4 Healthy Homemade Snacks That Will Satisfy A Sweet Tooth

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4 healthier snacks that will Satisfy a sweet tooth

My name is Victoria and I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Whew glad to have that off my chest. Personally  cutting out back on sweets has got to be the hardest part of sticking to a lower calorie in take; since most sweets don’t tend to fill you up and when you are trying to make every calorie count having them fill you up is important. I have never meet a person who has said “I just love going around all day with my tummy screaming at me to feed it more”.

However I have discovered that if I make sure that my sweet treats have a fair amount protein and just a tad bit of “more” natural (ie. less processed) forms of sugar I can enjoy them and be filled up by them without the horrible “give me more” sugar crash that comes later from eating the more processed type.

My favorite way to add protein to a snack is to add nuts, so all 4 of these treats below contain nuts (all those of you with nut allergies who are now throwing rotten eggs at me I am truly sorry).

These 4 recipes are so simple to make, and take just moments to prepare. I suggest bagging or wrapping them up into  snack sized portions right after you make them so that you don’t catch yourself going back to the cookie jar for just one more, not realizing you have already visited it a few times today (yes that is another personal confession).

no bake energy bars (smaller)My no bake energy bars are one of my favorite mid long bike ride snacks. I keep them stored in ziploc bags in the freezer so I can grab one on the way out the door. The mixture of peanut butter and honey is a perfect sweet combination. You can mix up the add ins if you desire.

my favorite trail mix combination (smaller)My favorite trail mix combination is another  great on the go snack. I make up 10 or so bags of it at once and store them in a container so I can simply reach in and pop one in my purse on the way out the door for an afternoon of errands. The tart dried cherries and sweet chocolate chips satisfy my sweet tooth without expanding my waistline.

double chocolate cookie dough balls (smaller)When I first started messing with the recipe for these double chocolate cookie dough balls I wasn’t so sure that they would really be sweet enough to make a dent in my sweet tooth, but when I added the maple syrup to the batch to make the batter stick together better, OH MY. Word of warning it is hard to eat just one of these, so I store my in the freezer so that I have to think first before I eat it, since they take about 30 minutes to thaw to that oh so yummy chew stage.

(smaller image) healthier peanut butter ballsHealthier Peanut Butter Balls were a favorite of mine when I was a child and if you want to skip a few calories, don’t dip them in chocolate. Even without the chocolate they are still very sweet and will quiet that sweet tooth while packing a belly filling protein punch.

One last word of caution: Even though these 4 healthy homemade snacks will satisfy a sweet tooth while filling a belly, they still have calories and therefore must be worked into your daily calorie allowance, but then again so do apples, carrots, lettuce and everything else you put in your mouth each day if you plan to lose weight.

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