4 Sources of Facebook Wisdom So Good I Can’t Stop Talking About Them

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4 sources of facebook wisdom

I have grown my page Facebook page  by 40% in the last 50 days. If you click over to my Facebook page you will see my following is not large but it is growing at a much faster rate than it was before thanks to some words of Facebook wisdom I found around the web at the beginning of this year.

4 Sources of Facebook Wisdom That I Can’t Stop Talking About

The headline is true I have bored all my non blogging friends to near death with my new found interest in what makes Facebook tick.

1. Crystal Paine’s interview with Chris LocCurto

I was wanting to finish up a bit on knitting one night and decided to listen to Crystal Paine’s interview with Chris LocCurto while I completed my handiwork. A few minutes in I went running for a pen and a piece of paper to write down all of Crystal’s great Facebook tips. The next day I started applying her tips and sure enough I saw more likes on my Facebook page almost right away as well as a lot more interaction with my readers which is what I have wanted all along.

2. Rachel Martin’s interview at Become A Blogger

A few weeks later I stumbled upon  a podcast at Become A Blogger with Rachel Martin, who has a amazing Facebook page with lots of interaction as I was busy cleaning my room (I like to multitask my blog learning). She reaffirmed a lot of what Crystal had said but also went way more in depth on how to structure your status updates. I immediately started applying her tips and started seeing more traffic to my site from Facebook.

Knitting in hand just last week I decided to watch a few of video’s by Holly Homer on YouTube. I love her videos they are very informative. That night I watched two of them that gave me a better grasp of just how the Facebook decides what your audience gets to see and doesn’t get to see as well as how to decipher your Facebook Insights so that you can spend your time on what works and drop what isn’t.

3. 5 Steps to a Better FB page by Holley Homer

4. Looking at FB Insights by Holley Homer

If you have a blog and you are struggling with getting your Facebook page seen,  you are going to want to listen and watch all these 4 sources of incredible Facebook wisdom.

I know some blogs have taken the pay to promote bait, but you don’t have too. I also know small bloggers are wondering if they can survive on Facebook without paying for advertisement that they cannot afford, the answer is yes you can. It takes, time, wisdom, strategy and being social.

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  1. I need to get off the couch and paint. I wanted to listen to some good online resources about blogging and didn’t know what any were. I was going to listen to Dave Ramsey to give me motivation to pay off the mortgage. Now I have something to listen to while painting. Super excited to work on growing my facebook page.

    I love your blog by the way. Very informative and with a great lay out! You have given me some inspiration as I have worked to slowly improve my blog!

  2. I’m so happy you shared this information. Other than link up parties, Facebook is my only driving source to my blog. Not only is it a personable platform, but it grows based on personality and interaction. The readers are not followers, they are genuine people eager to add their opinions and share their lives. They become friends, not business colleagues. Unlike Google. The circles are killing my time and I find it’s going to take more time just to clean it out and reorganize it. Just because I added 500+ to my circles does not mean they add me back. So I am not reaching many people and if I do, I may not be of any interest to them. And then, there are irrelevant materials through my feeds from people that don’t have me added. That forces me to delete over 600 emails per day. Facebook on the other hand, is refreshing and interesting. I’ll always be a Facebook die hard. 🙂 I pinned this for later reference. Thank you~

  3. Thanks for this! I will be making a lot of notes now, too!

  4. THANKS! I’m going to listen to Crystal’s interview this morning. 🙂

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