4 Icy Cold Drinks For Hot Summer Days

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The official start of summer is just a few weeks away yet the warmer days have already started. Around our house the return of warmer days means it is time to dig out all our favorite recipes for cold and refreshing drinks.

4 icy cold drinks for hot summer days

4 Icy Cold Drinks Our Family Loves

Simple DIY Java Chip Frappe1. Simple DIY Java Chip Frappe

Making frappes at home is inexpensive and quick and you don’t have to have fancy ingredients. My recipe for java chip frappes calls for ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards and fridge.

Strawberry Watermelon lemonade slushy (small)2. Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade Slushy

My family loves Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade Slushy and it is a great way to use up a mushy watermelon. My favorite part about this recipe is that it is sweetened with just a tiny bit of honey and contains a large amount of fruit making it a healthy treat for the children.

choco choco chip banana protein shake (small)3. Choco-choco Chip Banana Protein Shake

When the heat hits I get my run in early in the morning when it is cooler, which means I often don’t eat before my run. When I get home I am famished and a choco-choco chip banana protein shake hits the spot. I stay full for hours after drinking a full glass.

frugal lemonade (small)4.Frugal Lemonade

My kids and all their friends love my frugal lemonade. It is so simple and quick to make that all 3 of my children can now make it for their friends without any help from me.

Want more ideas for frozen drinks and treats for summer time? Follow my Frozen Desserts & Slushy Treats board on Pinterest.

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 3 of these summer drinks require a blender to make. I love my Oster Beehive blender. It has a glass jug, and is simple to take apart and clean. I also like that I can get replacement parts for it on Amazon if I should need too, and you can even buy different blades for it as well ( I am considering getting the milk shake one). 

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