4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer: Day 11


Today was grocery shopping day. The one thing I dislike about grocery shopping is that it is yet another chore that does not stay done. You go out grab the food put it all the way, and then your teenage son gets into it, along with his preteen brother and the next thing you know you are out of food and you have to go out for more.

I remember when a bag of chicken nuggets would last for a months worth of easy once a week meals. Now it last 2 meals at most. A loaf of bread use to last a week, now it lasts a day if I am lucky. Lets not even touch the topic of how many pounds of produce I buy to keep them all healthy, oh the good old days when I could split an apple up between the three of them for a snack.

Which is why I love freezer cooking. I am squirreling away baking for the summer months ahead, so at least I won’t have to be in the kitchen 2 afternoons a week baking up cookies, and muffins and other snacks to fill the hollow legs of my sons (and my daughter too, although hers in not quite so hollow).Today I finally¬† made the pinto beans I started on Friday into refried beans and froze them. I used the recipe for refried beans that Money Saving Mom posted in her freezer post last night.

As the beans were cooling I got started on some cookies. My daughter’s Sunday School teacher asked if I could bake something for the class for Sunday. Looking at the calender it is going to be a crazy weekend, so I decided to get a jump start on things and make and freeze some monster cookie dough.¬†Usually I use chocolate chips in my monster cookies, but I had M&M’s leftover from decorating my giant sugar cookie to celebrate the end of “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home” so I decided to use them up.Cooking Tip

When scooping out sticky cookie dough to freeze as dough balls, use an ice-cream scoop to keep your hands clean.

I ended up with almost 5 dozen worth of monster cookie dough balls and that was HALF a batch. I used the recipe from “Amish Country Cookbook Volume I “. All the recipes I have made so far from this cookbook are scrumptious, but the amount each recipe makes could feed an army so I often 1/2 the recipe instead of doing my usually doubling.

I filled up 2 freezer bags with frozen dough balls. One I will bake up on Sunday for my daughter’s class, the other I will bake up for our family over the summer months.

How about you? Did you make anything for the freezer today?



  1. That sounds like my kind of cookbook if 1/2 the recipe makes 5 dozen!
    Looks yummy!

  2. I am so going to try these. Thanks for sharing.

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