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Our families clutter piles got pretty bad in 2014. I didn’t do my normal Christmas cleaning, which really helps, and I also didn’t join various bloggers in decluttering series all year long either.

52 Weeks To A Simplified Home Decluttering A Home One Inch At A Time(This might be a picture of my teenager’s room but a lot of our home looks like this, time to clean up)

When I was recently reading Ruth Soukup’s new book “Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets Of The Good Life” her chapter on simplifying her possessions convinced me that it really is time I gave the house a top to bottom decluttering.

Now I know most books say clear a few days, and get the whole house done. But, in my current stage of life, finding a few days to do nothing but declutter is next to impossible.

So instead I decided to break up my home into 52 areas one for each week of 2015 .

I am also making a few rules.

Rules for 52 Weeks To A Simplified Home

  •  I can work ahead if time allows, but not to the point where I let other priorities of my life slide.
  • I cannot fall behind more than 2 weeks at any given time. If I do I have to catch up right away
  • I will not save anything for reselling that  has a reselling value of under $20. All items below that price point go straight to a locally run thrift store that uses the proceeds they earn to run their soup kitchen.
  • I am setting up an area in the basement for resale items. I plan to date items with a sticky note when I place them in these boxes. I will go through them at the end of each month and any item that have been in them for longer than 4 weeks must be sold that very day, or it is off to the thrift store they go. No exceptions no matter what the value of the item.
  • I am approaching the decluttering like I am moving, if I wouldn’t want to take the effort to pack, move and unpack the item,out it goes.
  • I am going to be realistic about what I can do at this stage of life and not save things for the “hopeful” next. As in  “when the kids have graduated and I no longer need to devote hours to homeschooling,  I can sew and then I will want all these yards of fabric”.

I plan to use you my readers to hold me accountable and to humble me. By showing you my mess I hope that I won’t let things slide this bad again. I am also hoping some of you will join me so we can support each other.

Every Tuesday I will write a short 52 Weeks To Simplify Your Home, with a before and after post of my decluttering area that week, as well as tips I am learning that are helping me to simplify my home, and links to helpful resources on the topic of decluttering, organization, house cleaning, and simplifying your home.

Join me as I declutter my home one inch at a time52 Weeks To A Simplified Home Plan

Here is my list of 52 areas in my home that I will be decluttering . These 52 areas cover my entire home except for the basement and our shed. Those are my husband’s domain, and hopefully seeing me declutter will inspire him to do the same.

I divided up each room into areas. My plan is to work one room until it is 100% done and then move on to another room. I don’t plan to follow the areas in the order listed here, but pick and choose as I go to satisfy my creative spirit a bit.


1. White bookcase

2. Brown bookcase

3. Black cabinet

4. Basket table

5. Shoe containers

6. All table tops

Dining Room

7. Dresser

8. China Cabinet 1

9. China Cabinet 2

10. Baskets under folding table

11. Top of folding table

12. Dresser top

13. Black side board

14. Bay window

15. Floor

Family Room

16. 1 side of white cabinet

17. other side of white cabinet

18. TV cabinet one side

19. TV cabinet other side

20 Side tables

21. Desk

22. Baskets on floor.


23. Upper cupboards

24. Lower cupboards

25. Cupboards on fridge wall.

Boot Room Area

26. Coat rack

27. Boot bins, and bin on floor

28. Counter top area

29. Upper cabinets

Landing Area

30. Top of stair area

31. Storage area on the way down the stairs to the basement

Upstairs storage closet

32. Black side shelves

33. Upper 1/2 of wire shelves

34. Lower 1/2 of wire shelves

35. floor area and peg wall.

Bathroom Downstairs

36. Under sink cabinets and counter

37. Tall cabinets

Upstairs Bathroom

38. Tall cabinet

39. Counter and under sink cabinet

Hallway closet

40. All shelves

Study area and hallway

41. All

Master Bedroom

42. Dresser

43. My bedside table

44. Hubby’s bedside table

45. Under bed

46. Wall down Jack’s side of the bed

47. Wall down my side of the bed

48 End of bed area

49. Half of closet

50. Other half of closet


51. Longest wing

52. Shortest wing & wing lined with shelves.

How to join along in the 52 weeks to simplify your home challengeWill you join me?

I would love to think that perhaps I am not the only one out there with a home that has become more cluttered than it should be. I would also love to think that I am not the only one that can’t declutter it all in a weekend or even a week.

If you too have too much clutter, and your daily life doesn’t allow you to tackle it all in a short amount of time, I would love to have you join me in my 52 weeks to a simplified home challenge.

Grab a notebook, pen and a cup of coffee. Spend a few minutes going from room to room looking for clutter and giving each clutter hotspot its own week. Keep the spots small so that they are doable in a small time frame each and every week.

Make your own list of rules. Keeping a few things in mind. Will you donate items or sell them? If donating them when and where? How high will you let the donation pile build before you donate it?

Make sure if you are thinking of selling things, that you have a plan of how to sell them before you begin, and set yourself a deadline to sell them. Life just might be too busy to both declutter and sell, and if it is, isn’t a decluttered home worth the money you might lose when you donate the item instead of selling it.

