but then when you are editing you might discover a far away picture of your bowl of ice-cream would have been better, and now its all eaten.

4. There Are Great Free Editing Sites Out There

You don’t have to have photo editing software to polish your photos. I use free sites such as  PicMonkey and BeFunky with great results.

The more I play around on these sites the more I learn and my pictures are slowly becoming more and more “pin” worthy.

5. Read Read Read

Grab books on becoming a better photography from your library, or search for it on google and create a Pinterest board for your finds. Grab free e-books off eReaderGirl. Follow the blog Everyday Elements for great photo tips.

Looking for more blogging tips? Follow my Blogging Tips Board on Pinterest.

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