4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 4


Okay I have to admit  when I looked at Money Saving Mom’s cleaning assignment for today and saw the words, clean under larger items of furniture, everything within me wanted to skip.

I knew it had been at least a year since I had moved the couches to clean under, and I just did not know if I was brave enough to show you all that much of our dirt. But, because this is a blog about inching forward in all areas of life, I am going to show you the 100% dirty truth, in an effort to encourage you in seeing we all have weakness but, we can all push through them.

Day 4 Assignments

A.Get dressed in something that makes you feel great: I did that today with a pair of black leggings and a hip sweater matched with a pair of my nicer flip flops.

B. Make a list of 5 to 7 things to accomplish today: Here is the truth. Some days I just don’t get around to making a list. I am a rebel at heart ,and I like a day or two a week to just wing it and do what I feel like doing. It is all stuff that has to be done, I just don’t list it.

Here is my 7 things in pictures

1.I got up early and meet some friends to run 4.5 miles

2. I meet 2 very dear friends for breakfast at Subway.

3. I followed one of those friends to Walmart to have her help in picking out yarn to make a throw blanket for part of her daughter’s wedding gift.

4. I left Walmart and went to Starbucks where I enjoyed a few hours of planning out an e-book idea of mine on paper. I even started writing out the rough draft. As I was writing my rough draft the very old fashioned way (paper and pen) I downloaded open office on my net book to use for the process. If all goes well I am hoping the book will be ready for January 1 2013.

5. After lunch and a bit of homeschooling, I started in on the dirt under the furniture. Some piles were scarier than others but this is a pretty good representation of what I found under all 7 pieces of large furniture I cleaned under.

(funny side note, all three kids swarmed me every time I moved a piece of furniture to see what treasures awaited them. My middle child found his reading glasses he had been missing for a long while)

To clean up the areas I first picked up the things that were not trash and then trashed the larger items of junk. I then swept up what was left and sprayed it down with my homemade cleaner and wiped the floor clean.

All the areas looked nice and shiny when I was done! Strange as it might sound each room now feels cleaner when you walk in it even though it was all hidden dirt that was cleaned out.

6. I got rid of 6 pairs of old shoes from the shoe bins in the mud room, and an old pair of shoe liners.

7. I set my timer and attacked the upstairs bathroom for 15 minutes (the downstairs one is in the middle of a remodel) . I got all of it deep cleaned in that time as I spring cleaned it not that long ago.

There is just something about a clean bathroom counter and sink that makes my mood less frazzled.

It is now 5 pm Indiana time and my 7 things are done. The hubby is making a dinner of bacon eggs and his famous homemade hash browns for dinner, as I sit and write this post.

I am excited to say all of Crystal Paine’s big assignments for the day are complete. Here is the rest of Money Saving Mom’s list of tasks for the day

C. Complete your morning routine: Mine was very altered this morning due to running early with friends and then meeting friends for breakfast.

D.Set the timer for 15 minutes and do a quick-clean of your bathroom. See #7 on my list above.

E.Clean out underneath your beds and furniture. Remove clutter and trash and put it away or throw it away. Move the furniture (if possible) and vacuum underneath: See #5 on my list, I didn’t clean under the beds mostly because my kids clean up their own rooms very well, and my bed has rolling tubs under it that take up the space clutter could.

F.Find 7 items to get rid of today. See #6. I just touched the tip of the shoe iceberg today, so I think I will go fishing in the mud room area, for more items to get rid of tomorrow since Money Saving Mom seems to be listing  this task every day of this cleaning adventure.

How about you? Do you sometimes just feel like being a rebel and tossing the to do list for a day?



  1. Very impressed. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!


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