8 Books To Help You Get Organized For Christmas

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Next week November while be here and to me that is the month where I start thinking about what I want to do the same this Christmas as last as well as what I want to do differently.

8 books that will help you get organized for Christmas

I also start thinking about what handmade gifts I want to make, and what new recipes I want to make for my own family.

Pinterest is a great place for my searching and I do have Christmas boards there including

But my favorite place to find ideas for Christmas is still books.

4 Touch And Feel Books To Read To Get Organized For Christmas

I like ebooks but I love old fashioned turn the page, paper and binding books more. I try to read at least one new Christmas title every November whether it be a nonfiction one about keeping Christmas debt free or a fictional story that I can get lost in for hours.  (these of course are all also available in Kindle edition for you kindle lovers 🙂 ) .

1. The Red Glove Collection by Karen Kingsbury

The Red Glove Collection  are  heart touching stories about the true spirit of giving that we all should embrace at Christmas time. Warning have tissues ready.

2. The Purpose Of Christmas by Rick Warren

I first read The Purpose Of Christmas last Christmas season and I really loved how it put my heart where it should be at Christmas time. I kept it (and I rarely keep books) and plan to reread it again this year. It is a short and simple read that can be read on a long afternoon or a few short evenings.

3. The Affordable Christmas: How To Have A Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking The Bank by Mary Hunt

I read The Affordable Christmas years ago when it was an earlier edition and called Debt Proof Your Christmas . It is cram packed with valuable information on how to keep the costs of Christmas affordable for any budget.

4. Gifts For Giving by Gooseberry Patch

I got Gifts For Giving a few years back on clearance and love all the great recipes and suggestions of how to pack them for gift giving as well as labels you can photo copy.

4 ebooks To Read To Get Organized For Christmas

Two things I love about ebooks, are that they are often short enough to read in one quiet afternoon and two that I can take fit them in my purse and take them anywhere. I really love reading on my Kindle paperwhite, but I also like using the app on my pay as you go smartphone and for the recipe books I like the refurbished iPad we bought for homeschooling as I can see the photos in color and put it on a stand for easy viewing as I am making the recipe.

1. Planning  For A Stress Free Christmas by Mandi Ehman

For just .99 cents and packed with all types of great tips to help you get organized for Christmas  the ebook Planning For A Stress Free Christmas  is a steal. Mandi tackles topics such as the Christmas card list, getting the house ready, planning Christmas activities, doing volunteer work and more.

2. 101 Days Of Christmas by Mandi Ehman

If you don’t like spending hours searching pinterest for great recipes for Christmas gatherings and great handmade gifts for gift exchanges then spending $3.99 on 101 Days of Christmas :101 Recipes & Crafts For The Holidays will be worth every penny to you. A one stop book full of all sorts of recipes and craft ideas to last the whole season long.

3.  A Simple Season by Jessica Fisher

I read and reviewed A Simple Season a few years back. I still stand by what I said in that review. If you are just starting out in your homemaking adventure and you want a book that will hold your hand and guide you through the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years A Simple Season is the ebook for you.  If you have been homemaking for years you are still going to learn some great new tips from this ebook, making it well worth the read.

4. Christmas Recipes From My Table To Yours by Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is one of my favorite recipe blogs. I love that by purchasing one of the blogs ebooks I don’t have to click around the site looking for Christmas recipes instead the are all in one ebook.  Christmas Recipes From My Table To Yours is a collection of simple doable recipes for the holiday season.

What are some of your favorite Christmas book titles? Share them in the comments with me.

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  1. Hi, this is a really timely post. I enjoyed the recommendations and will look ino them.

  2. Just in time for the hustle and bustle of the holidays! I too enjoy having a book in my hands more than the ebook versions 🙂
    Pinning this to my Christmas Ideas/Inspiration board!
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

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