All I Want for Christmas is an Organized Home (Goals for Week 1)


Every year I set out in the weeks days before Christmas with the intention of organizing and cleaning our home from top to bottom so that I can wake up on Christmas day and completely relax and enjoy the Christmas present I gave myself: an organized home to start the new year with.

For years I have failed and my family enters yet another year with a pile of clutter here and there in every room.

After reading Cyrstal Paine’s “21 Days To a More Disciplined Life” this weekend I decided to make my  annual organized home for Christmas quest my “Mega Project”.

Taking the wisdom of day 9 of Paine’s e-book “Break Your Goals Into Bite Sized Pieces” to heart I have decided to break down my home into 7 sections, and attack one area of our  home a week. I have left 1 week to deal with any straggling piles. (since I wrote this things got really busy for 2 weekends in a row so I altered the plan a bit)

Here is my room by room plan:

(each of these weeks will be linked to the update posts as I complete them)

Week 1: October 29-November 2: The Attic

Week 2: November 5 to 9: The Family Room

Week 3: November 12 to 16: The Library

Week 4: November 19 to 23: The Study

Week 5: November 29 to 30: The Dinning Room

Week 6: December 3 to 7: Courtney’s Room

Week 7: December 10 to 14: The Boys’ Room

Week 8: December 17 to 21: The Master Bedroom and any leftovers.

Daily Plan

Monday through Friday I plan to double up my normal 15 minute a day room of the week sessions to a minimum of 2 15 minute sessions or a maximum of 4 15 minute sessions.

I am practicing Paine’s wisdom from day 14 “Set Yourself Up for Success” with these small sessions, as I am working with “embracing my own uniqueness” (day 18). I know myself, I hate to clean and knowing I just have to face the mess for 15 minutes at a time will get me going.

I also know my day is full of interruptions and working at something for 15 minutes at a time is more workable than trying to squeeze in 1 hour all in one go.

These daily sessions should give me up to 5 hours in each room.

I left the weekends free for wiggle room. If I don’t complete the room tasks by Friday I will spend time Saturday completing them.

I am also going into this with a attitude of “looking for improvement and not perfection”, meaning if things are still not 100% organized by Christmas, I know at least I am going to be a lot closer than I am now and I am going to celebrate that step forward.

Any tips and suggestions for me, as I set out on my whole house organization project?

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  1. no tips but you have inspired me for sure!
    I would love to have that same feeling Christmas morning.
    I will be praying for you on your adventure. you can do it!

    • Thanks! I am certainly going to need prayer! Got a good start on the attic these last two days. Hoping the trend continues.

  2. 15 Minutes at a time is what I use after following the site for awhile a few years ago. It’s truly amazing what you can do in 15 minutes!

    Good luck! I need to finally tackle my basement, 15 minutes at a time.

    • Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with your basement, luckily my husband usually keeps ours under control.

  3. Once you get a started on this it will go smoother. You will find that 15 mins. turns into 30. Then you won’t have to work so hard keeping it clean. My weekly dusting & vaccuming takes 15-20 mins. I am lazy so I don’t want to work that hard. By keep it clean and organized makes house keeping easy to do.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, so far I spent all 4 sessions Monday and 2 today, and the attic already looks much better.

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