5 Yard Sale Finds Worth Reselling For Profit On eBay

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(this post contains affiliate links see disclosure)

Back before I started a blog, and even before I renovated 3 homes with my husband in 4 years ,I sold items on eBay on a fairly regular basis to help pay for my children’s activities or I would save it up and pay for something bigger like a family camping trip.

5 yard sale finds worth reselling for profit on ebay

I still do list the odd thing on eBay now and again, but it is usually items that we already own and no longer need. When I was doing eBay more regularly it was yard sale items that I bought with the intention of reselling for profit.

5 Yard Sale Finds Worth Reselling For Profit On eBay

It took me a bit of trial and error to figure out what sold on eBay and what didn’t. In time I began to stick to the five items I am going to mention below.

A word of caution: what I find in my area to be low enough priced to resell for profit might not be what you can find in your area.

Below are the 5 items that I found low priced enough over and over again to resell for profit and I mention them because I believe them to be available almost everywhere. However this list is not exhaustive, you are probably going to be able to find more than 5 items,  for instance I know of women who resell yard sale found clothing on eBay and do amazing with it, however when I tried it, I flopped. Looking back it is probably because I am not a fashionista , so I don’t know the trendy brands that people really want, you however might be a fashion queen and so reselling clothes will work for you.

My suggestion is to study eBay completed listings and sold listings for at least a few hours before you head out your first time yard sale shopping with the intentions of buying things to sell on eBay. I also suggest that you take it slow. Invest perhaps $5 to $10 the first time you buy specifically for reselling and then don’t buy more until you list and sell those items.  There is a learning curve to eBay but thankfully it doesn’t have to be expensive to get into it and start learning. My rule was to never buy and item I couldn’t  resell at my next yard sale for the same price if it didn’t sell like I thought it would on eBay.

A  good book to read and learn the complete ins and outs of eBay is eBay For Dummies.

Check out my post: Successfully selling on eBay for a few pointers to get you started on your eBay selling adventures.

That said here is my list of 5 items I have bought from yard sales and resold on eBay for profit over and over again and I am fairly certain most people could have success with reselling these items too.

1. Books

I have always had the best of luck with Children’s books, especially selling about 1 dozen books of either the same author, or the same subject and reading level if non fiction. Another type that does well are the leveled readers such as the “step into reading” series.

If you put around 1 dozen leveled readers in a lot on eBay right around the time teachers are stocking their class rooms for fall (July and August), or homeschoolers are getting ready for the new school year they will usually turn a tidy profit, especially if you were able to pick them up for .10 cents to .25 cents which is the going yard sale rate in my area.

Board book sets also do well. Just make sure they are from quality authors and not the ones you find at the dollar store. A few good ones are titles from the Bright and Early Board book series , as well as those by Max Lucado, and Sandra Boynton. I always found I made more per book when I sold them in lots of 4 or more titles at a time.

Always make sure the books are free of creases, rips, writing and musty or smokey smells. They should be in like new condition to obtain the most profit.

Another great idea that works for book selling is to browser through what book series are popular currently and then look for those at sales. Don’t buy them unless you have the whole set,  unless you get a steal of a deal because partial sets do not sell as well and you could end up with books that either won’t sell or sell for very little profit.

2. Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are about the only clothes I have ever had luck selling. Look for classic pieces women could wear to work like black skirts and pants, as well as trendy items like maxi dresses and skirts. Jeans do well too, just make sure they are current style. I always stuck to brands like Old Navy and always managed to sell them.

I found that items like dresses sold best separately, however if you find a bunch of clothes that are all the same size and make into great mix and match outfits then selling them as a lot might be best as first time moms who are starting their maternity wardrobes from scratch will buy them. Again condition is everything you want the clothes to be free of stains and rips and look like new.

3.  Current Homeschooling Curriculum

I wouldn’t go older than 3 years if you are taking your first chance at selling homeschooling curriculum. You really have to know what is popular and what isn’t before you get into reselling homeschooling curriculum.

You run into homeschooling curriculum more often than you would think at yard sales and it is usually undervalued. You might want to dig in those piles of old text books a bit more closely because that is often where you will find current homeschooling curriculum mixed in.

For instance I once found a family selling 2 entire years worth of Alpha Omega Lifepac’s and 90% of the booklets were still sealed in their original packages.They had them right beside a bunch of books that were older than.

4. Little Tikes Doll House Pieces.

The Vintage  Little Tikes Doll House Pieces (look up on eBay to view) are hard to find but even if you just find one in a .25 cent bin pick it up because it could be worth between $5 and $20 depending on how rare the piece is.

The houses themselves are expensive to ship and therefore usually don’t sell well on eBay so I usually sold those separately through another avenue of reselling, since you often have to buy them with all the pieces at a yard sale.

The vintage Fisher Price doll house pieces also do well, but you don’t find those at yard sales as readily as you do the vintage Little Tikes doll house pieces, at least not where I live.

You will make the most profit by selling these pieces individually as buyers are usually trying to complete sets.

5. Lego

All types of Lego generally sell well but I had the best of luck selling Duplo figurines. Winnie the Pooh, Dora, Buzz Light year, basically whatever figure is based on a popular children’s movie  or TV show generally sells well. Duplo Train tracks and vehicles also do well.

I would often buy a box or two of Lego during one day of yard sale shopping  spending perhaps $5 to $10  and then go home and divided into several different eBay auctions, one for the figurines, one for the cars ,and all the bricks went into my children’s Lego and Duplo buckets.

I can think of only one time when I had an auction for Lego that didn’t sell and it  was a very large piece (an alligator that picked up blocks when you pushed it along the floor).  Lesson learned stay away from the large Lego items like tables and such, at least for eBay.

