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Welcome to Snail Pace Transformations my name is Victoria a.k.a. the Snail Pacer and I am the author of Snail Pace Transformations.

I gave up on quick-fix plans a long time go in favor of making small changes. I find I am way more successful at transforming my life this way -and I think you will be too.

There is an old saying that states “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard.”I think there is a lot of wisdom in that saying. 

The Mission Of Snail Pace Transformations

 My mission here on Snail Pace Transformations is to help moms find the time and money they need to pursue their passions while still maintaining balance in their lives. I want to see homemakers go from surviving to thriving.


Why The Name Snail Pace Transformations?

The name Snail Pace Transformations was born over a lunch with my hubby one day. We had been renovating a home for much longer than expected and I joked with him that we could call ourselves “The Snail Pace Renovators”  and our slogan could be “we may not be fast but we get it done”.

When I was thinking about a name for my blog I realized that I am a snail pacer in more areas in life than renovating.

I set goals. I even set really BIG ones -but I believe that the best way to achieve those goals is to take things inch by inch. After all there is little point to reaching a goal if you don’t learn anything from the journey. Reaching goals too fast only sets you up for a fall.

For instance  research says that only 5% of people who lose wieght rapidly keep it off. Why? One reason is because they never learned to embrace the new habits they needed to keep the wieght off in the short amount of time it took them to reach their weight loss goals.  This rule applies to much more than just wieght loss. If you want to make any goal stick you have to learn how to make habits along the journey to the finish line of your goal that will stick with you for life. Habits take time.

 Many say a habit is formed in just 30 days but new research is saying it takes up to 90 days or more. I agree. How many 30 day programs have you tried only to slip back into bad habits shortly after the program finished?

Reaching your goals slowly works! Not only does the slow pace allow you more time to develop positive habits but it also give you more time to enjoy other areas of your life as well. So many people burn out while trying to reach a goal because they get so hyper focused on the speed at which they are reaching it. When you break down your goals into tiny snail-paced size pieces you  have time to relax – spend time with your loved ones, and pursue other passions that refuel you.

Here on my blog, my desire is to teach other women how to do the same. How to make time for rest. How to make time for play. How to make room in the budget to pursue new areas of study. How to make money to help the family without overwhelming the family balance.  And most importantly how to keep inching forward even when it feels like the laundry and the dishes are taking over.


What You Will Find Here At Snail Pace Transformationsge.

1. Money Saving Tips

We are a debt free family, who has survived off one income for close to 2 decades. To achieve this we have learned to stretch every dollar earned to the max.

Check out my Money Saving Tips resource page where I share all those tips with you.

2. Earning Money Tips

I have helped out the family resources over the years in many different ways and I love researching ways to make money at home.

You can check out all my tips for earning money at home on the following resource pages…

Reselling Resource Page

18+ Point Programs to Earn $50 or More in Gift Cards Each Month

Blogging Tips

Work At Home Resource Page


Homeschooling Articles

Parenting Tips

Cleaning & Decluttering Tips

Simple Recipes

5. My Passions

Since one of my goals here at Snail Pace Transformations is to encourage & help you find time and money for your passions, I like sharing what mine are.  Here are places you can find out more about my passions





How To Stay In Touch

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