All I Want For Christmas Is An Organized Home: Review and Goals For Week 4


My work ended up spilling over into the weekend again, however the library is complete.

I didn’t get to cleaning out the inside of the black wardrobe that holds my craft supplies and completed creative memory albums but I decided to scratch going through that stuff for now and be okay with it because this weekend had a few memory making events I did not want to miss.

Friday afternoon I took my daughter out to Starbucks to enjoy the BOGO event. She had a peppermint hot chocolate and I had a peppermint mocha which we took to go, and drank while cruising the aisle of our local Dollar Tree for crafts for her to do.

We are using unfinished kitchen cabinets in the bathroom to save money and add storage. We have used these cabinets numerous times with great success.

Saturday I went on a long awaited trip to Lowe’s with my husband to pick up the bathroom cabinets. Since early spring we have lived without a bathroom sink in one of our bathrooms and finally we had the cash saved to fix that .

Saturday evening was our town’s holiday parade. My daughter and I enjoyed taking it all in letting it jump start the Christmas Spirit.

Sunday afternoon was our church’s annual Thanksgiving feast. I spent the afternoon making this large platter of my homemade chocolates. If you are drooling now, don’t worry I plan to share the recipes with you very soon. (subscribe at the bottom of the post so you don’t miss it)

After feasting and praising my family took in our towns annual Christmas Walkway of Lights display for the first time of the season.

All of these joyous events are way more important to me than having the contents of a wardrobe completely decluttered and viewing friendly, especially considering I never remember a single guest opening it.

The rest of the room however is clean. The worst part was all the dust hidden under the table with the lamp on it in the corner of the photo. There were even pine needles from last years Christmas decor under there.

Seeing the pine needles made me decided that once this cleaning project is over I am going to take the time to type out a list of hidden hot spots that need to be cleaned at least once a season to avoid build up of dust that cannot be good for breathing.

I am flip-flopping my original plan and hitting the dining room this week instead of the study, as it will be so much easier to have the main rooms we decorate for Christmas done before we get the decorations out.

Dining Room Goals

1. Remove all clutter from the dresser, folding table and side board.

2. Dust all surfaces

3. Wash walls and floors

4. Clean swag.

5. Have hubby help me move the china cabinets and clean under and behind them. (I can move the other furniture myself)

6. Get cleaning done of the areas of the room we decorate by Thanksgiving.

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How about you? Do you often put off cleaning hidden messes to make memories.

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