These 5 items have turned me a profit time and time again on eBay for very little investment, best part is if they don’t sell on eBay I can sell them off at my own yard sale for what I paid for them and I am out nothing but some time.

Have you ever sold on eBay? If so what has sold well for you?

The most important part of selling things on eBay is getting your item ready for sale. Read How To Prepare Items For Sale So That You Can Get Top Dollar for tips on preparing your items for resale.

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  1. I’ve been selling on eBay for 15 years. The last several years of that, making a full time income on eBay. These tips are right on. While I don’t personally sell books, I know someone who makes $10k/month selling books on Amazon and eBay! In all my experience, I would say easily that children’s toys are the #1 thing a person who wants to make a full time income on eBay should look into selling. How to make a living on eBay: http://www.sarahtitus.com/make-a-living-on-ebay/

  2. I had great luck selling my maternity clothes on eBay. I never thought of looking for more to sell! I’ve got a lot of Sandra Boynton books my boys have outgrown – so excited to try to sell them. Thanks for the tips!

    • Victoria says:

      Your welcome. Yes maternity clothes sell well. Just remember to look for like new clothes, in current fashion that are priced reasonable. I would say you wouldn’t want to pay more than a few dollars per item.

  3. Great tips, thanks! Can I ask though, at what point does it become a business and you need to upgrade your eBay account? I’ve been selling unwanted clothes etc on eBay for years, but I have started buying and upcycling furniture and intend to sell it on eBay as well – someone has told me if I do that then I need to get a business account – is that true?
    Thanks for any advice!

    • I honestly don’t know. eBay however is usually really helpful to their sellers, I would try digging into it there.

  4. Love this! My husband had to attend a 9 week training course last year leaving me with a 1 year old who goes to bed at 6:30pm. I was bored out of my mind so I started hitting the 50% off day at the thrift store and buying Gap and American Eagle Jeans for $3.00 then reselling for $10-20 on eBay. I made about $1,000 in the 9 weeks and then gave the ones that didn’t sell to lucky friends when he came back.
    Thanks for posting! I found you through the thrifty Thursday link up:)

  5. I wasn’t quite sure what the vintage Little Tikes Doll House accessories were until I looked them up on eBay, and they are totally the ones my family still owns! I had no idea they were so rare! Glad I know now that I better hang on to them! Thanks!

  6. I have been selling on eBay off and on since they first started. All of your tips are good. I always have my phone with me do I can check prices. Children’s VHS tapes. They’re still way easier for kid to “Do it myself” . Wee Sing is always good. I always have had good luck selling my kids clothes, in lots, in good condition. Sometimes you can buy baby clothes for next to nothing at sales, especially the last day. Be bold, ask for a deal if you take it all, or make an offer. I’ve gotten lots got less than 10 cents per item.

    Do you collect something? I collect vintage sewing items, so I know what buy. Stay away from sewing machines, unless you know what you’re doing. Start slow and make it go. Look into Amazon FBA once your feet are wet. Make it fun. Don’t let it take over your life.

  7. I have done this for years too. Personally, that’s one of the reasons I keep my smart phone. If I’m at Goodwill or a yard sale I can do a quick search to find out if something is worth buying. I sell Victoria Secret bras that I find in good shape, Justice clothes for girls & Scott always has people giving him old computers so he tears them apart & we sell it piece by piece. Also, I’ve found that misc cords sell well, as in cords to pug something in (not phone cords) with a big square or rectangle that plugs into the wall.

  8. Thanks this post was VERY helpful!

  9. Junk_Store_Junky says:

    I have been selling on eBay for over 15 years. My first item was one of my childhood Barbie dolls I sold for $850. Needless to say, I was hooked! I love searching for treasures in junk & thrift stores, Goodwill, consignment shops, yard/garage sales, auctions, you name it and reselling. Somehow God gifted me with a good eye and great intuition. I have tons of success stories. A big box of old 1940-1970’s “Gourmet” magazines I bought for $5 which had many mint full years sets. The whole box netted hundreds in profits. An estate sale find of stacks and stacks of large, thick coffee table books on art, travel, etc for .25c each, in pristine condition. I bought $12 worth (all the cash I had on me at the moment) and filled my trunk. I kept a few and sold most of them for $30-$50 each (OMG!). Lots of vintage Barbie finds, an old 1914 electric fan bought for $48 at my favorite local consignment store and just sold for $317 (I also looked it up on eBay on my phone at the store before I paid $48 for it). A box of vintage fishing lures for $50 netting hundreds. Zippo lighters I though were so ugly, sold for hundreds each. Kids clothes, designer shoes, a famous Texas pottery vase sold for almost $100 and I bought it at Goodwill for $4.99. I looked up the maker before buying. I’ve found that most things that are heavy, are worth a lot of money. LOL! I could go on and on. Happy hunting and selling! ~Rhonda

  10. Junk_Store_Junky says:

    And thanks for all these great tips too! You can never know about everything…I learn new things every day I’m hunting and selling! So fun! : )

  11. I’ve had success with selling anything I’ve posted on Ebay. I’ve had the best success selling brand label clothes and also books, that I find at thrift stores. I also sell on Craigslist and have had great success there selling small, used electric heaters, electric blankets and bedspreads. I’ve sold small electric heaters a lot of winters. Just let it turn real cold and you can sell all you can find. But I’ve mostly sold used furnishings on Craigslist. Coffee tables sell well, along with bookshelves, floor lamps and various tables. Also twin beds sell well but I’m guessing probably any clean bed would sell. I touch things up just a bit and it brings far more. I think it’s having a good eye for what sells. I also have a rule of thumb when selling clothes on Ebay. I never buy something I don’t like and I buy my size, in the event I don’t sell it, I can use it. Thus, no money wasted.


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