4 Ways To Make Room In The Budget For Summer Fun


 4 ways to make room in the budget for summer fun

Although a lot of summer fun can be free, such as attending library programs, and visiting local parks there are other events that do cost money, such enjoying a swim in the local pool, or going camping for a weekend.

Here are 4 ideas of how to come up with funds for summer fun

Hold a Yard Sale

Tell the children that all the funds from the yard sale will go to summer fun and you will be amazed what they will be willing to let go of.

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 Have A Craigslist Weekend

My family has done this 3 years in a row with different projects in mind. This year we are earmarking the funds for a summer anniversary trip for just mom and dad. However, summer fun would be another great use for the cash.

Spend one 2 to 3 hour period combing through your home and storage areas for large items to sell. Spend a bit of time cleaning them up and listing them and then plan to stick close to home for a few days as you answer calls, emails, show items and sell.

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Drop An Expense Over The Summer Months

I once met a family who ditched their cable every summer and spent what they saved on family summer activities. When the weather turned cold again they turned the cable back on.

You could also try eating out less, or stopping children’s activities over the summer months and earmarking those funds for summer fun. Perhaps you belong to a gym but you tend to exercise outdoors all summer long; could your membership fees be dropped during the warm weather months?

Pick Up Extra Items At Yard Sales To Resell

One summer I made enough for our family to go camping for 4 nights and buy the supplies we needed by simply picking up inexpensive items at yard sales that had more value on eBay than what I paid for them.

You will need to be willing to study up what sells well before you attempt this, and be willing to take a bit of a gamble (sometimes things I thought would sell for sure didn’t). My rule was always if I could not resell it at my own yard sale for more than I paid for it I was not buying it to try to sell on eBay that way I at least made some profit somewhere.

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  1. Great ideas! We contributed to a be a big yard sale to help some friends of ours who have been unemployed for months… it’s amazing how much stuff we got rid of, and while the money didn’t go to us, it just felt good to help and it also felt good to get rid of the CLUTTER!!!!

    • Victoria says:

      Yes we have done that before too for a couple who had a baby born with complications and needed help with medical bills. It is such a simple way to raise money for folks that helps not just them but you as well (since your house is left neater in the end).

  2. What a great post! I love these ideas! I also try to cut back on activities/bills during the summer … sometimes I try to pick up an extra small-paying job, like summer tutoring, a few days a week.

    • Victoria says:

      Tutoring is an excellent summer income idea! especially because sessions are usually what an hour at most, meaning you could make for a short day of work and then go out and enjoy the sun.

  3. These are great ideas! I would never have thought of some of them like turning off cable or buying things to resell for a profit.

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