Don’t forget to also think of those you might be helping by donating items. Find a locally owned thrift store that donates funds to causes you agree with. This really helps me feel okay with donating over selling when I know we could put the money made by reselling to good use if I just had the time, but in my current stage of life I often don’t have the time.

Once your list is made make sure to do one more thing and join the Snail Pacing Goal Achievers Facebook group, where you can share your progress see how others are doing, and get encouragement and tips.

52 weeks to a simplified homefree printable planI made it even simpler for everyone to join by making a free printable for those of you who would rather fill in the blanks and follow my preset rules than make up your own. Download it here.

Lets get on with it. Lets toss the clutter and embrace the awesome feeling of a simplified home.

Do you really want to declutter your home but the thought of taking on one more project is overwhelming even if it is broken into small snail paced bites? Check out Crystal Paine’s  course Make Over Your Mornings. With just 15 minutes for 14 days this course can shape up your days from overwhelming to enjoyable! {well at least most of them we all have overwhelming days sometimes no matter how good we are at time management}

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  1. I stumbled across a pin of yours today and raced over to your website to read more. I’m not a blog-reader…yet, but yours is going to be the first to get me going. Thank you for the tips and plan for decluttering your home. I will join you in this endeavor!

  2. How o I sign up to be an affiliate, esp. for amazon?

    • It has been so long since I signed up for Amazon, I think I just found the link at the bottom of their home page. If you visit my disclosure page all the links to the other affiliate program sign ups are there (link found at top of this post) . For point program sign ups visit my point rewards page http://snailpacetransformations.com/point-programs/. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks.. this is excellent. I accept your challenge. I do wish the printable was 1 line shorter so your web address is on the 2nd page instead of the only line on page 3. Great information. Thanks for sharing.

    • So glad your joining me and thanks for letting me know about the website on the 3rd page thing! I will have to go in and correct that, on my copy it is the last line on the 2nd page, but I altered it a bit after that.

  4. Robin Steinweg says:

    Victoria, What a coincidence. I had already begun filling out a list of weeks on scratch paper when I received your article. I’m so happy to have company and accountability–and thanks for the printable! I’ve gotten nearly 6 years behind in decluttering due to caring for aging/ill parents while homeschooling, running a home-based music studio, and writing. Papers–my most challenging category–will require many weeks. I’ve invested $7 per month on Paper Tiger, an online program in which you list where to find items (not just paper!) in your house. I lose things filing them because I forget what I named them, and I forget what I’ve put into a box, or which shelf or container did I put these things into? This allows me to jot down any words or phrases by which I might think of an item. If I type in any of those words, my item will show up. Happy decluttering!

  5. Please add me

  6. I like how you have broken this down. And that you give yourself grace 🙂 I think I need to give myself a resell limit also. I often wonder if it’s worth the time & hassle make $3 on eBay!

    • Setting a resell limit and sticking to it I think will be the hardest part of the challenge for me, for years that is how I provided money for our family, so it seems so spendthrift to toss. I keep reminding myself though that by letting it go to the thrift store I am increasing my giving which is something I also want to do more of this year.

  7. Nice challenge. My family and I live in a small space but it always get cluttered. I will join you in this endeavor too. Hopefully, I can keep up with it!:)

  8. I probably should totally NOT admit to this, but is ‘my bedroom floor’ considered a spot for decluttering, or should I just get a shovel involved, and keep quiet?

    • LOL! You are not the only one, if you look at my master bedroom plan you will see 3 weeks devoted to basically the bedroom floor. One for down my side of the bed, one for down my hubbies side of bed and one for the end of the bed area.

  9. I found this just in time! I am starting my decluttering goals today, since my kiddos are back to school. Thank you for this breakdown!

  10. This is a great challenge. I like that you are telling us to divide the house into 52 manageable little projects. Surely something small that doesn’t take too much time can be accomplished, and then keep going from there. I’ll have to try to follow along.

    • Yes, I thought long and hard about how to get my house under control and truth is I don’t have much time, so the projects have to be small and manageable otherwise I won’t be able to succeed at it and I so want to get my home decluttered. I hope you do follow along.

  11. I love this! I am currently doing a ‘One room, one month, one project” at a time. And sharing changes 2x times a week about purging, organizing and decorating. I can’t wait to follow along. I already did my closet, every piece of clothing in our 5 person house, and my desk.

  12. I am organizing my house as well. One box at a time.

  13. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about having to come up with a 52 week list. My decluttering is a lot less structured. I really hope your list system leaves your house under control by this time next year. What a lovely thought :0)

  14. Great idea to pick your 52 areas of your home yourself – the smaller the better as then you can achieve it and stay motivated to continue – and 52 little things adds up to a LOT by the end of the year! – Good Luck x

  15. I love this idea of breaking down clutter spots into bite size chunks. I’m decluttering this year too – but I haven’t been organized enough to write down the specific areas! I do know which areas are bothering me most and start with those. Blogging about it definitely helps to keep one accountable to the process!

  16. I like how you tackle one small area a week and not an entire room. Small areas, if done right, can take one day or more. Any suggestions for getting rid of a junk drawer?

    • Junk drawers are hard. I sort ours out once or twice a year but the “junk” always comes back. I use ziplock bags to keep like items together or small glad containers.


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