A Thrifty Woman’s First thredUp Order: Will She Order Again?

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(post contains referral links see disclosure)a thrifty women's first thredUp order and why she will order again

Recently I tried out thredUP  and online consignment store for the first time. I wanted to make wise choices so I first evaluated my wardrobe needs and the needs of my daughter . I was low on summer skirts and sweaters and my daughter was low on shorts and long sleeve tops. I decided I would try to take care of my daughter’s needs first.

When I clicked through to thredUp and picked out her size and the types of items I wanted I was surprised at the large selection. To reduce the amount of choices further I went to the condition tab on the side bar and clicked “new with tags”.

Even in the new with tags area I had a large selection of shorts and long sleeve tops to pick from in the end I picked out 6 items for a total of $53.94. Since I spent over $50 I did not have to pay for shipping.

new with tags clothes

Here is my order break down

Remember all items were brand new with their price tags still attached.

Gap khaki shorts $9.99

Old Navy Long sleeve T-shirt $5.49

Takeout Henley, long sleeve $9.49

Merona cargo shorts $6.99

Aeropostale shorts $8.49

Gap Khaki shorts $13.49

Total: $53.94 for 6 items making  an  average price of $8.99 per item, which I didn’t think was a steal of a deal but it certainly was a simple way to order great NEW clothing for my daughter at clearance rack prices.

gap shorts with tags thredUPThe two shirts were missing the price portion of their tags (I am guessing they were gifts and that is why the price  part of the price tag portion was missing). The 4 pair of shorts however had a combined price tag total of   $123.98.

If I was a pay full price type person that means buying from thredUp just saved me $70.04 not including what I saved on the two tops.

Even as a shop the clearance rack person type person I am though I got clearance rack prices on summer clothes during a time of year  in which they are normally found only at full price in store.

I ordered the box Thursday night after business hours and received it a full 12 days later. I live in the Midwest and the box came from California so I thought shipping an handling time was average considering I had chosen the free USPS option.

The clothes inside were packed well, in great shape and my daughter loves them.

Question is would I do it again?

Yes I would, actually I already have placed a second order, this time I got summer clothes for me and again I had a large selection of new with tag clothing to choose from.

We live in a small town with few clothing choices. When I visit bigger centers I do try to stop and shop the clearance racks for bargains but I don’t always find what we are needing. At thredUP I got the exact  new with tags clothes we needed at clearance rack prices, and the time spent hunting was minimal, plus I wasn’t driving from store to store to find a clearance rack  with shorts that were in a style my daughter liked,  that fit her, and at a price I was willing to pay.

I also loved that I was able to fill a current soon approaching need for summer shorts. This is hard to do when shopping clearance in stores as I buy most of our winter clothes in February and our summer clothes in late August and with the unpredictable growth of teenage children this is getting harder to do.

Oh and another bonus! I earned Swag Bucks for shopping at thredUp.  I went through the shop and earn link that appeared when I entered thredUp into the Swagbucks toolbar search area. With my first order I received 270 Swag bucks and with my most recent order for me I received 302 Swag Bucks. That is enough for a $5 gift card.

I also love that  thredUp has a good return policy should items be found to be unsatisfactory.

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  1. I’ve heard of thredup before but never tried it. Those do seem pretty reasonable prices for new-with-tags clothing!

  2. This is right up my alley. My daughter is the thrift shop and hand-me-down kid. I got here via the Epic Friday Linky Party. I followed you on twitter and facebook. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love shopping at thredup for the children’s clothing. I would shop for me but I am one of those who needs to try them on to make sure they fit, look right. I usually wait until I can/need to order $50 worth of items so I can receive free shipping. I don’t like paying for shipping. But since they have the new Free everyday shipping, I am thinking about paying the $20 for the year and getting free shipping for the rest of the year. I have found some serious SCORES from there. I am planning on trying out the clean out bag. Cleaning out the closets is on my to do list.

    • Victoria says:

      I only buy tops for myself never bottoms because I too want to make sure they fit. I too want to try out their clean out bag.

  4. I just placed my first order on this site a few days ago. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

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