All You Need To Plan A Summer Full Of Family Fun On A Tight Budget

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With warmer weather returning (well most days) my thoughts are drifting to summer. I am a lover of all things summer as well as all things thrifty and because of that I have written many articles on how to enjoy a summer full of family fun on a zero to little budget.

All you need to plan a summer full of fun for your family on a tight budget!

I decided to dig them all out of the archives for you, my readers, so that you can start making your summer bucket lists as well as your summer fun budgets–after all, one of the best thrifty tips around is to plan well in advance.

Many of the ideas on this list cost absolutely nothing! Others are not free, but are still low cost. I have also included articles on ways to help you fund that summer fun–as well as articles on how to pack for summer getaways and more.

All You Need To Plan A Summer Full Of Family Fun On A Tight Budget

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All You Need To Plan A Summer Full Of Family Fun On A Tight Budget!

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All You Need To Plan A Summer Full Of Family Fun On A Tight Budget!

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Simple Inexpensive Summer Recipes

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Two Essential Summer Items Every Thrifty Family Needs!

Popsicle Molds: Investing in a good, sturdy set of popsicle molds will save you money and depending on what you fill them with could be a lot healthier for your family than the store bought kind. Trust me, I have learned the hard way not to buy the cheapest set of Popsicle molds you can find as they fall apart within a season, whereas a good set will last you for years (this set comes with a lifetime guarantee).

Family size cooler: Years ago my family invested in a Rubbermaid cooler with a handle and wheels like this one, and it has been such a great thrifty investment. Great for holding food for day trips so that you can avoid the cost of takeout. It is also great for packing along any drinks or snacks you might want for shorter summer outings like a trip to the park.

Here’s to a summer full of thrifty fun!

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