5 Ways To Spend Less On Back To School Clothing Using Your Smartphone

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(post contain affiliate links: see disclosure)

Pretty soon the kids in my neck of the woods will be back to school and that means it is time for back to school clothing.

There is just something about starting out school with a fresh new outfit, but the cost of those outfits can really add up–especially if you have several children to clothe.

Your wallet will thank you when you use these 5 ways to save money on back to school clothing using your smartphone.

Never fear though, chances are you have just what you need to save money on back to school clothing in either your purse or your pocket–your smartphone.

5 Ways To Spend Less On Back To School Clothing Using Your Smartphone

1. Discounted Gift Card Apps

Both Raise and Cardpool offer discounted gift cards delivered to your phone within 24 hours or less. These gift cards will save you anywhere from 2% to as much as 25%. The best part is you can stack those savings on top of rebate apps and in-store sales.

The trick to using them wisely is knowing exactly where you shop and how much you generally spend. Personally, I like to buy a slightly smaller gift card than the total I plan to spend so that I am not left with a gift card with $1 to $2 left on it sitting around for months until we have another pressing clothing need.

2. Rebate/Coupon Apps

There are several apps out there now that will offer you deals like $5 back on a $50 purchase when you upload your receipt. The one I use most is Ibotta.

Receipt Hog doesn’t offer such big returns, but they do offer you a few free spins for uploading clothing receipts. I have earned as much as 400 points from a single spin.

Shopkick offers both rebates and fun check-in points that you don’t even have to buy a thing in the store to receive. Simply open up the Shopkick app when you are walking in the store and accept the walk-in points. Some days Shopkick will offer as much as 200 points for doing this and with a $5 Starbucks gift card currently costing 1200 points, that is a pretty good deal.

3. Email/Store Apps

If there are certain stores you shop at over and over, check to see if they have their own app. If they do, chances are they will offer you money saving codes through the app.

A good example of this is the Target Cartwheel app.

If your store of choice doesn’t have an app, hop on to the web browser on your smartphone and see if they have an email club. If they do, sign up because chances are they offer discount codes and scanable coupons in their emails from time to time–plus you will stay up to date on their latest sales.

4. Zulily

If you prefer to shop at home you can still apply several of the tips above to your purchases. Another great option for at-home back to school clothes shopping is Zulily.

Zulily offers you great name brand clothing at sizable discounts.

Go here to sign up and then download the app.

App uses often get early access to certain deals.

5. Secondhand shoppers have options too

If you want to shop at home and prefer the lower prices that secondhand clothing has to offer, you are going to want to check out ThredUp. (psst…start your account with $10 in credit when you use my referral link)

Go here to sign up and then download the app.

ThredUp can be pricier than in-store thrift shopping, but the selection cannot be beat and they also have a great new-with-tags area.

Do you know of any other apps for saving money on back to school clothing? If so I would love for you to share them in the comments below so we can all check them out!

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