4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Day 12


My freezer cooking today was extremely simple. In fact its 8 a.m. as I write this and  today’s  freezer item is already in the freezer. I made homemade baking mix, using the recipe Money Saving Mom posted on Day 5. I decided to use half unbleached flour and half white wheat flour. If it works well I might add more white wheat flour the next time.

I giggled to myself when I realized that I too was out of creme of tartar just like Money Saving Mom. I added it to my grocery list for next week, and have decided to just add a pinch to each recipe that uses the mix.

I am excited to try out this recipe, because last year we paid cash for a ……………..second hand tent trailer (pop up). That’s my make shift outdoor kitchen in the photo. I am hoping to upgrade to a larger toaster oven for this year, to increase my baking options.

I know we are not at all roughing it when we camp. This unit has its own air conditioner, and my husband even bought it a TV and DVD  player so he can chill out and catch up on his movies on his vacations.

I am getting off topic though, the reason this recipe and camping go together, is that I often make up pancakes when we camp or quick biscuits using mixes from the store. None of my family really likes them much as they are spoiled by my scratch cooking. I am hoping this baking mix will be just as simple to make up yet taste better.

When it came to putting the printed off recipe away this morning I decided I needed to make up a new cookbook binder. This one I labeled “Camping Cookbook” as I find recipes I like that use the baking mix, I will place them in this binder, so that when we are getting ready to go camping I can simply grab it off the shelf and know I have the instructions I need for cooking.

I then placed it on my binder cookbook shelf along side “Family Favorites Tested and Loved” and “Recipes to Try”. Recipes to try is filled with recipes I have torn out from all my free magazines.

I keep all my “real copy” cookbooks in a cupboard just off the kitchen. I have mentioned before I photocopy the pages with recipes we like, and add them to my “Family Favorite” binder.

I find organizing my cookbooks in this manner, saves me time. I don’t have to spend precious minutes trying to remember what cookbook contains the recipe I want to make.

It also saves my recipe books from getting messy, and I can write recipe alterations all over the photo copies and not feel bad about writing in a book.

How about you? How do you organize your recipes?




  1. Love the idea for camping. We camp a lot, although we “rough” it and tent camp. Great ideas! Found you from MSM 🙂

  2. Homemade baking mix is the best. It is easy, yummy and you know what’s in it!
    Lydia at Five4FiveMeals.com

  3. I have not made this baking mix to know if it works without the cream of tartar. However, cream of tartar is a powdered acid. Baking powder is more or less baking soda (base) and cream of tartar (acid), with maybe some starch or other powdered acid. If you have trouble with the baking mix, you could try adding a little vinegar when you’re using the mix.

  4. We’ve just got home from a superb few days camping trip in the Alps with our kids in our Jamet Trailer Tent. My spouse and I just can’t take on the thinking behind sleeping in a dirty motel when I are able to get in the refreshing environment.


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